Sunday, September 14, 2014

Barbara Barry Tea Appreciation Event

I was invited to Barbara Barry Tea Appreciation Event by Gardens Club that night. It's all about tea, art and
decors that kinda related to the nature of my business in furnitures and my daily tea enjoyment so I came. 

They really served us exquisite drinks and yummylicious food at the event, that tempted me to look for the
same caterer in the event in future I'm looking for a good food caterer. From fresh scallops to grilled prawns,
the food was gloriously delightful and appetizing lot. Bravo to Barbara Barry Event, it's a success after all!

Lim TW, the Singaporean Executive Director who shared his thoughts on Gryphon Tea history story. He's
handsome, charming and an expert in tea sharing moments with us, I'm glad I made it that night to attend
this lovely event with Gardens Club. I've learnt so much more about tea making, tea pairing with food and
get to taste many new flavours of excellent tea by Gryphon Tea. Check it out at
Copa Cabana is a tangy blend of juicy tropical fruits that tasted fruity kinda tea.
It's not my favourite, but Rambo loves this the most among the 4 types of tea
appreciation that we get to try that night. 

Azteca D'oro Tea tasted like chocolate taste with lingering hints of mint and vanilla,
many of them liked this tea taste very much, because it's something new in trend.   
Mogambo Tea is a romantic blend of sweet red apple and passion fruit that
managed to captivate my heart and soul of fruit tea that I enjoyed most
among the 4 types of tea. It tasted sweet, sour with fruity, juicy tea taste.

Tomatino tasted like a light tomato soup it claimed to be, in fact it tasted really like
the tomato tea. Haha...although I love to take tomatoes all the time in raw or grilled
to perfection in my meals, but this Tomatino Tea is really not my cup of tea at all. 

This Pearl Of Orient is my favourite where it was blended by their master blenders,
this Jasmine Tea is accentuated with rose oil to produce an exquisite sensual aroma
of floral bouquet. Rambo came back and asked me about it, I told him I love it so
much I've actually enjoyed 2 pots of the tea and planning to buy it as soon as I can.
It's excellent to pair this tea with fish and white meat, serve without milk. Ichiban!

Another excellent tea that managed to soothe my throat, all at once refreshing my
overall senses to heaven is Gryphon Ginger Lemon Mint Tea. Rambo asked me
about this delicious tea that I have kept for him and he wanted to get it asap liao. 

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