Friday, September 12, 2014

Authoritative Autumn 2014

The right way to wear a Yukata or Kimono is left side wrapped over the right side I explained to the Garnier White pretty ladies when they tried wearing it for me for the Pink Radiance Event because I told them, if you wear it on the reversed side with right over left it's meant to dressing a body for a funeral. One of the Chinese girl understood what I meant by that she quickly replied, "Choi". Haha...Chinese is very 'pantang'(abstinence) with all this kinda traditional rules, so obviously they're quick to adapt to my teaching yesterday and make sure the others wear it the right way too after that. 

In Sapporo Day 2, I was wearing this Yukata and rushed for this yummylicious dinner I met my tour members at the lift, all were waiting for the same lift. One of the young ladies in her 20's loved this Pink Yukata so much and although she was a shy lady, she told me I look very lovely in this Pink Yukata. I replied her, "Arigato, it's not mine it's the hotel's Yukata" and at the same time I welcome her to join me wearing it together. She was so surprised that I can changed my Yukata in the shortest time given to us about 10 minutes to prepare ourselves enjoying this exquisite Japanese dinner at the hotel. I took a quick bath and changed it as soon as I can.

Haha...I told her I'm very used to the Japanese culture already esp. I have learnt all this knowledge from the expert during my honeymoon holiday in Honshu Island a few years back, they have taught us the correct way of wearing a Yukata traditionally. That's why I love going on tour everytime I plan for my travel as the valuable lessons learnt from different countries meant so much more than anything else in the world. Rambo really enjoys travelling with me now esp. to Japan, as he always told me travelling for a holiday is totally different from his business trips that's so full of beyond commitment esp.for the Japanese market.    

Even that day in our 'Best Buddies Forever' group chat, KH told me it's better to meditate for deep thoughts where we can travel and see the world without really travelling there where I understood what he meant by that in our Buddhism practise. The others may not understand what he meant by that except Rambo, PA, KH and I who are into Buddhism learning and the others like KW (prefer to stay in China for a better career), TW and BT may not agreed with him as they're also the frequent flyers like me and we always have many travelling topics to share about whenever we bumped into each other.

I replied in the chat saying that it's important to meditate for a total relaxation on your body, mind and soul for a good life, besides awakening yourself to improve your positive thoughts, but travelling is equally important too. Travelling not only let you see more beautiful, wonderful things that are happening in around the world, you'll get to learn so much more too so you won't stay stagnant at your position like a 'Katak Dibawah Tempurung', I explained to all of them. SA quickly replied, "Ok, let's go travel. Go go Go!" and PA replied, "Yea, don't keep all the money in the bank." Then they asked where should we go for travel, should we go Japan, shall we go in December and so on.

I used to save money in the bank only and after spending RM40, 000 in my Europe trip holidays I kinda calculate those money that I've spend, but Rambo told me it's totally worth it. Money come and go, it won't grow if you put in the bank also. It may grow at 3%+ for a FD interest rate, but it's really not much compared to the experiences that we've gained, exploring together which is kinda true and meaningful. He taught me to learn how to earn it and you need to spend it as well. Money will come rolling back to us eventually, but I still need to control his ways of spending his money as I know he works really hard for it. 

Spending money is very easy, but to earn it back is never easy. But I always believe in Rambo's teaching to me 'Zhung Gua Dak Gua, Zhung Guo Dak Guo' (You plant veges you'll get veges, You plant fruits You'll get fruits) that has proven to be so true and accurate for him. Whatever hardwork and efforts he have put his heart and soul into, eventually he can see the big rewards for all the efforts that he have made. He's not afraid to work hard for it and he has the right attitude all along the way. One thing for sure, he's happier now as he knows how to enjoy his life more and as time goes by, age is catching up it's time to relax enjoying the fruits he has put so much efforts to plant with tender loving care all these years. 

He always told me that his goal is to live happy with his only good wife, to give me the best of everything. "Haha...Good, Ganbatte" is my only reply to him and deep in my heart I prayed hard each day, as long he's back home sweet home safely everyday after work I'm very happy already. Everyday when he's back for dinner together, we have so much to talk about our daily activities, our business related projects and our jokes of the day. We go swimming together nowadays, I just wana accompany him to slim and trim his fatty Bom Bom body to his old time record to 65 kgs for his own good health, only then I can have a total peace of mind in enjoying my life.

My mom was surprised that I can be so health conscious buying the Cellular Functional Water at a few thousand dollars but I told her it's totally worth it for our good health in the long run, where both she and my sis Defney finally agreed with me after I have explained to them the importance of taking clean, healthy water for our daily lives. Sometimes, we cannot calculate too much esp. in this kinda things where we cannot buy health at any price, but if a few thousand dollars can secure you a good health for many years to come without any illness come visiting you, by all means spend it and relax a bit on the dollar sign. Money will come in knocking our doors eventually, as long we're willing to work hard and smart enough for it, dig it non-stop but at the right, honest and correct ways without harming the others. That's life, c'est la vie!  

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