Saturday, September 20, 2014

Awesome Autumn 2014

Last Friday no matter how lazy or busy I can be, I still attend the Aeon MIE Japanese Food Fair for a short while as I have another Garnier Pink Radiance event to attend with Rane later in the evening. It's nearby all along the way from One Utama, so I thought sure why not. And it's great to meet Amy that afternoon esp. seeing her pregnant 9 months for a baby girl (I asked because I know she has a son liao), where I told her "Can close shop liao after this!" Haha...she totally agreed with me as having 2 kids to complete her happy family is good enough already esp. with the current lifestyle to living happily and comfortably in Malaysia. 

I also asked which hospital with the latest medical fees as to keep myself updated with the current medical fees from luxury hospital like Gleneagles. Such a coincidence, Rambo has just completed his company medical checkup at the same hospital too. We talked much about the financial matters, the current standard of living in Malaysia and the Japanese Ninja history story while watching the satisfactory Ninja performance by the Ninja warriors from Japan. Then, I came across this Bayer Fair in eyes medical treatment which I decided to go for the latest check by the eye experts, by the way. 

The eyes specialist knew I didn't wear spectacle/contact lens, she went and test my eyesight by showing me those small, little letters and numbers from the last paragraph like ants like that, the board was far from my seat and somemore I need to close one eye to answer her instantly. I've did many eye test before in clinic but not so far away like this time. But I answered her anyway and did my very best. After testing it on both of my eyes, she told me I have a very good eyesight and smiled at me. Then, I start to ask her about the treatment where she shared with me their latest, advanced technology of an injection treatment for eyes illness that can cost a few thousand dollars that required not only one time injection would be able to solve the problem immediately. 

But they need to inject it for a few times injection till they're fully recovered, progressively and from time to time need to do follow-up treatments too. Usually it happen to the old ones in their 50's, no wonder my mom nowadays asked me to help her put on the thread inside the needle hole as she cannot see very clearly. All the time, she told me she have a very good eyesight, same goes for Rambo. Now even Rambo at his age of 40 years old, told me recently he cannot see those far away things very clearly. Sis Toto also always asked me the meaning or words on her mobile phone as she told me after 40's, her eyesight has turned out so poorly that she can't see far away things, too near or too small things also. She needs to wear her spectacle to be able to read and see things more clearly, she mentioned to me. 

I totally understand their feelings about it as that day during the Melvita event, my friend Grace can't see those words and sentence also she asked me about it. I spelled it out for her so she can remembers it as well when she told me, she cannot see far things clearly any more like before. She knew I have all the answers for the quiz but asked why I didn't go for it which I told her I wana give them all the chance to win those prizes as I have enough good products at home to use, all waiting in line for me to enjoy pampering myself with it. Haha...I'm truly living up my days now trying and exploring new beauty products offered to me complimentary. Honestly, I'm very grateful and thankful for the great opportunities. Thank you Amituofo!

Everyday when I read my emails, my eyes would lighten up brightly like the deer's eyes, so gentle yet so naturally beautiful bright. They usually offered me the new, latest products for reviews esp. anti-aging products for my age at this stage of life. Haha...must admit old liao, as the wrinkles tend to form every one corner of the eyes to deeper laughing lines. Seeing it around on my face, I really hope I can rub it away like an eraser as easy as ABC. But the reality is not as easy as Do Re Mi like in the fantasy world of fairytale stories. You really need to make such a great effort in applying it with gentle care, tender loving spirit and time to reveal the good result after using the products religiously in a period of time. is beautiful when we're grateful.      

Just like last Saturday, I was so lazy but I really make the great effort to meet my long lost friend who is now a Datuk W. Lim. When I meet her that hot day, she told me she was looking for me but didn't see me until I called her that day. I told her I've promised her that I'll come and support her, I would do my very best to make it. We hugged each other tightly and happily, we have made many attempts to meet up for lunch but never seems to happen because we're both very busy with own business agendas. She introduced me to her partner, another director of Lampe Berger Company and asked me if I preferred the Red or White Wine, I told her no need to entertain me but to get prepared for her official speech and ceremony later. I enjoyed the Red Wine while watching the Polo match at Bukit Kiara Equestrian Park and took pictures with those horses around before I left the place to meet my dear Charmers for dinner. 

Rambo asked me many questions about my friend who's a Lim, a friend that is another Piscean star who seems to click really well with me as we're both kinda same happy go lucky species, once we start to talk, we just clicked naturally. He kept wondering why I would make such a great effort to support a friend and I told him I really treasure my friend very much just like how she treated me so nicely. The next day, Rambo then understand the reason why I did my very best to support her graciously because she personally wazzapp me, thanking me sincerely. I replied her "Always welcome my dear friend." Such a humble Datuk friend you have there Rambo said and asked me if she did many charity works. I quickly replied him, "Yea, she did. Sometimes, I even saw her on newspaper for her goodwill in charities, contributing it back to society. 'Dai Hui Fatt Tat'(Fits her to be a wealthy person), I'm very happy for her as a friend." 

To be continue my Awesome Autumn in the next 2 weeks in Oct as I'm gonna fly to Hongkong+China for my Autumn holiday. C ya, Happy Autumn Season 2014!

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