Sunday, July 20, 2014

Autumn Rhythm 2014

Early July, I finally managed to slot the weekend to visit my Kai Ma Catherine as she's so sincere and persuasive enough I just can't say No to her. Haha...I really salute her for being so persistent I finally made the best effort to visit her that weekend and I'm glad I did. I really appreciates her kind generosity towards me during my stay in Ipoh. In fact, she has been calling me so many times preparing everything for me from the best 'Yim Kuk Kai', Herbal Salt Chicken at the two famous shops in Ipoh to enjoy, my favourite Pomelos and many yummy 'Heong Beng' biscuits prepared for me. I told her no need as I seldom eat chicken nowadays but she insisted and bought for me already. I brought a few hundred dollars to spend here in Ipoh, ended up I didn't even use a cent in this trip. Mr. and Mrs.Lim+Rambo and I, another Mr.and Mrs.Lim seem to click like a happy Lim Family together where we talked about our past history story from young age to old age and reminisced our happy Japan tour memories in non-stop laughters.   

I brought her the pride of a healthy home-made Japanese Pineapple Enzyme that she's been longing to try and heard many good reviews from her friends as well. I also presented her the real Bamboo-made Tea Casing that she loved she have started using it already. I told Catherine nicely no need to buy me all the Ipoh specialty anymore in my next trip when she invited me to stay at her Bungalow again or her new Semi-D house she had just bought. She's very 'gan jiong' the week before with all the good food got ready for me and she has been expecting me to come as early as possible, but I wazzapp her to inform her that I'm only coming on Sunday after she have completed her Sunday Church programme. I want her to live her life normally, focusing on her usual Sunday activities with Mr. Lim without intruding her privacy. 

And when we met again that afternoon, we hugged each other tightly as we missed each other very much obviously. We really have good times, great taste together again where they brought me to indulge those sweet, fresh and big yummy crab from the famous restaurant plus other yummy dishes I enjoyed very much, everything to my liking and choices actually. And Catherine already asked me to come again as she wanted to bring me to fine dining places in our next Ipoh trip. Haha...I really had no idea when I can come again as I told her recently we're kinda busy with many Japanese buyers love coming to Malaysia to source new items for them. 

And Rambo being a president of projects had to cancel my China trip during Hari Raya holiday due to all the demands in 2014. It's a good sign in financial side for us, but I was kinda dissappointed with him that he have wasted my time to get the best tour I wanted for my Raya holiday. So I took a vengeance on him by going shopping all around Malaysia this Ramadan month using his credit cards. He told me "You're welcome!" and so I really go shopping sakan like the malay people now, shopping for Raya. feels good to contribute it back to my country, 'Yan Yan Yau Fan Sik'(everyone have rice to eat).       

Last week, Rambo quickly called me to listen to radio station with Dato' Ruby Khong interview in it that night when he went for groceries shopping. He knew how much I admired and respect Dato' Ruby for her kind work in Kechara network, besides a great role model as a beautiful woman to me. The reason why he knew about it as I told him this year 2014 we were so busy delivering our duties till the last day of CNY, I seldom go into Facebook and I didn't wish her 'Happy Birthday' when she's in LA. But on my birthday, she wished me 'Happy Birthday' that I felt so humble+'Paiseh' and honoured at the same time. 

Immediately, I thanked her and apologised to her that I missed wishing her as during that time, really no FB for me. I kept telling Rambo that a great leader like Dato' Ruby should be praised for her admirable great attitude and I hope Rambo will support Kechara's good effort to go on more steadily in Malaysia. Rambo told me he would once our projects have completed, he will deliver the goods to Kechara personally. It all started so fast, 2 years ago I approached her to help the needy ones and last year, I just hope she won the Bella Awards and she did. Time really flies like an arrow that hits the bull's eye!

From time to time, I may have bumped into Dato' Ruby but I didn't wana disturb her so I just let nature take its course. To me, I always think that not necessary we must meet up so often to cultivate good deeds and keep the good cause going stronger than ever. We still communicate through FB provided I have the time to glance through FB news everyday. In fact, my friends have been asking me why seldom see me on FB now but I told them I did update my FB with pictures, consider it's done updating the latest updates of my life. Haha...everyone are busy with their own schedules, it's not easy to arrange a short trip to Penang for me also when Rambo told me the 'Penang Lang' have been asking him when he wana bring me to Penang again for good food. I told Rambo so nice of them the Penang people to invite me again because the last time when I enjoyed the yummy food with them, I really enjoyed it to the max. 

Seeing me enjoying the food and feeling totally on top of the world, they laugh out loud too as I didn't share the big claypot of porridge with Rambo at all but I finished it all by myself, it's inside my tummy. Haha...that's what happiness is all about. It's the loving and caring people that surrounded you with powerful love, no money can ever buy that. Yesterday Sunday during our Vegan dinner at Cocomart, Da Jie told me she felt so weak and restless that I advised her to go praying and chanting with Bro Chai Buddhist Society again. I even pushed Rambo to go with all the Lim Family together as one happy family. Gugu invited me to come along with them but I told them to go ahead without me and I told her I chant Amituofo everyday, in my own comfort place and time. I prefer to chant and meditate on my own, so long I don't 'Jau Fo Yap Mo' like the cults is good enough. Peace comes from within, that's for sure. 

Last Saturday, my dear LeAnne asked me to join a Basketball game with my family together on Sunday but I told her I can't because Saturday and Sunday I'm usually very busy, fully booked with appointments. Like I told her all the time, Saturday dinner time is allocated only for them. Nothing can ever beats that to spend my precious time with them. So she asked me what kinda appointments I have in mind, if I can cancel it for her. This July, I have postponed my facial and body spa for many weeks and I told LeAnne, my mom and sis I'm gonna stick with it. Cannot do lunch with them but we can go for dinner instead after the facial. Then Lynette called, showing me her animals drawing and like always, I asked Ying Shan to guide her improving her drawing skills since she's good in her art and craft. 

After I gave them the A(Shan) and B(Lynette) grades, Lynette poured her feelings with me saying so nice of Shan who can draw things so easily and effortlessly got As from me all the time. I told her Shan was born with the art talent in her, not only I gave her As all the time, in fact she got As from all her arts and craft works from her school too. I told her everyone have their own talents to be proud of, I told her she is good in singing and LeAnne is good in writing. No need to compare and be jealous about it. She listens eagerly and finally she understands when I told her Dai Yiyi sucks in drawing, cannot be help if I can't draw. LeAnne added, "But you're good in everything, and I like your attitude the best." "Thank you LeAnne, I really appreciates that but Dai Yiyi is not perfect myself. I learn and trying to improve myself everyday by reading magazines, books, watching TV and asked from the experts themselves if I wanted to know more in depth about it. I even learn something from all of you too."

No one is perfect and living perfectly fine in this world. Remember I have shared one story about my Sis Toto's good friend XY's story where she have endured so much pain from Cancer for a few years esp.the recent big operation in Singapore Medical Centre this year? From starting to lose her eyesight she needs to go for a huge brain operation to fix it, then she lose her strength to walk she was bound to use the wheel chair for travel and lastly, her life was limited to lying on the bed living days only. The last 5th emergency call by ambulance to Singapore, the doctors finally confide to them that there's no cure and nothing for them to cut anymore after having to remove almost everything that they can cut off from ovary, colon etc. She finally passed away last week after all the torments and pains she had endured since she's 37 years old. She's only 41 years old that day, leaving her two young kids behind and her husband who stand very supportive of her all these years. Amituofo, may she rest in peace.

No wonder Rambo's Family sent me those pictures last week, the departure day of her last day from the reality world. I felt weird, curious about it but I was too busy to ask them that day until yesterday dinner only we talked about it. Really sad for her family, but I believe God always have a good reason to take her away from this world. I heard Da Jie, Bro Chai and Sis Toto shared with me good things about this sweet girl who used to mingle with them since their teenage years. She bought a big corner Semi-D from Kota Kemuning at age 35, having a stressful job that demands a lot till age 37, everything seems to stop and bites all at once. Sigh, life is really short and I gotta stop right now to finish my work 1st. Life is a journey where we should live life to the fullest, make the best of everything we ventured into and remember to do good deeds in any kinds of contribution. Amituofo!

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