Saturday, July 19, 2014

Impian Suria Fair & Lovely Brings Out Confidence Even Under The Sun

The Number 1 whitening skincare brand in Malaysia1, Fair & Lovely launched the new Fair & Lovely Advanced MultiVitamin with SPF15 Fairness Cream which promises sun protected fairness that boosts women’s confidence in stepping out of the shadows and make their dreams come true.

The new Fair & Lovely Advanced Multi Vitamin with SPF15 Fairness Cream has essential multi vitamin complex that not only moisturises your skin but also lightens the skin by reducing marks and uneven skin tone.In addition to the vitamins, it contains SPF15 to make sure your skin is always protected from the sun’s harmful UV rays. For the first time, users will be able to get skin doctor treatment2 like fairness from a fairness cream. Infused with Vitamin B3, C and E, the range is designed to help women with six expert fairness solutions like Laser treatment that targets skin marks, Polish like treatment, Face peel treatment that targets dullness giving your skin a glow, Antioxidant treatment that targets dark circles under your eyes, Vitamin Mask treatment that lightens your skin colour and Protects fairness from the sun. 

To showcase how the new Fair & Lovely Advanced Multi Vitamin with SPF15 Fairness Cream boosts confidence and helps women achieve their dreams, Fair & Lovely launcheda 6-week TV programme ImpianSuria Fair & Lovely on TV3. The programme features three young and bubbly personalities, Erin Malek, an upcoming local actress, Daiyan Trisha, a budding singer-songwriter and YouTube personality and ShazreenFazlynda, a creative personality who writes, produces and acts in her own short films.  The programme showcases the three talented women with different backgrounds travelling to six states in Malaysia. ImpianSuria Fair & Lovely will be aired on TV3 from 13 August 2014 till 17 September 2014 every Wednesdays at 5.00pm. 

Erin Malek, the young local actress, who also won Fear Factor Malaysia 2said, “My dream has always been to own and design a Malaysian heritage clothing line and to make it recognised worldwide. Throughout my travel to the various states, I learnt much more about local heritage and fashion. By exploring shops specialising in traditional attire such as Jonker Street in Melaka and Rembau Crystal in Negeri Sembilan for accessories I felt inspired.  Being out in the sun moving from one interesting place to another did not stop me. Furthermore, as an actress, my skin tone is very important as I have look confident in front of the screen at all time. The new Fair & Lovely Advanced Multi Vitamin with SPF15 Fairness Cream not only allowed me to chase my dreams but also boosted my confidence in wanting to be a fashion designer in future.”

ImpianSuria Fair & Lovely campaign is to help give women the opportunity of achieving the confidence they need to be under the sun to accomplish their dreams. Being a bubbly and happy go lucky character, Daiyan Trisha, an up and coming singer-song writer, actress and social media influencer has always wanted to perform in front of big crowd but her fears held her back. The inspiration for her music also comes from travelling, however she used to feel that her skin was dull from being under the sun until she joined the ImpianSuria Fair & Lovely.

“I began my career by uploading my singing videos in YouTube and slowly, my videos went viral. Although I love to sing and to perform, I don’t have the confidence to sing spontaneously in front of the public. Joining ImpianSuria Fair & Lovely and travelling with both Erin and Shazreen, has allowed me to learn and step out from my comfort zone and boost my confidence. Now, I can perform anywhere and anytime,” said the excited Daiyan Trisha.

As for Shazreen Fazlynda who dreams of becoming a film director, “I normally use current issues as the topic for my YouTube videos. In order to achieve my dreams, I have to meet different people to know about their life stories and find inspiration from them. Knowing both Erin and Daiyan during the travel is a great treasure for me as they thought me how to be confident in approaching people and to step out of from the shadows. Before this, I never knew the importance of taking care of my skin  and by travelling for ImpianSuria Fair & Lovely, Erin shared on the method to apply Fair & Lovely Advanced Multi Vitamin with SPF15 Fairness Cream. As a person wearing Hijab, I do not need to worry about uneven skin tone anymore by using Fair & Lovely Advanced Multi Vitamin with SPF15 Fairness Cream.”

“Since 1993, we have been committed to transforming and inspiring the lives of women through beauty. Fair & Lovely’s brand promise is to enable all women to carve out their own destiny by empowering them with inner strength and confidence that comes from feeling good about their visible, clear fairness. By applying Fair & Lovely Advanced Multi Vitamin with SPF15, women can have the assurance of sun-protected fairness even under the hot sun,” said Ashlee Ng, Personal Care Director of Unilever Malaysia.

Fair & Lovely is a heritage brand trusted by generations of women in Malaysia. It has continuously sustained its leading position in the whitening face moisturiser segment. Fair & Lovely's brand-essence of ‘Re-scripting Destiny’ has played a decisive role in its noteworthy presence in over 30 countries. Today, 250 million consumers across the globe strongly connect with Fair & Lovely as a brand that stands for the belief that 'beauty that empowers a woman to change her destiny'. 

Fair & Lovely Advanced Multi Vitamin with SPF15 Face Cream now comes in a pump tube that is designed for easier use. It retails at RM10.90 (50g) and is now available in available in all major retailers, pharmacy, hypermarkets and provision shops nationwide. For further information on Fair & Lovely products, you can log on to .