Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Hokkaido Island - Para Para Sakura In Spring Season

One of the many clean and serene lakes in Japan that we managed to catch many nice pictures here. It's
nice to have the best morning walk here in Japan with soothing and relaxing atmosphere of Spring season.

Just to rest and relax along the way to Mount Usu after having a hot Latte from the nearby vending machine.
The water is so clean here, tempting me so much wanting to swim here but I know it's not possible with the cold.

Sakura flowers are fully blossomed everywhere here in Hokkaido. May is the month where the cherry flowers
are fully mature enough to blossom in its promising way after the Winter season. Still cold here even with this
thick Topshop Winter Jacket+scarf I'm wearing to protect myself from the cold chill here. That's why you can
still see the snow is holding strong, enveloping the high peak mountains stubbornly like a parasite...Haha!

But it's so beautiful here with many different kinds of Sakura breed all around Japan.
Everyone are so excited to take many pictures all around this volcano area that's
still active. Most of the locals have moved far, far away from here many years ago.  

From the Onuma-Konuma-Quasi National Park volcano mountain that's still smoking actively, we've reached
to this nearby tourist destination for a lunch stopover and introduction to the famous 'Ma You'(Horse Oil).
Everyone thought 'Ma You' is the sesame oil used for cooking so they excitedly asked to try it, but then it
turned out to be Horse Oil for skincare, bodycare and haircare that cost about RM120. Most of them bought
it and speaking of beauty, women in their 20-60's really wana be pretty and they bought the lifting device
that cost RM580 immediately after the tour guide showed it to them. But I just wana buy this Lavender Pillow
for my beauty sleep and total wellness, and I'm gonna wait till the end of the trip only I would 'Lap Fo' shopping.

This delicious, yummylicious Scallop BBQ was one of the best lunch I've ever had in Japan. Really 'Yau Jan,
Mou Tan', only full of praises and compliments but not a word of complaint at all for Japanese food here. The
fresh and juicy seafood really tempted me to finish all the food, plus the rice and noodles too. Oishii desu ne!

After the yummy lunch, our next journey stops here for testing and trying out the local Japanese snacks or
seaweed produced by this factory. We also watched a documentary show about the seaweed history story
and the benefits of taking it. This Hokkaido Japan trip is all about relaxing, enjoying food and sightseeing. 

Not forgetting about the learning spirit all along the way, I really enjoyed this kinda trip. Not hectic/tiring for
me but for aunties in their 60-70's Yes. After a short walk, they usually can't walk much anymore. That's why I
always say, they're not suitable to travel around China as you need unlimited energy to walk a lot and climb
up the hills, mountain and even the many steps of stair to heavenly beauty of China. Haha...don't play play!

In Tokyo, during the March month Sakura flowers from the many kinds of it are already fully blossomed all
around the city. In Hokkaido where the snowy season is longer, you'll only get to see it in May, Spring season. 

This garden was featured in the Japanese documentary show and such a coincidence I saw it that night, I
told Rambo about it. When I reached Hokkaido Island the 1st day, I remember about the lovely scenery in
Jiuzhaigou during Spring holiday with many kinds of cherry blossoms along the snowy hills of Emei Shan.

One of my tour member here told me she's fascinated on the spectacular beauty here, but she's more hooked
with the Jiuzhaigou beautiful scenery. I understand what she meant by that but I told her never to compare
any country's beauty with China as Jiuzhaigou has been called the Fairyland liao and if you asked 10 people
all the 10 also will tell you how wonderful it is. From Europe to Korea, the tour guides already plead to us
"Please don't compare us with China, we have travelled to China we know how beautiful it is. TQ." Haha!
I would say Japan has its own distinctive beauty as they would take the initiative to plant about a thousand
Sakura trees in their garden, city and national park even near the still active volcano mountains. Everywhere
is clean, tidy that I fancy much about Japan. In China, it's naturally fantastic in its indescribable beauty but
the road up there is so dangerous I dare not go again, unless go by a local flight I may consider going again.
Like I told my family+friends, it's a matter of life and death going through that journey which never seems to
complete as when they've completed the road nicely, the earthquake strikes again and again along the years.

This is one of my most unforgettable yummy soda grape drink that I enjoyed taking along my Japan
memorable trip. It's about RM4, so nice that I begin to start taking this drink almost everyday after that.

Reached to the peak of Hakodate for the Million Dollar Night view. I'm usually the 1st one to go for the cable
rope way up the high mountain as I can still walk fast, unless sometimes I need to wait for Rambo who's now
a fatty bom-bom I called him. Haha...I told him liao he needs to train back to his old healthy form like before, or
else he can't travel much with me anymore as he's very slow now and need too much rest to catch his breath.

Fantastic view ever, watching it with my own 2 eyes now only I know why people from Thailand, HK and
tourists around the world would purposely travel here for this highly-acclaimed Million Dollar Night view.
Should have plan for a romantic candle light dinner up here at the restaurant, just like what I did in Hong
Kong at 'The Peak, San Deng' watching the sensational HK night view and fine dining the steak+Red Wine.
Lovely experience ever, so romantic and really enjoying the luxury life in HK (expensive too), that's life!

On the way down, I managed to catch some quick shots here just for my album keeping. I wana reach hotel asap
for dinner and so on the way back, I was the 1st one again on the queue line.Haha...satisfying Day 2 in Japan! 

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