Monday, May 26, 2014

Thomas Cup 2014

Thomas Cup 2014, a great start from Lee Chong Wei great performance to give Malaysia team the 1st bang cheers of win. And thanks to the second double players Goh and Tan who finally put malaysia to stand par on par  2-2 for Malaysia team, where we can cheer more in the 5th last game all till the end. I was so sleepy when the clock strikes 11pm, it's time to sleep for my beauty sleep, but then as a faithful Malaysian and a Badminton player like me, of course I will stand awake till the end to 'sorak kuat', cheering wholeheartedly for them.

When we lost at the final game, my mom and sis were so sad about it expressing their dissapointments under our wazzapp group chat but then I told them, "We lost with great dignity fighting to the end. We almost grab the cup back to Malaysia, so close there. It's ok, sharpen up their skills, develop their mental strength stronger like Lin Dan or Lee Chong Wei, we can grab it back next 2016. Let's focus on that, move on with life and grab other opportunities coming their way." That's all I can say, as the result has speak for itself!

Whatever the result may turn out to be, Daren Liew has forced Ueda to a rubber game that eventually gave Japan the final win. They have met before and Daren has lost to him 3 times during the games, yet in this final Thomas Cup meet Daren has did his level best. His fighting spirit has clearly stated 'Never Ever Give Up' kinda positive spirit in him. In fact, all of of them have fought well, and they have managed to unite all Malaysians to cheer and be proud of them. 

Let's put politic issue aside, we don't have time for you at this moment. I still remember the last time I watched Thomas Cup with my uncles who are all badminton players, Malaysia has won the Thomas Cup after Foo Kok Keong won the last game. All the time Thomas Cup have been conquered by the Chinese in China, Indonesia and Malaysia once. I pampered myself with SKII Mask and I was not supposed to talk/move, but I can't help it when I cheer out loud every time they gain a point there as I was too excited liao.Haha...crazy die hard fan of Badminton! 

Now, Japan has lift up the cup for the 1st time. We asked Nakamura in Tokyo, Japan if he's watching the Thomas Cup just like us in Malaysia. He told us, "No, we're not aware of this news." Haha...only we the Malaysians have this kinda Badminton fever surrounding all around us even for the non-Badminton players like Rambo. But I told him I wana start playing Badminton back again this coming Sunday and he told me he wana join me too. Badminton keeps me healthy, mentally motivated and having stronger muscles all over my body.

 I maybe aging now, but I'm sure I can still play it slow and steady. It definitely bring me lots of cheers and laughters during the exercise with Badminton esp. the fun time catching up with my family members. Playing with my sis-inlaws I need to be soft and slow a bit as sometimes I tend to smash hard and fast whenever I saw an opportunity that's easy for me, but when they couldn't defend it, it hits on their body I felt so bad about it. I really don't wana hurt anybody, that's for sure.

I used to play Badminton with Wong Choon Han, the 1st Badminton player at Seri Petaling Badminton Court next to my 3 storey house. At that time, I already 'Tai Hou Hui' having great admiration of him that he will be our Malaysia 1st Badminton Player and he did. He happily told me that he was chosen for the Malaysia Team when we met one afternoon. 

Obviously, I was very happy for him and I told him to do his very best for the Malaysia Team as he's also a good person having the right attitudes in life. Only people having the right attitudes in life will succeed in life. They maybe living in luxury lives now, but it's all coming from their own great efforts to be on top form and he's able to stay humble about it. That's life, C'est la vie!

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