Thursday, September 3, 2015

Dinner In The Sky Malaysia Review

Early this year I chance upon one of the most interesting Facebook post that really excites me to jumping up and down and I told myself, if ever Dinner in the Sky landed into Malaysian shore one day soon, I’m gonna be part of this wonderful experience of my lifetime. I will go all out for it. I'm an adrenaline-rush adventurer and can be a risk-taker tough girl I used to be, so leaving me hanging high up in the sky for dining good food from 5 star Hilton Hotel is like fulfilling one of my golden dreams to come truly happy for me. I'm very blessed indeed!

In fact, one of my fairytale love story of the year is being able to dine in the sky with the soul mate of my life. I know he's afraid of height and he's the kinda guy who would asked me to go for the Tokyo Disneyland Grand Roller Coaster alone all by myself because 'Sei Sei'(die die) also he won't dare to go for all this kinda exciting and exhilarating rides. Even offering him a million dollar prize money also, he won't take it because he knew himself well. Haha...everyone have their own phobias, I totally understand that.

Dinner In The Sky is the world's most unique dining concept in creating some of the finest private dining, cocktail parties or product launches and many other event experiences on a global scale. As part of the global Dinner in the Sky group, they're operating in 43 different countries for clients from all around the world.

Malaysia is the 1st country in South East Asia to host this experience at the heart of Kuala Lumpur in Menara KL, promising an amazing view of the iconic Petronas Twin Towers and KL Tower that's for sure. Dinner in the Sky was selected by in its list as one of the 10 most unusual restaurants in the world. Fantastic feeling with fascinating KL views ever, I was actually dining openly high up in the sky, not high up in the building. 

I'm very honoured to be invited last Thursday and I’m so thankful to Dinner In The Sky PR Manager who have tried calling my iphone. I didn’t picked up the 1st time and she called me again using her mobile this time. When I told her I’m not very familiar with the location, she guided me through to this place earnestly. I got so excited about it the whole day as 'The Secret Laws of Attraction' power is actually happening to me. I cancelled 2 other events for this magnificent event to materialise exquisitely in my life this lucky September. 

When we reached Dinner In The Sky Malaysia, we were asked to sign a liability form as you know that accidents tend to happen in this kinda events and I know it’s a risk I’m gonna take in the event something bad happens. That’s why I keep praying that day please don’t rain for today as I wana have fun dining in the sky with my hubby because in the last few days, it was raining like mad here in KL.

I did asked the service staff there what if it rains, do they still go high up in the sky where he replied me that they would still go up, very low though but will never go up if there’s a thunderstorm. Everyone paid RM699, looking forward for this adventurous ride to dine high up in the sky openly. Even if it happens to me in this kinda situation, I will never give up too and insisted to go up no matter what happens except thunderstorm. 

Thank God it didn’t rain and it was a great blessings for all of us who got so excited about the whole experience. We need to fasten our seat belts real tight one by one and they did another 2nd check just to make sure everyone were safely protected only then we get to be pull up high in the sky above 40m. Slowly and steadily, I can feel that we're going up to the sky and feeling sensational about it.   

At one point of time, we need to be pulled down lower to the ground when the wind blow strongly to us. All of us agreed to it because no joke man, it’s like you’re floating high up in the sky. And don’t look down on 40m height, you may think it’s no big deal but it’s a huge deal I’m talking about. When the wind blow strong straightly to us, my hair had naturally blown up in the air and slapping to my face while I’m eating. Such a great memory up here!

Haha…my dear Rambo was trembling down from his knees and he held on to me real tightly. I was laughing like mad because I knew he’s afraid of height but I wanted him to conquer his fear this time with me, going through this wonderful journey with me and he did. He made me laugh out loud so much but I was glad he really enjoyed the food and the exhilarating experience with me last night. I told him not to look down and hold on to the table tightly.

The food was good, from the moment Chef Teck Wai wishing us ‘Bon Appetit’ for Watermelon Prawn Soup and Organic Beetroot as the starter, the Chicken for my main course choice with appetizing Tomato sauce and finally one of the best dessert I ever had in my life is the Salted Caramelized Chocolate Tart with Raspberries which I'll never forget for the rest of my life. Really nice, I totally fell in love with this yummy dessert!

Even Rambo who’s not adventurous in dining good food kinda person, but he enjoyed the dining in the sky great meal that cost RM699 for the September month. I was seated at No.1 and No.2 with Rambo respectively, my new friend from Australia asked me “How’s the food?” from her seat No.5 and I replied her, “Good, nice." All the 4 of us agreed that we really enjoyed the dining in the sky experience very much. 

We shouted out with glee during the dining period, taking many pictures together from one angle to another angle and had such a memorable blast of happiness being able to dine high up in the sky with good weather. After the fantastic dining event ended, we took the chance for a picture momento. That's what really matters, at the end of the day we're all safe from the marvellous journey with a happy stomach too.

They told me how lucky they were to be able to dine here that Thursday night because they tried to book this event a few days earlier, it was fully booked already so they tried again and finally got the seats that day. You can book your seat at or check out their Facebook page at for more updates and infos.

In my own opinion, the cost of this sublime experience of RM699 is totally worth it for me because I love dining good food at 5 star hotel and adding with adrenaline rush adventure like this, it's an absolute grab for me that's for sure. If you falls into the same category of species like me, then I fully recommended you to go all out for it because after you have ventured into it, you’ll realized that RM699 can be earn back in time to come but the lovely memories of having such great experience you had up here, money just can't buy it. It will linger forever in our memories, that's for sure.

Till today I’m still thinking about my superb journey of dining in the sky and I have no regrets to take the risks to go high up enjoying the beautiful KL view in my own country Malaysia. And I asked myself would I go for the same adventure like this thrilling experience again in other countries or another states in Malaysia, my answer is a definite YES to that! I wish to go dining high up in the sky again, higher if possible but I'll never force my dear Rambo to come along with me again if he didn't want to. Haha…That’s life, life is full of valuable experiences where only we can determine how much it’s worthy to us.


  1. bravo, you still manage snap pic of food up there. :D

    1. Haha...Calm yourself sure can. It's exciting, exhilarating and thrilling when the wind blow strongly to us! 