Thursday, November 10, 2016

bare from Singapore For Your Own Personalised Body Cocktail

bare BODY CARE RANGE, a brand inspired in Singapore prides itself  with its one-of-its kind formulation that allows you to create your own scent concoctions which caters to your skin needs. Ooh, I love all this kind of making our own bodycare concoction based on our creativity and our own favourite scents. Whether it is to treat dry skin or to brighten skin, you will find something that suits you the best. Thank God I made it that morning, thanks to Rambo as I told him liao, die die also must wake me up for this enlightening event as SaSa Malaysia has invited me sincerely in giving me 2 weeks notice in advance.  

What I loved most about bare is that they incorporates 24hr moisture lock properties to keep my skin fresh, hydrating and supple all day long. In China during Autumn season, the weather can be hot when the sun was out, dry and windy cold so our skin tend to flake out bit to bit, from one part of the face to crawling inside to your body also. My skin feels moisturised enough, no itchy feeling like before and no sticky residue of body lotion stuck on my skin. I actually loved all the 5 superb concoctions as each of it plays different roles and scents that managed to uplift my body, mind and soul to perfection.

Usually when I was back to star Pan Pacific Hotel and after my relaxing hot bath tub pampering with aromatherapy spa, I ran to my bed for rest and fell asleep liao real quickly. But thank God I brought it along to help soothing and brightening my skin back to perfection throughout the week in China. This heavenly-scent angel smells so refreshingly divine, it helped to stimulate my overall senses to perfection real perfectly.

In China I need to wake so early in the morning at 6.30am, it's like dragging me to hell for sure and I need to force myself to take a quick hot bath after enjoying Oldtown White Coffee. Rambo reminded me everyday that I must apply body lotion here in China or my skin will suffer a lot more later so I applied it all over my body from the neck, back, whole body and both of my legs real generously, no matter how lazy I can be. 

bare's specialty is using essential oils like Bergamot, Rosemary, Lemongrass and Green Tea extracts infused into their products to recreate a spa like experience within the comfort of our own home. In fact, I have started using my own JC's Concoction that I've blended during the media workshop at SaSa Midvalley Roadshow of rejuvenating Lemongrass+Ginger and Rosemary Blend for invigorating, hydrating and relaxing purpose on that night itself. Rambo enjoyed the scent and asked me much about it. Haha...He totally fall in love with it, brought the Green Tea Blend for me to use in China and pampered it on my body 1st thing in the morning. 

tend to remember using it every night because I loved indulging and pampering myself with aromatherapy for a good night sleep and have been practising it for many years already as part of my beauty routine. Rambo knew I love essential oil and he actually spent a lot of money to buy those quality essential oil and aromatherapy products for my monthly pampering indulgence. Sometimes, I told him not to buy anymore but he thinks it's important to spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars for my health, beauty and wellness long term well-being maintenance. To him, it's worthy to spend this kinda money for my total wellness.

In fact, bare care range also comes in mix and match concept to help educates users on the need of the different ingredients used in daily hair regime especially to treat various hair problems. It helps to get that soft glow and volumize hair, as well as to achieve gorgeous tresses. Comes in 7 variants of shampoos and conditioners, 1 for each day of the week. Yea, I'm using it everyday now and it didn't dry up my hair at all. 

The full range products are available exclusively at all SASA retail stores across Malaysia. For more updates on their latest infos, launches, events and promotions, you can follow their Facebook page at at bareforbare or visit their website at

Ecobliss LifeSciences, the latest division of the Ecolex Group, dedicates its expertise in creating innovative, trend setting personal care and home care products. Ecobliss prides on its R&D facilities, best in class production technology in crafting unique and conceptualized products for the personal & home care industry. Founded in 2013, Ecobliss began operations mainly catering for the OEM market, partnering with the local FMCG giants. This zeal then evolved into producing exclusive house brands like bare & Scrub with many more other products to be launched in the pipeline.

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