Tuesday, November 29, 2016

China's Famous BBQ Meat Sticks

In China, I seldom indulged in their street snacks like many other food lovers. But all the time during my Shanghai trips, I must indulged the famous 'Bing Tong Wu Lou' of San Cha Fruit and this BBQ sticks to complete my China holiday. Even I was busy shopping, I can still enjoy eating it delightfully till the last bite of it. 

The BBQ satay meat sticks spread offers Pork, Chicken, Beef, Lamb, Duck etc. with a very long queue back then about 12 years ago. I used to get it for 7 sticks at RMB10 only many years ago in my 20's.  Back in my 30's, I got it at 5 sticks at RMB10, about RM5 although we're so full with tonnes of Chinese famous delicacies liao. 

In my last visit to Shanghai, China this year 2016, I can only get 2 big sticks at RMB10 (6.20), such a big difference. But it's totally worth it because the meat is fresh, tender and delicious. After having 2 sticks of it, you'll crave for more that's for sure. Give me 10 sticks also not enough esp. if it comes with Chilli sauce, delish sekali. Try it when you come for a visit to China next time, you'll definitely drooling and craving for it for sure. 

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