Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Japan Advanced Clean Toilet Pit Stop - Kyushu Island

As this is Grace's 1st trip to Japan, she was amazed with the many new wonders of Japan and one of it is
the advance clean toilet in Japan. Almost all the pit stops she & Rambo would stop by but not for me,
I only went for a few big stops only. And our Japan tour guide always stretched to our Malaysians be
punctual, stopover for 10-15 minutes only for toilet break but then, most of us would go shopping and
dining like nobody's business. Haha...Just like this yummy bread, see also wana try, don't say shoplah.

The Japan Toilet Room not only is clean with many rooms for us to use, it's the only toilet where I need not
clean the toilet seats and use it immediately. No need to worry about tissue paper, theirs are soft and plenty
more with 2 rolls provided for emergency use also. But I usually use water which is cleaner and convenient
lot. Thank God that Japan Toilet also have water facility and warm toilet seats that gave you the ultimate
comfortable feeling during toilet break. Nice Autumn decors for their Japanese good food, tempting lot!

Liew asked for my advise on the prices as he also got tempted lot to buy it since I was there too, not very often
I will come down from the coach for toilet break. I told him he can buy a pack or two of it, then shop from other
places as well. In fact, every prefecture in Kyushu Island from Fukuoka to Kagoshima, there are many things
to buy, 'Mai Emm Sai' one that's for sure. Besides China, Japan is another country that you bring how much of
money also not enough. Lucky I control Rambo only, if not he'll spend money like water let me tell you that.
I dare not even bring my credit card there as the last time I went to Hokkaido also, it's Rambo who bought me
the new arrival Burberry Jacket, Michael Kors Dress, Coach Handbag etc. It's not cheap at all, only after given
extra 30% discounts for Coach only I let him buy it, if not no point buying it. JY 1080x4: RM43.20, tempting?

Everywhere also the same price. When it comes to budgeting, I'm the expert here I told Rambo as I really
go survey everywhere from China to Europe prices. Haha...I'm grateful that I inherited my mom's account
genes from her father who is my granddad. My mom used to tell me that my grandfather is an accountant,
my mom is also very good in accounts and both of us usually sum up shopping discounts without the
need to use the calculator. At my age of 40 now, I prefer to keep the cash then buying too many things.
I would only buy if it's necessary and fallen in love with it smashingly with no peace of mind like the
Samantha Vega Pink Furry Handbag. When my sis told me her relative had spent RM100,000 for 2 weeks
for dining, resort stay & shopping, I told her no doubt about it. As a Japan fan myself, I knew it for sure!

Grace never stop telling me from Day 1 to Day 7, the Japan toilet is clean and nice in which I'm thankful to
have nice, clean and convenient toilet to use in Japan. In China, I suffered like hell. Very 'Yam Gung' of me,
one hand I need to cover my nose and another hand to cover my eyes from seeing their dirty toilet except
in Ling Shan Buddha Temple and Hello Kitty Wonderland only. Rambo then teased me, "So next time go
Japan only, no China trip" but I replied him, "No lah, still go. Still have many other places need to explore
in China, Japan also wana go." In Japan, whatever drinks like coffee latte, Kose skincare, mask, clothings,
Grace will follow me buying the same & till today, she still think that we 're so lucky to grab great bargains
in Japan. I was glad we both enjoyed this Japan Kyushu Island trip together as we had so much fun there!

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