Monday, May 5, 2014

The Importance Of Buddhism Cultivation

Thank you Amituofo! Always stay grateful to Buddha and Amituofo for giving you the healthy life everyday that you'll be able to achieve your goals daily. My Da Jie was so happy last night during the Vegan Dinner we held for her at Vegetarian Restaurant, she was speechless and can only express her utmost gratitude to us by wazzapp us, thanking us so many times. In her touching message sharing, she said that although she may have a total failure marriage she have tried saving for years but still failed, she's no longer feel lonely any more after the love and care we poured for her yesterday. 

Last year 2013, I have advised her to mix more with Bro Chai and the Buddhist Society they visited for weekly praying and chanting, I can see the obvious improvements of her life, especially her smile is back planted on her happy face. This 20 Marriage Tips is a good reminder for both Rambo and I, I actually agreed to practise it even we're happily sustaining our lives being together for the past 20 years. Why not? if it's good for everyone of us by all means, do it more often to stay happy in life. This morning, my wazzapp box was full of everyone's sharing their thoughts about life and death. 

I guess that's the reality of life we should face one day, somewhere somehow. It's true in life, we may walk alone at times of death or when a divorce may happen in life, but if you bear this advise of mine you will never walk alone in life. I replied them a summary on wazzapp that says, "Most important thing in life is to live 'Sem Zhung Yau Fatt' (Buddha lives within you) in our pure heart and soul, life is naturally beautiful. Every minute, every hour if you chant Amituofo, you'll be living in peace with yourself. Only when you're feeling peaceful then happiness will follow you through. Amituofo!" 

Yesterday, I'm not sure why suddenly I asked Rambo to go through Jalan Kepong as I usually asked him to skip this jammed route, but I believe it's fated that my destiny with Tzu Chi Buddhist Society in Malaysia has finally connected when I saw this huge, beautiful building. Haha...Bro Chai wazzapp us asking anyone of us are going for this event, I told him I knew about this event since the early April and encouraged them all to go together. And when Da Jie knew Bro Chai is going, she went along too. Yesterday when Sis Hoon asked, I told her to go along with all of them as before that, I told Bro Chai, "Go Go Go, Amituofo will bless you more!" although both Rambo and I couldn't make it this time as we're going to be in Hokkaido, Japan. 

He told me he was so jealous about it but I humbly advised him, "Don't be. Pray for us as a happy family. Don't worry, I'll get you some Japanese souvenirs to cheer you up." And he cheerfully replied, "Yay, thanks. Get for my son and Gugu(his new girlfriend) too.""Sure, it's my pleasure!"And yesterday when we talked about it, they hope to go to Japan too. Happiness is all about sharing, caring and loving, it obviously starts from the family bond first. Once you can achieve 'Ka Wo Man Si Hing' - the harmony of happiness in the family, only you can afford to talk about a loving society among the social world. You'll never walk alone when you have Buddha spiritual faith living inside, within you. 

I told Rambo this sometimes as to prepare him to stay calm and strong in life. And I keep on telling him this, "I may leave the world earlier than you due to sickness, illness or old age, but you must continue living up your life meaningfully." Life is so unpredictable, life is short and life is so precious that we may not realize one day when we woke up, our loved ones are not around us to celebrate birthday or anniversary together, so treasure every moments to speak good things about others, do good deeds and purify your mind to think good plans ahead of you. I know it's not easy but it can be done diligently and slowly. It definitely takes time to change, heal and move on in life.

Rambo told me recently he was feeling very uneasy to follow the teachings of this Master BB from Buddhist Society of USA/Canada during our coffee chat at The Coffee Bean One Utama. He said too many rumours were created on the internet about him driving luxury car, staying in a big house in USA and his Tibetan wisdom teachings on Buddhism was kinda 'serong' or 'Che Gao' (Cult) as Buddhism also have many types of Buddhism teachings that have been spread and taught differently in around the world. He's quite skeptical with his thoughts and views on certain Buddhism teachings nowadays after having been brain-washed by the internet rumours. 

After hearing him said that, I told him his best buddy KH also shared with me that day he's not into following Tibetan Buddhism Teachings also because of certain reasons. And I told both Rambo and KH to believe what is good for them - like the Master Chin Kung's Buddhism Teachings. Most importantly is to feel comfortable in practising it everyday in their lives. What people say, do or critizing in disapproving it, you really need to use your eyes to see, your ears to hear and your heart to feel with your intelligence/wisdom to understand the truth. If the Master can save other people's lives with his superior medicinal skills+talent, by all means respect the truth of it from the real sharing stories. If he wanted to drive a big car and living in luxury life, he have every rights to go for it to be living happily in life. 

He maybe asking funds from people around the world to build his charity legacy, but no one was forced to contribute for it. At times when my friend Joseph or Wolle asked me about charity, I told them to go to Thean Hou Temple on their own free time and welcome them to go for charity/society pure contribution of good will. When it comes to charity, it's a very sensitive issue where I seldom wana get myself involved with too many people so I rather use my own money to help, especially if it involves in money issue. It's better not to get involved with too many parties, too many conflicts that will only burden the good, noble cause to materialize. And I work really fast, once I have plan on it, I work on it to make it happen.

I have a Christian friend who stops going to church because he doesn't wana be bound by the rules and duty to contribute 10% of his salary. It's his choice then, nobody can say he's wrong or not faithful to God. My friend TL also told me he stopped going to Church many years ago due to some disputes and strong views he disagreed with the management. And it's really up to him to make the final decision to attend Sunday Church or not as this is his life, and he have every rights to make the final decision for his life. Most important thing is he's happy with his life, to be answerable to God at the end of the day, he knew this for sure. 

Rambo's scattered mind about Master BB USA case based on the rumours he have read from the Internet, he got influenced too easily because he can be very emotional at times. There's no doubt he's a very kind Buddhist I admired very much, but sometimes he maybe pouring too much compassion in his emotion, he's not able to control his EQ rationally. I remember last year in 2013, my friend DT pleading me to help him by asking me to sign up a holiday package, Rambo felt for him and he wanted to help since he thought he can afford it. But I reasoned with both of them honestly that I don't need the package so I won't buy it. I know Rambo meant well, he always like to help others but I humbly rejected it and asked Rambo to get over it. 

That's why I relate back this old story to him that day he needs to chant 'Amituofo' more each day, strengthen his Buddhism cultivation and awaken himself with Buddhism spirit into his body, mind and soul. Just like what I did for LeAnne, she did and she has regained her old-self back. It's so important to practise and cultivate Buddhism teachings everyday in our lives, not only on 'Wesak Day' as life is full of greed, anger and ignorance, surrounding us and polluting our mind everyday. Happy Wesak Day, seek and regain your happiness that's actually existed deep within us. If you're happy, you're pretty naturally. It radiates from within, that's for sure!   

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