Thursday, September 11, 2014

Australia Melbourne - Philip Island Tour

Early on that Day 3, I stopped by the main train station for a quick lunch and shopping, just nearby the hotel.

Strolling slowly all along the street after having a big breakfast at the hotel, I stopped by this nice church for
few pictures and I can hear the soothing music from inside, all at once calming my overall senses to perfection.

I bought the special Tic Tac Grape Envy for my dear Charmers and this Cocktail Mix
that tasted yummy lot for the trip to Philip Island. The pleasure to enjoy food with my
family is a must-do things to be fulfilled,esp.with the 14 of us in the comfortable coach.

This Caramel chocolate is very sweet but it's very yummy as well. If you happen to travel to Australia, be sure
to get this for after dinner treats. Not expensive at all, I bought 3 free 1 packet at AUD 10 if not mistaken and
I can see everyone enjoyed this milk chocolates very much when they finished the whole packet that day. 

Two hours stop at Maru Koala & Animal Park, just donate AUD2 for the wildlife
funds we can have a pack of animal food to feed the kangaroos, horse at the farm. 

All of us donated the money since it's not much, it's the fund to save those injured animal, saved from abuse.

Bonding time with my dear Lynette, watching and feeding the animals living in this farm.

Such a breathtaking view all along the 2 hours journey to Philip Island.

From afar, you can catch those spectacular views all along the Philip Island wonderful journey.
Fantastic view ever, it took my breath away and it's worth to sit that 2 hours journey for this beautiful
journey with my family.

Phenomenal atmosphere that managed to sweep me away with its natural beauty here in Philip Island. I went
Wollogong New South Wales before with this kinda captivating beauty+enjoying the fresh yummy seafood
with Jos and Aunty Maureen. It reminded me about the sad, tragic story where 7 Malaysians were killed by
the strong current sea just like this picture many years ago. That's why I don't like to swim in deep blue sea,
unless if we go for a snorkelling trip fully-protected with a safety jacket then it's fine for me.

Sensational beauty that managed to capture my heart and soul to its natural beauty, but I'll never trust the
sea that easily swallowed you in its strong splashes water, no matter how good a swimmer you claim to be.
I was tempted to walk down for a perfect picture here, but then this story reminded me so much to stay extra
careful and I'm not young anymore to climb up the high mountain easily. Haha...stay cool, calm enjoying the
wonderful nature from here is better!
All along the journey, you can see the wild wallabies, kangaroos and squirrels running around freely all
around. Awesome, I managed to catch this shot when they came out standing like playing hide and seek.

So cute that tempted me so much I wana buy it for myself, but then I promised
myself not to buy any soft toys liao as my home have no space for me to put liao.

The many kinds of Penguin species and its cute little stories, it's all about Penguins Kingdom here!

Penguins Of The World, so glad to be here to learn so much about Penguins. It's the nature I love to see and hear
about them. Now I know why Catherine kept asking me to visit this Penguin Parade to see it with my own eyes.

Ying Shan told me recently once she's independent enough to earn money, she wana go travel and see the
world like me. I totally support her idea on that as every time I came back from my holiday, she tend to ask me
did I visit Pisa, the leaning tower in Italy that I replied her "Of course, must visit Pisa if you travel to Italy!" 

The cute furry Penguin bags for kids somewhere, somehow managed to attract my
full attention for many pictures here. 

Quality and expensive too, but it's really worth it if you really like the designs with superb quality for presents/
gifts, esp. for your own kids. My dear Charmers have it already and they're very occupied with their ipad now. 

LeAnne also added that she wanted to travel and to be able to shop till drop like me after Ying Shan said that.
Haha...they're really growing up fast just like the Shinkansen Bullet Train in Tokyo, I really hope the time
can past by more slowly than ever so I can spend more time with them. 

Travel the world, you'll get to see the world and learn so much more in the fastest
time ever. Even Lynette rushing me to see the Father Penguin that's just return
to its nest bringing food for his wife and baby when I was busy reading all this
informative knowledge about Penguins.

They're so cute, such a happy family and it was an awe-inspiring moments for all of us watching that lovely
moments from a very close sight. The Penguins remembered where they stayed, although they have short legs
but they can still walked real fast rushing back home sweet home to be with their wives and babies, some are not
sure they stopped and think, then changed their routes to the other way, and some wives came out from their
nests calling their husbands with adorable sounds. So cute and you gotta witness it yourself to see this cutie pie. 

My family really enjoyed this Penguin Parade tour very much and I have no regrets at all choosing this trip
of my lifetime as my 1st choice itinery here because I knew my Charmers are going to enjoy watching the
cute Penguins just like I did. I told Carrie I can't showed her the cute Penguin pictures because they don't
allow us to take pictures here(although some stubbornly did) as it would frighten them and affect their eye
sight badly. If you plan to visit Melbourne, this is the place I would fully recommend you to explore for sure.

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