Monday, September 14, 2015

MaskSlim Introduces 1st-of-its-kind Online Store and 30-day Mask Program

In an industry dominated by Korean and Japanese products, a local beauty entrepreneur has put Malaysia on the map by launching the first-of-its-kind online store that specializes in facial masks, as an extension to its brick and mortar retail outlets, MaskSlim. Every girls and ladies are looking beautifully pleasant in white dress with a touch of turquoise colour to please this event pleasurably. 

With the tagline, “All Natural, All You,” MaskSlim’s signature product is the 30-day mask program that uses a combination of eight alternating sheet masks to transform the user’s skin including renewing, lightening, purifying, nourishing and more.

MaskSlim first started in 2012 distributing imported skincare products until Estee began collaborating with a beautician friend who was making home-made masks from fruit and plant ingredients. According to her, MaskSlim has created a range of masks ideal for daily use, requiring only 15 minutes to see a noticeable difference.

True, in fact after the event itself I have started using the cooling blue gel mask with Aquasense Hydrating Sheet mask together that night, I really fell in love with it. Haha...I bought a box of La Radiance Lightening and Oxygenating Sheet Masque(RM138) at SS2 shop and feeling ecstatically excited about it although my fridge was full of beauty masks already. I agreed to a certain degree to pamper my skin on a daily basis like Estee as I love indulging myself to rejuvenating scent of the mask with cooling sensation that's hydrating my skin everyday.

At that time, she was suffering from a persistent acne condition and had tried a wide range of products to no avail until her friend persuaded her to try his mask that was made of fruit stem-cell extract. It worked like a miracle and marked the birth of Estee’s personal mission to bring this product to women worldwide.

MaskSlim provides a range of facial masks that uses primarily fruit essences and fruit stem cell ingredients. MaskSlim’s e-store will act as an extension to its existing outlets, and provide MaskSlim’s customers with the added convenience of purchasing its products online and to MaskSlim, a wider reach to new markets beyond its outlets’ present locations.

“Radiant skin is not just a beauty statement, it is genuinely you. You cannot fake good complexion; you can cover it up with lots of makeup but it is not natural. With proper care and good habits, every woman can be naturally beautiful and comfortable in their own skin. And that to me, is the MaskSlim woman,” Estee added.

Even today, Estee has hands-on approach to product development and insists on trying new formulations on herself before marketing them. “Traditionally, masks were used once or twice a week due to the inconvenience of applying them and their potency on sensitive skin,” she explained.

Speaking at the official launch of MaskSlim’s e-store, MaskSlim founder Estee Leong said her store offers the widest range of facial masks than any other premium brand in the market. I'm glad to know her better at the launch event, no one can beats her beauty that's glowing naturally as she's carrying her 3rd baby in her tummy with her happy go lucky demeanour.

“We are the first in the world to specialize in creating facial masks that can be used daily to complement one’s beauty regime and we have various products to suit all skins types and concerns. Every girl knows the basics to good skincare, but adding masks to your daily regime help makes your skin even more amazing,”  she enthused.

If you like what you see and wishing to try out the effective mask that's pampering for our skin, check them out at or Facebook at Stay healthy, happy and pretty always no matter what your age is because beauty is one of the greatest fortune God has ever created and presented to us generously. C'est la vie!

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