Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Kyushu Island - Kagoshima Washboard Seashore

After a beautiful long walk at Miyazaki and yummy Sashimi+Sushi lunch for today's Japanese specialty food,
we've reached to Kagoshima for the famous 'Washboard Seashore' wonderful sceneries. Lem, our Japan tour
guide did mentioned to us it's called the washboard, meaning to say it's the old-style board for washing clothes
back in those days. Haha...In fact, Lem did enlightened us further by saying that most of the Japanese words
derived from Chinese words, sometimes less one stroke or more strokes they formed another word so it's easier
for Chinese to study Japanese. All along the journey here, I enjoyed watching the captivating, charming views.

Actually we can take a slow stroll down to the beach but I rather not as after having miles of long walk at
Udo Jingu Shrine with the many steps of stairs, I prefer to stay relaxed enjoying the calming+soothing
environment surrounding me. For an active girl like me, I consider this trip is relaxing enough for me.
They didn't rush us but gave us ample time to walk slowly, enjoying the lovely atmosphere around
and do some shopping on our way back to our comfy coach. And while I was busy chatting with Lem
about Japan, Rambo kept calling me to stand here and that corner for many pretty, lovely pictures.
Haha...I know, only in Japan Rambo can act so professional like that. He needed to take from this angle and
every part of this mesmerising views. The breathtaking views took my breath away. I really enjoyed touring
all around Kyushu Island, from Miyazaki prefecture and reaching Kagoshima prefecture along the journey
fulfilled my life fantastically. The weather can be cloudy or sunny hot but I bet the seawater is cold like the ice.
In fact, I wish I can go for the famous sand-bathing spa but we need to travel to city centre for shopping liao.

So it's totally fine for me, as long we get to cover the whole island with more shopping stops at the city centre.
Haha...In fact, all of us the ladies from this trip loved shopping. Yvonne is considered an older sister to me and
we clicked along the way of our Kyushu journey. She asked her pro hubby to take pictures for us and Rambo
also get to snap a few pictures for us along the way. The 1st day we arrived to Kumamoto, she asked for our
help to get the best medicine and eye drops for her family at pharmacy and of all the people, we bumped into
each other. I loved spending hours at Japanese beauty shops and pharmacies buying healthy+beauty goods.
Sometimes it's 'Yan Kap Yan Yuen', called it fate or not, usually going for tours be it Honshu, Hokkaido or
Kyushu Island, we usually clicked with another couple or two who made great efforts to stay close together
joyfully. In Hokkaido, Mr. & Mrs.Lim clicked with us and another couple from Johor who are doing their
own business also clicked closely with us as the 3 Musketeers Couple. They maybe aging in their 50's & 
we're the youngest couple of the 3 but we clicked easily, spending good times touring Hokkaido together.

I usually mind my own business, enjoying my trip happily only. But sometimes I know that one old aunty
group dislikes the other group who were late and when they tried gossiping it to me, I gave no response as
I didn't wana get entangled with their battle and dilemma of troubles. I usually mixed with Mr. & Mrs.Lim
and another Johor Kaki Lang chatting about business, travels and good food. And in this tour, I knew my
friend dislikes my new friend here but I told her not to react in this manner, it's better to make more friends
than enemy unless those who purposely stepped on your tail, ignored them and let them take the Karma. 
Rambo always said that I'm humble to people from all walks of life and always respect people because I once
stretched a point to him that, "We came to this world empty-handed, we leave this world the same too with
the same size of coffin or ashes for most Buddhists." And now, he's using the same phrase of mine to advise
me from time to time to spend the money that I've gained for travel or shopping as we cannot bring money or
properties to coffin also.Coming to our age in our 40's now, we're ripe to talk about life, death & reality.

Haha...Many times during our fights or based on other's suicide news, we think that 'Yau Meh Gem Tai
Emm Hoi', there's nothing so serious that people need to die/suicide esp. at our age with half of our legs 
reaching to grave already. That's why he would rather 'Flag White' and sayang me back after our Spanish 
Bullfight as if we love each other that much, there shouldn't be any ego that can slice up our relationship
at all. In fact I've seen so many broken marriages & close relationships went sour not because they've
changed due to financial status or other reasons it may deemed reasonable, it's the Ego who broke it all.
While enjoying the fascinating views around, we managed to take many lovely pictures with friends and
chatting with Lem all about Japan. Grace also mentioned to me that "Rambo is the best" and she gave him
'3 Big Likes of Hou Hou' by showing me 3 of her fingers also when I said that LL is a good hubby for her.
"Wah, Sai Emm Sai Oh" I asked her and she quickly replied me, "It's true, Rambo is really 'Sai Sem' caring of
you. He's very loving & a very good husband." I knew she's telling me the truth after a week of observation
and great times spent together with the many occasions where Rambo took good care of all of us in Japan.

Haha...Especially when we both went shopping at Ladies Dept, LL went up to the Kids Dept. but we
only focused much of our attention to shop & Rambo really stand at one side, looking for LL so that he
knew where we were. And from this incident, I actually share a few stories about how Rambo managed their
Japanese company with the many loyal staffs under him whom he took good care like his own kids. In fact,
Rambo's best buddy in his company has just presented me one can of my favourite Pineapple Tarts and
he jokingly told me it's coming to year end bonus appraisal time, naturally he makes me laughed out loud. 
Haha...Rambo always make me laughed out loud with his humour sense. I know it's not true as Tan
knew I love indulging in good food and he always bought me those famous 'Otak-Otak' from Muar,
Shanghai Mooncake etc. In return, I also like to pack those specialties from overseas for him too. I
know that they're real good buddies of all time. And I always told Rambo that Tan is a good person
whom he should befriend and get closely acquainted with. It's not easy to find a good friend like him.

Last but not least, while they're going for a toilet break I managed to play this Ice Cream vending machine
and bought this yummy Glico Strawberry Ice Cream. I really enjoyed the delicious vanilla ice cream to the
crunchy cone till the last bite of it. So happy and I told my good friends to enjoy this if they're seeing it at
other places. In Japan, not only I enjoy the shopping spree at all around Kyushu Island, I also enjoy the
daily Japanese specialty food that they've arranged for us and the great memories along my Japan journey.
Like I told Rambo, I really enjoy Japan holidays and really don't mind to visit Japan over and over again!

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