Tuesday, July 15, 2014

The Colours Of Life

Rambo laugh out loud seeing Lynette brought her Sports Day Medal from home to Sg Long just to show it to me during dinner one Saturday. Haha...I respond her well by asking what kinda games she triumphed that medal from and she read the Chinese words for me as I told her most of my Chinese learning have given back to my 'Lao Shi'(teacher). Rambo also said, all the Charmers speak and chat with me at the same time, he really had no idea who I listen to. I told him, I listen to all 3 of them and sometimes, I told them to speak slowly and one by one would be better for me. 

Kids are so pure and they're naturally a bunch of happy souls when they truly living without comparing including siblings rivalry. Just like last June, I have presented Ying Shan a necklace set of Best Friends Forever, another half necklace that completes the set I gave to LeAnne. Obviously, the both of them are very happy to get the special necklace set that gravitates together when they stay close enough with each other just not Lynette. Shan told me Lynette was so jealous saying both of them are not best friends and I told her, "Don't say like that to her, I'll talk to her nicely."

I tried hugging her and explained to her lovingly, "Best friends not necessary need to be limited to friends only. It can be sisters and cousins, husband and wife like Rambo Uncle and I, your mommy+Popo+I, and even 4 of us can be best friends forever too. The necklace set is more suitable for their age at 11 and 12, both of them have remained as best friends for many years already and they're really close to each other. It's not suitable for you, you'll get a lovely Swarovski Crystal Necklace in your coming birthday and if you want it, Dai Yiyi will bring it to you by next week." She listens eagerly and finally agreed to have the early birthday gift sooner than ever, as she's feeling really sour about it. 

My mom, her Popo also saw I've tried my best to convince her in a gentle way, I totally understand her feelings about it. She always felt left out as the both of them have things she doesn't have and sometimes, something different from them but she wanted the same. One Saturday, she saw LeAnne her sister wrote in the diary about the purple dress I gave her, Shan got a Pink dress she quickly came to ask me about it. I explained to her nicely, they have the height to wear the short dress now and I would buy her a new dress instead. After hearing that from me, she's totally fine with it. 

They're growing up now, they need the utmost attention from us to guide and nurture them well I told my sis Defney when she told me last Saturday it's so difficult to deal with kids nowadays. In fact, almost all moms told me they're really struggling to deal with them everyday due to the social world of today. It's full of greed, anger and ignorance, now adding arrogance an additional bad values in human's life of today. That's why it's important to cultivate Buddhism good values into our daily lives I told Sis Toto one Sunday dinner. If you have a strong positive foundation in your character, your mind will not get influence or polluted that easily. 

That Sunday morning after Rambo have attended the special 'Fong Sang' ritual occasion at the peaceful Mines Lake, he brought back 2 most valuable gifts of Infinite Life Sutra and Buddhism Book by my favourite Venerable Master Chin Kung. It's through wisdom that you cultivate from this books can change you for good and it's worth much more than any Hermes Handbag Rambo can buy for me. I always asked him from time to time, what makes him happy and he told me it's the ability to do good deeds to help others in any kinds of help. Bingo! To me, it's the most ultimate and accurate answer I have expected from him in life. 

Rambo asked me to keep him posted about the contents of the meaningful Buddhism Sutra as he's looking forward to read it in my blog. I told him I have started to read it, I love it very much but I can't share everything from it because every page means a lot to me and deeper into its meaning. He needs to read it as well, it's for his better understanding. When Kim thanked me for sharing my Buddhism Blog, having to saved her new marriage and saying that I'm her saviour besides Buddha, I told her I dare not wear such a big hat for my small head. It's such a coincidence that she's fortunate enough to have cultivated so much good deeds for herself along the years, she chance upon this blog of mine about relationship and saved her marriage after all. Anyway, I told her I'm very happy for her that she have solved the problem and able to live truly happy now. 

That's what really matters to me, to be able to help when she's in need and a shoulder to cry on if she ever needs me. As time goes by, we need to stay calm and learn to stay mature esp. with age catching up everyday, we're not supposed to move backwards by staying bitchy and still think you're doing the right thing just because you have a group of people supporting you behind. You're only creating more bad karmas for yourself, going from wrong to worst case scenarios and you can never repent or erase your wrongdoings just because you think you don't care. In my next blog, I would touch more about Buddhism values and a story I've watched from The Dream Makers by Mediacorp Artistes on chasing your dreams with grace and glory. Stay tuned!    

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