Monday, September 8, 2014

ETUDE HOUSE Juicy Cocktail Manicure

The 1st layer of the ETUDE House Juicy Cocktail manicure that looks absolutely
gorgeous on its own. The moment I finished painting it on my nails, I fell in love
with the natural colour that looks healthy and pretty as well. 

The 2nd layer colour with shimmer and sparkling gold dust that looks even more
captivating on my nails. And I like that it's quality enough it stick on my nails
without feeling uneasy or troublesome on my nails. It's as easy as ABC, Do Re Mi!

The 3rd layer crystallite coating that's shining and shimmering like little crystals
on nails. Quite heavy for the nails, so it's better to apply only at the tip of nails.
To maintain the crystal shines stay longer on nails, it's advisable to add the top
coat to protect it for a week long. I love this awesome manicure set so much that
now I'm kinda hooked to paint my nails to look glittering and glimmering every
weekend with my collection of Green, Pink, Gold and Orange like ~Starry Night~

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