Sunday, May 18, 2014

Merry, Lovely May

Glad to be back home sweet home, Malaysia is still the best place to live at the moment. I know Japan is a lovely place to call heavenly home to live in a country for long, Rambo can stay there for long with his daily healthy Nato intake but not for me, as I was craving for spicy food+Nasi Lemak everyday. And I missed my dear Charmers terribly of course as when I met them last Saturday, they're so chatty and hugged me so tightly. They leaning 'manja' on me, massage for me and kissed me lovingly too. Haha...that's what I called our sincere loving that 'Fatt Chut Lei', explode from deep feeling inside us just like the Mount Usu. 

Mount Usu is a volcanic mountain that's still smoking actively from the lively volcano mountain top. Haha...such an amazing nature that's both beautiful and wonderful to view from the close sight, no matter how dangerous it can be. 3 of my dear Charmers speak to me at the same time, updating me their activities and achievements excitedly. My sis and mom kept telling me I was so blessed to be able to travel for a glorious 8 days long holiday in Japan, I'm feeling really satisfied about it too where I can rest much in hot spring indulgence during the holiday trip. Totally feeling rejuvenated and revitalised like a full battery-recharged, I'm ready to 'Ganbatte' again to get my goals going. Life is good and smooth! 

I shared with them my extraordinary 3 days hot spring journey staying at the luxury hot spring resort, all of them laugh out really loud as it's so hilarious till I can't believe it also. I told them they should join me next time and must explore this kinda sizzling and sensational beauty of health and wellness in Japan. Initially, I felt really 'Paiseh'(shy) also to go naked in the public pool but then as time goes by after I started to dip myself in the very hot spring pool which helped to promote good night sleep for me that night, I went every night after my dinner without failed. Will blog more about it next month, so stay tuned on it.

Rambo enjoy his holiday so much and kept telling me how nice it can be if everyday can live in such a relaxing life like this. Haha...I totally understand his feelings about it as everyday he's working hard and smart like a bull. When he reached to KL, the Japanese colleague already called him and informed him that they have cancelled their flights to Vietnam due to the recent riot. He told him he would attend to a morning meeting with them the next morning. Once he's back to KL, he's busy like a bee but then, when he knew about my schedules I briefly share with him he said that I'm busier than him. Haha...Yea, I told him but I will only attend the events after I have completed my tasks. I will never stress myself out. I make sure I can cope with it only then I will do it. Life is very simple actually.

Last Sunday, I brought my mom for a healthy lunch in MV and we went for the BMW roadshow. Sis Toto offer me RM70,000 to buy my Hybrid car, she really loves my car after having to drive her around for 2 years already and even Rambo's Uncle who drove a 'Merz Dai Sai Ngan' model loves my car too when I told him I love his Mercedes Benz. I humbly rejected her offer and decided to keep the car for long as I'm not into investing in luxury car. I also told my mom I'm afraid of the high maintenance fee to maintain the car for safe, long driving as I prefer to use the RM1500 to shop for other things/travel more. I always look at the long term plan rather than the temporary happiness of owning the car, unless Rambo really needed it desperately. 

But I always advised and reasoned with him, to stay humble and happy with his present life. I believe he has learned and been brain-washed by me to stay happily with his current life. He was surprised when he saw Mr. Lim and Mrs.Lim, a couple who got close to us this Japan trip were so humble although they came from lucky, wealthy family. The way they speak with good manners, the way they took pictures for us and staying really close with us all along the journey somewhere, somehow motivated Rambo to stay even more humble about life esp. when we touched on Karpal Singh story they have attended in Ipoh. I even told Mr. Lim he don't have to bend down on his knee to take the best shot for me as I felt so bad about it. 

Mr.Lim told me it's ok but then it's the respect I have for the elderly, I rather tell him honestly to keep our good fortunes running. I told Rambo also, an elder or a superior Lawyer like him whom I respect so much I dare not have him bend before me, or my 'Fook Bou' will be losing due to disrespect to the elderly. Catherine told me they are devoted Christians, I knew that they're attending the Sunday Church every week and I respect their spiritual belief in God. But it's ironic that both of us really clicked so well, we understand each other so well she wanted her daughters to get to know me too and we even called each other god mom+'Kai Lui' now. I just
go with the flow, hanging strong and staying close with her as there are times when she needs to share her life with me and I totally understand about her position as a wife and a mom. 

Both Rambo Lim and Mr. Lim are also Hokkien, where they're also having their own mutual understanding as Lims and they're also behaving really well as 'Pak Turut'(followers) only. We have so much fun being close together, taking good care and supporting each other really well. When I reached home, many of my family and friends have been asking me my next destination for holiday and I hope my good travel ally Carrie would come along with me again as we really missed each other so badly. The last time I went Yakult Factory, she has asked me about it as I told her I wanted to meet up with her when I was there but then, I saw her FB status she's going on a local trip so I didn't tell her about it. 
She told me she would plan a KL trip one day soon so we can meet up again and I definitely welcome her to do so as we really wana rekindle the happy moments we had in Italy, to stay alive again. 

Haha...I make new friends along the journey of my life, but at the same time I will never forget my good, old buddies that I've stayed close with as I treasure everyone of them. All of them have their own good points of great attitude I can learn from, we respect each other's choice of life and never put any status above or below us as everyone should be treated as equal. Everyone deserves to be happy and pretty in life. Life is beautiful when we're grateful I told LeAnne when she asked me to quote a meaningful message for her. Sayonara for now, will continue next day as I need to complete my project before I can blog more!

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