Sunday, May 4, 2014

GUERLAIN's New Rouge G Rose Glacé Lipstick

I always love Guerlain makeup and skincare for its sophisticated packaging, colours and advanced technology
in beauty history. In fact, I have visit the Guerlain's Beauty Parlour at Champs Elysees Paris, trying the pretty
makeup there. It was fun as they welcome me in a grand gesture and inside, everything spells of elegant beauty.

This time, I wana thanked The LilacBox for giving me this makeover+the new
Guerlain lipstick. I lost count how many Guerlain lipsticks I had over the years.
Haha...I even wanted to buy a new one last March but no BC that day so I left.

Adrian, the handsome makeup artist for LuxAsia recognized me that day and I
told him, I just wana have a light makeup for shoot as Rambo really dislike me in
geisha makeover look. So he gave me a 'Dita Von Tesse' sexy, signature look with
a very Red Lipstick stamped on my lip. I love it to the max, totally satisfied with it.

It didn't dry my lip at all, I only need to swipe it at one go and it's done.
saves a lot of my time and this Rose Lipstick gave me the natural shimmer colour
I've been longing for. I always wana look natural even when I'm playing with my
makeup. It cost RM182 and I love both colours Guerlain has just launch recently.

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