Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Kyushu Island - Japanese Good Food

After a visit to the Kumamoto Castle where the last earthquake had damaged parts of the castle at hilltop
mountain, we're brought to the famous restaurant at the city centre.Today's specialty is the Pork or
Chicken Sukiyaki, I took the Chicken as I don't take Pork.But the pork soup taste better than the Chicken.
Japanese Pork is very fresh & the meat looked perfectly balance with fat+flesh that looked like Kobe Beef.

In Japan, they usually take a lot of pork for soup base, Ramen noodle sure have 2 /3 slices of perfectly cut
pork on top of their noodle to give you a tease of their palatable dishes. Seeing this pot of Sukiyaki already
pleasing enough to drool me for my 1st Japanese good food in Kyushu Island. The mushrooms are sweet &
juicy enough to delight the overall mini steamboat pairing with the delish meat for yummy, tasty Sukiyaki.
This blur picture was not taken using my Panasonic Lumix. Lesson learnt; take with iphone and camera also
next time. The next day after a visit to Miyazaki, we get to try the Abalone and Beef Hot Pot Stone plus many
other Japanese delights of Sashimi, Udon Noodle,Tempura and the famous yummy Japanese Rice too, a must
request for me actually. Haha...I'm a typical Asian who loves taking Rice so I'll request for small bowl of it.

This yummylicious hot stone pot managed to keep the rice hot till the last bite of it. I like my meals to be
super duper hot as I enjoy taking my food fresh, delish and savouring every moments of yummy dining.
The Abalone is soft and delicious, still retaining the seafood juiciness in it. The Beef is fantastically grilled
to perfection, juicy and yummy dao. My family should come and join me for Japanese good food for sure!
In fact Rambo and my gang of friends enjoyed the Japanese spread of meals been served to us here at
Kyushu Island so much, they never stop talking about it day and night, reminiscing it almost everyday.
I find that Kyushu Island taste is quite different from Honshu and Hokkaido. Each 3 islands have their
own distinctive ways of cooking and taste too. Kyushu is more light, Tokyo in Honshu is more salty &
Hokkaido have more varieties with sauces available too. We're feeling totally stoked having BBQ Buffet
as we get to try every Japanese yummy good food with beer, sake, soft drinks, tea/coffee, ice lemon tea etc.

This is the kinda good food I'm looking forward to every time I go for Japan holidays. We love to have
BBQ and we can enjoy unlimited seafood like crab, fish, squid, oyster & scallop which is my favourite
seafood of all esp. when I was in Hokkaido, the scallops were as big as the bird's eggs. So juicy, yummy
till we can finished many plates of refills of it. I lost count how many of it also. This Japanese Curry Rice
is not bad too, I really missed the one Nakamura made for me and always invited me to his place for this.
You can eat as much as you can here, as long we don't waste the good food only. I usually take one or
two of it for trial 1st, tasty and yummy only go for the 2nd and 3rd round later. The fresh lemon juice &
ice lemon tea served here are 'Ichiban' too, so refreshingly tasty and not sweet at all. The Japanese really
know how to tune their tastiness of food and drinks for me, they're the best esp. for a fussy food lover
like me. Rambo always told everyone the reason why he's so fat is because I left all the food for him. If
the food is tasty, he really thanked God for that. If not, die liao he needs to finish everything liao, haha.

Those meat and vegetables food, they put it in the fridge to keep its freshness and cleanliness.
That's what I liked most about their buffet, they are very strict and thought of A to Z steps of
ways in serving us the best of the best good food in Japan. Seeing this kinda arrangements
also, somewhere somehow you tend to follow their strict rules and respect the food as well. It's
a good blessing & great fortune for us to be able to travel and see the world, enjoying good food.

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