Tuesday, November 29, 2016

November Fashion Novelty

Hello Kitty Theme: Everything comes in pink, the dress, shoes, handbag, hairband, sunglass &
HK bag charm that I bought from Shanghai. The only 1 Hello Kitty Pink Bag Charm that's cute,
pretty & lovely with furry pom pom. The rest are nice too but colours didn't match & expensive too.
Shopping in China esp. Shanghai is not cheap anymore, not like before esp. with their skyrocketing
growing economy, it's really not easy for us the Malaysians to play catch up with them at all.
The Chinese has moved on, they're the biggest economy country that we need to listen & learn
from & hoping that they would keep on investing in our country Malaysia so we won't die also.

In China where I need to get up early in the morning, I have no mood to play dress up fabulous or glamorous
at all but it was so cold until all of us gone froze like the snowmen & we needed to cover up our bodies just
like the monk. Lucky I brought along my Bebe comfy tights with knee-length boots to keep me warm enough.
I paired it along with my Elle Furry Coat to match the Brown and Black colours although I'm not a fan of Black.
Back to KL when Rambo went for the Panasonic Beauty Fair, I went shopping
at Bebe situated just next to the fair. I fell in love with this XS Bebe Jacket but
I need to alter the hands length to fit my body perfectly. Such a coincidence,
I was wearing my GUESS Leopard Dress that cost RM600, bought it at 50%
where Rambo said that only I would buy a dress that cost that much but I
really loved it & bought it after much consideration based on the good quality.
Sometimes when I'm late, no time to play dress up, I'll just slip on my GUESS Silk Blouse with a comfy
Jeans to attend any afternoon events. And for sure, I would end up shopping sakan for great bargains in
town just like the last Avenue K X'mas Lighting event. Haha...That's my priority also when I plan to
go anywhere, I will do my best to go for my shopping survey and doing my research at the same time.
This Rotelli Velvet Shoes that cost RM399 but I get to grab it at RM29 only from the Shoes Gallery.
It's comfortable and although it's considered super high but still bearable to wear it for a few hours.
Haha...I paired it with my Orange Dress which I bought from a boutique from Sunway Pyramid and
my Bebe Orange Handbag to match it perfectly. This is my best buy ever for a pair of lovely shoes.

That morning when I attended the Starbucks Media event, I was so blur from
my deep sleep but I was greeted with a great compliment from their PR Head on
my nice lace dress of Mag Boutique. I paired it with my Orange High Heels that
comes with Pearl Charms as well. But thank God their new festive coffee flavours
woke me up instantly and had a good X'mas cheers and joys there with friends.
This YTL Party I went after having a great dinner with family on Saturday.
My mom thought that my lace dress comes in a pair with my Braun Buffel
Handbag but I explained to her how I paired it both to look like a real pair.
This nice dress I saw from US online website cost about USD200+, I almost
paid for it. Lucky I didn't as I saw it from KL boutique & bought it asap.

This year in 2016, the bucket bag like Lancel has return for the
in-trend style of the year so I took it out and used it for good.
And I chance upon the Lancaster brand from Paris wanted to
follow Lancel in similar handbag designs but definitely Lancel
brand is shouting far much better in quality & designs for sure.

This beautiful X'mas decorations is located at Ground Floor Gardens Mall, next to LV and Hermes boutiques.
The chandeliers, OMG you should go and see it yourself, I can't express much about it. Haha...That morning,
ML already dragged me into a short interview about this lace flair dress she's in love with where I told her that
I used to buy lovely dresses and gowns from AME's Boutique, Sg Long but it was close down 2 years ago. I
guess nowadays many entrepreneurs prefer to do online business with current trend/due to high rental fees.
In fact, Gardens Club has raised the renewal membership from RM1000 to RM5000 total bill liao, 80% raise.
Last year in 2015, I bought my Yamaha Piano here cost RM17,000(RM21K) that I slashed up max discounts.
Time really flies like nobody's business. 2016 has been great to me and hoping for the best to come for 2017!

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