Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Japan Kyushu Island - Miyazaki Udo Jingu Cave Shrine

In Japan esp. when we go for travel and tours, it's always a relaxing trip for me to enjoy my vacation that's
for sure. Usually Japan tour guide like Lem in Kyushu Island, he would give us a brief introduction of the
history story on our way before reaching there and gave us ample time to reach the place slowly, relaxingly.

Moreover, we're still young in our 40's so somewhere, somehow we walked faster than the old ones. They
needed more time to reach the place esp.when we need to go through this tunnel from modern city centre
to mountainous region and walked quite far to reach seaside. Lem reminded us to wear comfortable shoes.

To me, it's fine to walk for 20 minutes real slowly as I was enjoying the beautiful scenery and admiring the
wonderful atmosphere all around Miyazaki ambience. I took many pictures, snapping nice sceneries and
climbing every little hills and mountains to reach one of the most fascinating tourist attraction in Japan.

Lem was kind enough to give us early notice that we need to walk quite a far distance, climbing many
steps of stairs up and down and walk another mile or two to reach the cave shrine for pray pray inside.
In fact, I heard many old ones feel tired and reaching there also, 'sei sei ha' I totally understand them.

Although it's Autumn Season liao but it was hot like nobody's business. It was depressing for me as I was
lazy and forgot to apply the SPF protection on both of my hands. I thought my scarf can protect the harmful
UV rays from it but it was too late liao. I really salute Rambo for being so discipline and 'rajin' in doing it.

Haha...Still, he can remember to ask me to sit here and there, stand here and that corner for every nice
pictures he can snap for me. I'm very happy that he's very excited about visiting Kyushu island again
as he's been to Fukuoka for business travel but never travel to all around the island with me yet he said.
In fact when I suggested we go for Kyushu Island during Summer/Autumn Holiday this year in 2016, he
quickly agreed to it and jumping up jubilantly like a kid. Haha...He loves to travel to Japan as it's clean,
safe and interesting for him. But not for business travels he said, travel for leisure or pleasure is different.

Like he said, he rather pay with his own money he can enjoys life with me. Go here and there, accompanying
me go shopping to buy whatever things I like, snapping pictures for me and dining+chatting with friends.
Even my bestie LL told me the same, die die also he wanted to join me go Japan liao this year and so we did.
LL told me it's totally worth it to spend the 'Sap Gei Chin' about RM15,000 including shopping in this trip
as he enjoyed it so much. He even vowed to me that he wanted to join me whatever, wherever & whenever
I plan my next holiday.Too bad for Shanghai, the travel agency couldn't arrange it on time for them.

Rambo felt the same way, he thinks it's totally worthy to spend thousands of dollars on something memorable
like this Kyushu Island holiday. Money can be earned again he said, so long we're safe throughout the happy
journey with pretty, lovely memories created along the journey with family/friends, money really can't buy.
As you can see, the journey to reach our final pitstop is quite far with miles of distance, so it's not easy
for the old ones to reach this place that easily. By the time we reached here taking our own sweet time to
smell the flowers and feel the breezy wind, they're still climbing the many steps of stairs down here only.

But I enjoyed the lovely sceneries all along the journey coming in to reach the pit stop. Such a beauty
and breathtaking views all along the way besides this washboard sea. All at once, we feel lovey dovey
being able to enjoy this captivating natural beauty together. Feels like we're back to dating days again.
Rambo and LL may have been brainwashed by me nowadays to spend their hard-earned money on travel but I
know that they're more excited to explore the world more than me. In fact, both of them kept rushing me to go
airport as early as possible and at the airport, they seemed to be so 'Gan Jiong' like getting married like that.
Haha...Both of them also told me that they enjoyed the trip so much, let's plan another Japan trip again soon.
Wow, I never have thought that they enjoyed Japan trip so much they would ask me to plan another trip so
soon. Here, we can donate some money and pray pray or make any wishes you wish to fulfill. Let's pray! 

This compelling cliff mountain views all around are so enthralling and spellbinding to captivate my heart and
souls to perfection. At the same time, it's dangerous with slippery stairs leading down to the shrine inside
the cave. Rambo kept calling me so he can snap mesmeric pictures for me but I didn't as I need to be careful.

It was so high up here with steep mountain slope although it comes with stairs like this but it's too dangerous
liao. I keep holding the stairs, going down one step at a time and Rambo hold me tightly while going down
together. On our way back, all of us were forced to drag ourselves climbing up this high mountain back again.

No wonder Lem kept telling us to get prepare for today's long walk, go for hot spring total rest and relaxation,
& sleep tight so that we can have sufficient energy to reach this place safely. Haha...No joke man, thank God
I had a good night sleep in Japan. Washing away all my sins away, purify myself before praying for good
fortune. Actually, this cave shrine has a myth story about a woman's breast dripping water, the newly wed
couples will drink it asking for babies & it's good for pregnancy or nursing. Haha...I didn't ask for baby
for sure as Rambo didn't want kids, I wash my face with it & snapping a few pictures for memories only.

The hypnotic and irresistible beauty of this cave shrine is a forceful and powerful place to be shout out loud
about. It's not that they're following the Chinese style of tourism way to tease our excitement praying here at
all, they had this myth story so we just went along with it and decided to go for it as well since we're here liao.
It's not expensive, just pay JY100: RM4 we get 4 wooden balls from this Japanese guy for the fun game.
So many Chinese tourists just reached here including the Hongkies too. It's fine having all of them here
thelp boosting Japan's slow economy, just don't make the place dirty & messy ok liao. Lem told us no
choice for Japan, it's the Chinese from China who bought many things, clearing all the stocks including
the Japanese branded toilet seats, branded goods etc. They need to close one eye & clear up the mess.

Make a wish here, start to throw the ball inside the hole within the big wooden amulet on the big rock.
See easy lah, to throw it inside the water hole is not easy. But thank God, mine fell inside the amulet
charm for my wishes to come true is good enough. Most important thing is I came for a visit and pray.
Japanese shrine and Buddhist Temple are two different kinda holy places. You can make a wish and pray
for it but it usually applies for Japanese's own ancient beliefs while the Buddhist Temples are suitable for
Buddhist cultivators like us who believe in Karma/Yan Guo, Destiny, Good Fortunes/Lucks & Fengshui. 
Talk about Karma, it's an endless subject to write about, maybe next time. I feel so blessed to be here as I
loved the overall environment with spectacular views around the place from one corner to another corner.
I really thank 'Amituofo' and Guan Yin's great blessings for giving us innumerable great fortune to travel
this far and witness the fantastic beauty of Miyazaki. Haha...Japan obviously managed to stamp many
happy, lovely & memorable memories in my travel journey, be it Honshu, Kyushu & Hokkaido island. 

I'm kinda speechless liao to express much about this attractive Udo Jingu Shrine and fully recommended to
travellers who's into lovely scenery. Talking about good luck, in Japan they believe in this 'Jiu Choi Mao'
the lucky Japanese Cat right so I bought one recently. Rambo never believes in all these kinda superstitious
beliefs just like his Buddhist Bro Chai where they only believe in destiny, karma and cultivating good deeds.
But for a Fire Dragon of me who's always very optimistic in life, it's not that I believe it or not, I just bought it
and started to put a fire action on it only. I wiped it cleanly, sayang my new Japanese Lucky Cat and 'Bai Zan'
placing it on my strategic Fengshui place waiting for the miracle to happen only. The next day, we received
good news of a new project with great prosperity offer coming in for us real easily. We completed the project
within the 2 weeks itself with cash money received successfully. Rambo then jokingly told me, "Buy whatever
lucky cats you mentioned and put at every corner of your house then" & I replied him, "Now you believeleh."
Haha...I know destiny can be change by doing more good deeds but at the same time, I also like to practise
whatever Fengshui balance of Yin & Yang, enhance my good lucks more and further so that my life can go
flying higher and smoother. It's just an easy job, need not use a lot of money to buy expensive 'Pi Xiu'
 & it didn't cost much for a cute lucky cat place nicely on my dressing table only and let the miracle happen.
I believe the laws of attraction happened perfectly for me by the universe so long I asked for it, they fulfilled
my positive calling only. My wish is their command and thank God it happened sweetly and smoothly for me!

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