Monday, July 28, 2014

Discover The Wonders Of Soy

How much can you fit into a glass? Proteins, fibres, calcium, vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, cholesterol-loweringand cell-protecting antioxidants? With the new F&N NutriSoy Soya Milk with Calcium, Malaysians can enjoy the delicious concoction packed with even more goodness. 

Maintaining the authentic taste of soya milk, the F&N NutriSoy drink is now fortified with nine times more calcium against general soya milk1. The beverage is enriched with Vitamin D to aid the absorption of calcium, thus boosting bone health. Soya protein also helps build tissue and promote its growth.

“Soya milk is so much more than just another cold drink to wash down our meals or a tasty beverage to sip as we chat with friends at the cafés. Each glass of soya milk we consume can be the foundation to our health,” says Jenny Wong, Head of Regional Brand Development (Beverages). “The improved F&N NutriSoy Soya Milk with Calcium is concocted with this aim in mind – to fill a glass with wholesome taste, nutritional calcium and Vitamin D, and other nutrients that provides the energy for us to be empowered to do the amazing,” she adds.

Beyond just the taste factor, F&N NutriSoy Soya Milk does not contain lactose, which is found in cow’s milk that does not sit well with a majority of the world. In fact, 90 percent of Asians are lactose intolerant2. Soya milk, in contrast, is lactose-free. It is no surprise, then, that even the Food and Drug Association of the United States has recommended 25g of soya protein in our daily meals to reduce cholesterol and also the risk of heart diseases. “It is a wonder how a small soyabean can pack so much goodness within. These ‘magic beans’, an important source of nutrients since a millennium ago, have indeed come a long way,” saysWong. 

Asia was the origin of the soya bean where it was first cultivated as early as 11 B.C. in China, followed by Japan, India and Southeast Asia in the 7th century. These small beans eventually found its way to Europe and took root by the 18th century, but it wasn’t until the 20th century that the Americans began to discover and prize the healthful properties that soya bean offers.

“It is thanks to the cultivation and research efforts of our forefathers that we are able to reap the benefits of such a nutritious crop today.To fully extract the goodness of the soya beans, our F&N NutriSoy Soya Milk with Calcium is made with whole and non-genetically modified beans in a proprietary manufacturing technique. This allows us to reproduce the freshness and authentic taste of home made soya bean drink,” explains Wong.

According to her, F&N’s dedication to improve the wellbeing of Malaysians drives the brand to pour great efforts into developing a soya beverage that will enable its consumers to lead happy, healthier lives. “The new and improved F&N NutriSoy Soya Milk with Calcium is a product of our efforts. The drink has no cholesterol and lactose and is lower in sugar, making it an excellent choice for those who want to ensure a healthier lifestyle for themselves and their loved ones,” says Wong.

In summary, F&N NutriSoy Soya Milk with Calcium is packed with nine key benefits for you and your family. It has nine times more calcium compared to regular soya milk1, contains Vitamin D to support calcium absorption, helps to reduce cholesterol, is low in fat, a good source of protein that gives you most of the essential amino acids your body needs, a lactose free food, made from non GMO (genetically modified) soy beans, has no added preservatives, colourings and flavourings, is less sweet with 25% lower sugar content compared to regular soya bean milk.

With the convenient packaging of the F&N NutriSoy Soya Milkwith Calcium, Malaysianscanalso enjoy the refreshing beverage anytime of the day. Pour yourself a glass of F&N NutriSoy Soya Milk with Calcium today, now available at all major stores nationwide. For more information, you can visit F&N NutriSoy Facebook page at

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