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Hokkaido Island - Noboriretsu Hot Spring Experience

Everytime I brought so much Japanese Yen also no point, I ended up bringing it back home. I usually pay by credit cards, using Rambo's card all the time as I forgot to bring mine accidentally. Haha...that's why I always asked Rambo not to change JY anymore but he insisted to change all the time as he knew I'm gonna shop till I drop. I think it's kinda waste this time I never really get to 'shopping sakan' like my last Honshu Island trip. I missed that honeymoon holiday, it's really one of the best holiday I had in my life. I kept all this Japanese Yen from my last Japan trip+Rambo's winning money from his company projects as champion. 

But now, no more 'Sun Ye'(great stuffs) easy cash money like this anymore as the Chinese in China 'bolot' almost everything from them. Rambo and his Muar partner, representing Malaysia used to win most of the projects ran by the company but nowadays, the Japanese was kinda charmed by their talents and beauty. China just wana win everything, but in the end they're also the ones who bring back good result of reaping the highest profits for the company. It's good for them too as the higher the profits, the higher the bonus money would be.  

Jigokudani, the Hell Valley of volcanic hot steam rises from the rock surface full of strong sulphur smell. Really beh tahan when I was there, I need to spray lots of Cellfood water on my face and nose to breathe easily. But this is so-called natural volcano that's still active in Hokkaido Island. The valley is a diameter of 450 meters, it's like a bursting crater that's waiting to explode.

The Japanese loved playing stamping like the picture above, at every tourist attraction and destination that they have travelled. It's like a memory souvenir for them and it's free. So Rambo got a stamp here just for the fun of it, playing along as a tourist in Japan.

In Japan, I always looking forward to try their yummy food and drinks through their advanced vending machine. This is my 1st Peach Tea which I've tried and I loved it to the max. Not too sweet, full of Peach Juice flavour and the tea taste was excellent. I think it cost me about RM3.50, I never really calculate and remember much details about it. As long it taste good, it's totally worth it!

The 1st resort hotel I was staying is called Noboriretsu Resort, which was situated just nearby down the road only from the volcano mountain I've visited in the afternoon. A typical Japanese style room but it's clean and tidy for one night stay here.  

I quickly changed to Yukata prepared by the resort hotel after a hot spring bath in my room, getting myself clean and tidy for a Buffet Dinner. The Japanese are very strange people you know, sometimes I don't understand them and I can't stand them also. As you can see, our buffet dinner starts at 7pm so we usually came early at 6.45pm to the restaurant, but then they asked us to wait 'Jun Jun'(exactly) 7pm only they would let us go inside. It's their culture everywhere we go, from one place to another. Rambo have tried so hard to explain this to me but I just can't stand them for being too strict on their rules. 

That's why I always salute Rambo, a person who can work with the strict Japanese people for so many years because he's such a discipline loyal staff, a good follower and a good leader as well. Somewhere, somehow I've tried to absorb his positive attitude to blend into my life, or else I will not have persevere my career till today. It's through his patience and perseverance that have moulded me into someone who's persistent and consistent in delivering good results of my business till today. We complement each other I would say, a strong support from a good husband is worth so much more than anything in the world.  

Lucky we can sit here to wait for 15 minutes, and that's when this Japanese lady asked me if I'm a Chinese from China. I told her No, I'm from Malaysia in basic Japanese. The rest I let Rambo to answer on my behalf when she asked me more in Japanese language. I've given my Japanese learning back to my 'sensei' (teacher in Japanese). Haha...old liao, brain berkarat a bit.   

This Japanese restaurant is not only huge enough to accommodate groups of tourists from around the world for dining here, it's nicely decorated with Japanese authentic crafts and stuffs too. They also served complete authentic Japanese food that's yummy. I ate so much till perut buncit, non-stop eating and still craving for more. 

Now I'm already drooling over the food when I'm typing this as my memory still reminiscing those yummy moments. I think I've taken about 20 prawns tempura itself, I took those freshly-fried from the wok and quickly munching it every now and then. I really eat till I can't move that night, even the yummy Miso soup I lost count how many bowls I've taken inside my tummy.  

Rambo took almost everything for me to try, this Sukiyaki Pot is something new to everyone with all the tour members asking us what's the name of the dish. Guess what, this is actually a Mongolian Lamb Pot that the Japanese tried serving for their guests. Haha...well, if the food is good and famous from other parts of the world, the Japanese would never 'Jap Shue'(losing end) to miss this famous dish. Many of them wana try it so I let them try it since sharing is loving and caring. We had so much fun laughing and chatting the night away with new friends. 

This is the time I get to experience the authentic Japanese-style hot spring spa for good health, beauty and wellness, after my 2 hours of enough eating and laughing. I was so full but at the same time, I was excited to go for my total rest and relaxation here after a tiring day touring around the area. All of us have been briefed about the strict rules and regulations enjoying the hot spring bath here in Japan. In Japan, you need to stay totally naked dipping inside the pool with clean skin+hair from top to toe. It's advisable to take a clean bath 1st before you join the others for the revitalizing bath. 

This traditional hot springs bath in exclusive resort hotel also clearly stated that if you have any tattoo in your body, you're not welcome to enter it at all. It's very strict in Japan, unlike any other countries that I've visited like Thailand, Malaysia, China, Taiwan etc. they really don't mind you're having tattoo ka, blisters ka, birth mark ka etc. No swimming wear even a G-string can be allowed here, you need to be totally naked from top to toe. Lucky I brought along the small towel to cover my both, most intimate area and I was able to cover both surprisingly. 

Haha...when no one is looking, I quickly ran to the Jacuzzi pool and start to relax my tired body, mind and soul to good rest. This hot spring water comes naturally from the nearby volcano mountain, that's why the smell of sulphur can be quite strong so I only dipped about 20 minutes and took a quick bath there with Japanese strangers. In my 38 years of living in Malaysia, this is the 1st time ever I've experienced a naked bath in public for sure.

Although this is not my 1st time enjoying hot spring bath in Japan, I've tried it the last time I was in Osaka but somewhere, somehow I'm not used to all the total naked-style. Even if I'm wearing a Bikini at swimming pool I can be shy, what to say I barely wears anything with other total strangers. family and friends also told me yea, not for them too. But then when you travel to Japan, you really need to go all out for it as you're gonna enjoy it to the max. After the hot spring spa and hot bath using their premium toiletries there, I went back to my room and slept blissfully that night. I felt totally rejuvenated and revitalised with 8 hours sleep that night and I woke up real easily the next morning.

I believe everyday living in this kinda relaxing environment and lovely ambience everywhere in Japan, I'm gonna live longer and healthier too. Sapporo is so beautiful in spring season, fully blossomed with Sakura flower everywhere and it's so kawaii pink-themed in every parts of Hokkaido Island. A great place to boost your battery energy level here, a week of holiday here is sufficient enough to inspire you to get motivated in life. Life is good and smooth, after this memorable Japan trip I wish to visit Japan again soon. I think it's worthwhile to spend my money here since I really enjoyed almost everything here in Japan. That's life, c'est lavie!       

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