Tuesday, September 29, 2015

MyORTHO Orthopedic Healthy Feet Public Talk


Just like a car that needed 4 tyres to move around, I only need a pair of healthy feet to walk, run and jumping around that I treasure a lot nowadays. All of us came to the right place and at the right time of 2.30pm attending this Healthy Feet Public Talk that Saturday because without having a pair of healthy feet, we are going nowhere that's for sure. 

Everywhere I go now, I tend to wear my comfy socks to keep my feet comfortable and away from dirt, impurities and roughness of the shoes I'm wearing no matter how branded or expensive the shoes can be. It's still rough for my delicate skin on my feet, so it's better to be safe than sorry. I only wanted my feet to feel comfortable, clean and able to walk smooth like an angel. 

Even if I looked weird in wearing a nice dress with slippers also I didn't care or mind anymore that day in Macau holiday because all I care at that moment was I can still walk, run and jump like an active girl I used to be. During my Macau tour whole day through from am to pm, I changed to slipper in the afternoon, and I told my mom and sisters who asked about my fashion sense, I replied them "I prefer to have Meng(live a life) rather than Leng(beauty), 'Yiu Meng Emm Yiu Leng' liao because my feet hurts like nobody's business.

In Malaysia, I usually drive around and will park at the entrance of the shop or park at valet sometimes or park directly infront of the hotel lift, so I need not walk much. There's no way I will walk far or wearing my high heels to walk such great distance to reach a place. And I'm not supposed to wear those tight shoes anymore after Datin Emily told me that day my right foot is coming to form a little bunion if I keep on wearing tight shoes. 

The world is so unfair sometimes, JJ told me she didn't wear any high heels at all, only wearing flats like the one she showed me but she's having problem with her feet. She's a customer of MyORTHO, wearing Dr.Kong's shoes to treat her bunions. And I told her I was not supposed to wear the tight green yellow shoes also, should keep it for decoration after this event.

Haha...I'm like that kinda girl who's motivated to change for good when I'm surrounded with this kinds of healthy learning care, I'll be brain-washed to listen and learn for real. Then during break time while I was having a cup of hot tea, I met this Malay Blogger who came to say Hi to me and we talked for awhile after exchanging namecards. She also told me she's suffering in so much pain everyday when she woke up.

I symphatized with her feet condition and I advised her to wear the Japanese Ebene socks day and night 24 hours a day. I remember I shared this healthy feet tips with Datin Emily before in the last Healthy Feet Event at One Utama, she totally agreed with the way I'm taking good care of my petite feet of Size 3. Izzati then thanked me saying it's a good advise that she would proceed to buy the socks as soon as possible and I was glad I was able to help what I could. 

In fact, I've been telling Rambo and many others that nowadays I prefer to wear an Orthotics Insole for sport shoes, Boots or even high heels also because I feel more comfortable and can walk faster also. Maybe due to my mild high arch feet, the Orthotics Insole actually helped to correct and support the malalignment of my feet. It's the most effective way I would say!

Every year I went for Healthy Feet Check because I believe that good health begins from the feet itself. The 1st time I went for my foot check was by Edmund himself at the Health In The City event, last year I went to Tropicana MyORTHO Branch and this year I went for two healthy feet checkups already, just to be sure my feet are still in good condition and healthy enough.

Almost everyday I heard many stories from kids, aunties and friends been telling me they have problem with their feet. They cannot stand properly, they cannot walk much and they need to wear only certain shoes to be able to walk a little. They've been suffering in silence or aloud for many years already. I totally understand their feelings and predicaments, I know it's hard to cure back pain problem, slip disc, feet or knee pain that can take forever to cure.

Rambo used to massage my feet every night before I sleeps in the past few years. He always prepared aromatherapy saltwater for me to pamper my tired feet dipped under the hot bubbles water for blood circulation, but now I no longer need all that anymore. For healthy feet tips and updates, check out https://www.facebook.com/drkongmalaysia?fref=ts

It's a reminder and a booster of memory for me that Saturday afternoon having to listen and learn all about feet from Dato' Edmund Lee. You may not realize how important to have a pair of precious healthy feet in your life until you almost losing it or having broken bone like Ng, one of Rambo's colleague. Now she treasured her feet like her golden treasure after a minor accident and taking good care of her feet seriously.

One of the lucky draw winner at this public talk, aunty at her age of 70's I heard from my left sitting neighbour. I just wish I can still walk or run at her age if I ever live that long. Haha...I'm not greedy in life, I only wanted to stay healthy and happy of my body, mind and soul and from top head to bottom toe as well. That's life! 

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