Sunday, May 25, 2014

Mary Cohr Products Will Be Available In Malaysia Exclusive Salons, Giving Your Skin Peace of Mind

Both ladies and even men will soon be able to enjoy the extensive range of Mary Cohr products in salons across Malaysia which will be imported and distributed by Mary Cohr Malaysia, the appointed partner of Mary Cohr France. I was glad I came that night as I told Mr.Thong the CEO of Mary Cohr, I have joined Mary Cohr VIP Gold member since 12 years ago, he also shared with me about his excitement on Mary Cohr business. I made it that night as I thought I couldn't join the event where I had another beauty event at MV, fully packed from am to pm events for me last Tuesday.  

Held at Pietro Restorante Italiano, Kuala Lumpur, the exclusive dinner with Ms. Emeline Leduc, Mary Cohr’s International Distribution Director featured the upcoming plans of Mary Cohr Malaysia to actively engage with beauty salons and to provide the salons’ beauty consultants with world-class training sessions. One of Mary Cohr's key products – Vital Essence, was also introduced during the session.

Ms. Wendy Woo, shared that “Mary Cohr has been in the global market for more than 30 years with many success stories. Here in Malaysia, we will be importing more product ranges that will suit Asian skin, something that will benefit both salons and consumers alike. Mary Cohr Malaysia will be working closely with the local beauty salons to get consistent updates on consumers’ feedback, and we will continuously provide training sessions to ensure that all the salon’s beauty consultants are able to assist and provide world-class standards of consultation and suitable treatments to all customers and clients. Moreover, we have calibrated the prices of the products for the Malaysian market to ensure that they are within the means of middle income consumers”.

Ms Woo also added, “Though women now know the importance of keeping good impression with cosmetic application, many still overlook the essential care and treatment needed to keep the skin healthy and radiant. We are committed to guide our consumers and clients towards achieving the best results for their skin. Mary Cohr’s extensive range of products, including the holistic healing “Vital Essence” with active ingredients from the heart of nature, will be able to cater for the needs of every individual. Vital Essence being one of Mary Cohr’s key products will be the primary focus of our salons”.

“We see great potential growth in the Malaysian beauty industry, Unlike many products out there in the market which focus mostly on ringing up the sales even though the products may not be suitable for the consumers' skin conditions, Mary Cohr has a wide range of products which are suited for Asian’s skin. It is Mary Cohr’s pledge to provide proper training to all the beauty consultants so that they are able to provide appropriate consultation to consumers and clients. To strengthen Mary Cohr’s presence, we are excited to introduce the “Mary Cohr Business Opportunity” which is a programme designed for young entrepreneurs who have passion for beauty. The programme aims to provide a platform and opportunity for these individuals to succeed in the beauty industry”, said Ms Emeline Leduc.

The broad portfolio of Mary Cohr has strong consumer appeal, allowing the brand to grow the base and increase sales globally. The products available in Mary Cohr Malaysia include but not limited to; 
1. Vital Essences: Revolution of the beauty salon market, thanks to a patented
process known as hydrogelification, revolutionised the application of Essentiona
2. New Youth: A complete anti-aging product, formulated from the cellular life
3. Pure Environment: Hydra-oxygenating cream which replenishes actions in one
single step. Thanks to Dermo-Sculting.
4. Age Sign’s Repair: The intensive Cellular Cure with 60 cellular actives.
5. SWhite: Range of Lightening to disminish pigmentation and boost skin brightening

6. Night Slimlook: It refines plump cheeks, adds shape to the cheek area, slimdown the chin and firms facial contours.
7. Hydromose-Cellualr Moisturisation Serum: Revitalises dehydrated skin using cellular moisturisation through “Osmosis” and smoothes dehydration lines and
leaves the skin looking supple and luminous.
8. Perfect Gel Cleanser: This astounding gel perfectly cleanses and removes
make-up from the skin. When massaged into the skin, it transforms into oil and
then an emulsion upon contact with water.
9. Nourishment: A complete beauty care for Dry Skin to recover comfort and
10. Epil Smart & Stick Hair: Comfortable & perfect hair removal method with lasting

The global skin care, hair care ,make up and shower products business is worth USD 382 billion according to Forbes where the top 10 brands account for USD 60 billion. Anti aging products with patented genetic technologies and formulas are fast gaining popularity in the market. Also popular are products that claim to lighten skin tone because the local perception of beauty as having whiter skin. Another recent trend in the market has been products that claim to give customers a spa experience at home. To find out more about Mary Cohr, you can visit

Mary Cohr Laboratories are indeed one of the very few cosmetics manufacturing companies in the world to have double certification from the international certification organisation Bureau VERITAS: The first is ISO 22716 which lays down good manufacturing practices which ensures high quality products. Mary Cohr laboratories has white rooms, uses pure water which is tested on a continual basis, double weighing checks and procedures for enabling the traceability of each product. The second certification is ISO 14001, a standard that espouses the principle of environmental protection through the control of the impact of the company’s activity.

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