Thursday, July 3, 2014

Kinohimitsu J'pan Collagen Nite Drink Review

Thank you Kinohimitsu for this Collagen Nite one month supply for me to review.  Kinohimitsu Collagen Nite
drink is mainly focus for insomnia beauty lovers who have difficulty in having deep sleep. At the same time,
the drink was meant to pamper you by giving you the beauty therapy during the repair process at night time.
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For this point of benefits, I cannot guarantee you this benefit as I have no trouble sleeping at night. I sleeps
like a Koala Bear, even with Rambo watching World Cup at night from 12-3, 4-6 am also I won't get disturbed
at all. Like I always said, when it's time to sleep, I sleeps blissfully for 8 hours deep sleep with no toilet break.

The 1st time I tried this Collagen Nite, I'm not very used to the taste of it as I only love indulging in yummy food.
But for the sake of this important review, I took the 2nd bottle of it to the 6th bottle everyday and slowly, I kinda
like the Peach taste in it already. After 6 days then I take it 2 days one bottle every night before I sleeps at 12mn.

From what I've learnt from the Japanese beauty experts, liquid form is the fastest way to see any good result of
a product esp. in food. This liquid beauty drink does give me an obvious result of having hydrated skin as I've
dull, dehydrated skin for quite some time due to my body system that failed to retain water intake in my body.
Last Monday after 2 weeks of consuming Kinohimitsu, Evelyn from a mag asked me
if I have started a new skincare range or drink any new collagen drink as she said
my skin looks smooth and moisturised now, asking me to reveal the brand name.
I told her I believe it's the result of taking Kinohimitsu Collagen Nite that helps to moisturise my skin 
effectively and maintain healthy skin from within. We talked about collagen and benefits related to it 
before we leave.A box of one month supply cost RM159, you can grab it for RM139 now at Midvalley. 

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