Wednesday, July 30, 2014

COLLISTAR Brightening Bust and Decollete Firming Gel

Last July, I have informed SaSa Company Jessie to give me another 2 more weeks to complete the one month review of this Collistar Brightening Bust and Decollete Firming Gel. I told her honestly if I'm a Cup A, I can feel and see the obvious result already but I'm a Cup C with more fats and flesh,  I need more time to really see and feel the significant difference, and she totally understand what I meant by that. 

Haha...after taking my bath everyday, I would apply this fast-absorbing gel on both of my bosom buddies in a gentle round in anti-clock wise, only about 2 to 3 rounds of it to make sure the gel was fully absorbed. I'm very lazy to massage it and sometimes, I even forgot to apply it after my bath esp.during rushing time to events either day or night time. Thank God it's not sticky, it's in gel texture so it's not messy at all where I can wear my clothes after applying the gel swiftly in a rush.

After a month of using it, I would say that my bosom buddies are firm up naturally. I actually wanted my twin towers to be at 90 degrees position, lifted up more firmer and fuller so I need to keep on using it till the last drop of it. Anyhow, Collistar brand is always my favourite brand for bodycare range esp.the cellulite buster the love of my life of all time with its divine scent. This Bust Gel smells good too so somewhere, somehow it's pampering enough to lift up my mood to beautify my assets everyday. 

The last time I went for my Ecospa Paradise at Gardens last week, the Makcik said to me, "Long time no see you, now more pretty and sexy" because I was wearing a V-cut dress that really revealing the sexy Cup C bosom buddies of me obviously, not intentionally. I felt so Paiseh(shy), started to blush bashfully about it but then at the same time, I know it's the effect of using this Collistar Bust Gel that actually brighten up my decollete area to healthy radiant bust tone, besides the obvious firming result that's for sure. 

Once again, I would say that Collistar really lift up to its brand promise, its name to be the best beauty care range in Italy which I have trusted and loved for many years. This new Bust Gel works wonderfully for me as I need not use much of my time to reshape it, I only need to smoothen it all over and I can wear my dress already without feeling uneasy about it. As long it firms up my coming to sag (due to aging and gravity force) bosom buddies, I'm grateful enough to keep on using it to the finish line. Last but not least, kindly do not attack my precious bosom buddies with any cyst or cancer buddies, I'm very thankful for everything already.

In my opinion, I prefer to maintain my Cup C bust beauty by applying this effective Bust Gel responsibly everyday and wearing fitting, comfortable lingerie to keep me looking sexy and pretty in my 30's. I prefer not to do any cosmetic surgery or add on any additional silicon for bust enhancement or doing any firming treatment at beauty spa like I used to before it's too late to save the sagging breasts. Collistar Bust and Firming Gel is sold exclusively at RM179 in SaSa outlets. For more information, you can check out SaSa Malaysia at 

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