Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Life Manifesto 2

I celebrate Hari Raya this year in 2014 at my beloved homeland due to the busy schedules of the existing projects rolling progressively in line. Supposed to follow my mom 'Balik Kampung to Johor' for the Raya holiday, but last minute 'tak jadi pulak' as I still have many unresolved matters to complete and I want it to be settled asap, or else I cannot focus on my oncoming projects that are rolling on my way. I'm that kinda person, 'Cho Emm Lok, Fen Emm On' (Can't sit still and sleep peacefully) if my things are still pending and incomplete. Used to it already since young, can't help it. Although I know how to advise my dear Lynette not to pressure herself too much at the age of 7 years old, but for myself it's my own character that never dies and will never change that I wanted my work to be done asap by a certain due date.

That's why it's good also I went for the Dermalogica latest V-Lift Facial Treatment during Raya holiday after a brief shopping in KLCC, just to clear all the media invitation before the expiry date and since I'm only free on that day. Rachel, my beauty therapist this time told me it's the most expensive treatment here that cost RM480, I enjoyed it so much as she managed to relax my body, mind and soul to perfection that afternoon with her magical touch on firm massages for my body and gave an obvious lifting result for my skin. She really 'Yung Sem, Yung Lik' (use her heart and strength) in doing a good job as a professional beauty therapist for Dermalogica company. Bravo Rachel, keep up the good work!

Rachel asked me about my Orange Kebaya that suits my body perfectly on how much, where I bought it or custom made? I told her I bought it long time ago but totally forgot where I bought it and how much. I know it's about a few hundred dollars because it's full of manik, crystals and the lace is very nice with comfortable fabric type. I always wana wear it but forgot about it, until that day I was looking for a Kebaya only then I took it out and wear it for the 1st time. It's fitting my body size as I usually buy the S, small size, if it's still too big I would alter it based on my body size but I'm usually very lazy to go for any alteration, I explained to her when she asked me how can it be so fitting for me. I try not to buy those clothes that need any alteration unless those I can cut and sew it myself. 

Recently, Rambo told me Wendy have been asking for my blog updates as she can't see me on Facebook (private settings) and have been waiting to read my blogs every now and then. Haha...even sometimes Rambo came back asking me, "Busy ka my wife, didn't hear from you today?""Yea, I replied him telling him to wait for me at the living room and leave me alone in my study room as I need to complete my things before I can have dinner with him. "Yes, 'Si Tau Po'(lady boss)", he answered and patiently waiting for me in the dining area. Haha...nowadays, he always sweet talk me calling me lady boss because I always give him all the good perks, including by giving him all the freedom to concentrate in his passion works of his career that gave him the satisfying results now. 

Well, as long he's happy I'm feeling happier indeed. Just like the photos at my home now, I asked him to put our holiday pictures together with my happy family picture on the wall, he go and put all my old pictures 'pulak'. I told him this is our home sweet home, meant to reminisce our sweet moments together, not 'Jacinta Studio' as I told him I'm not a vain person like him 'bo paiseh' one. But then he said, "To me, my home is my wife's palace and everything should be focus on her only". Haha...I see also 'paiseh liao' but then at the same time, I knew he meant well and really loving me to death. I redeemed the Spotlight vouchers by getting him the photo frames for our family pictures also he went to grace the 2 photo frames with my old photos and left only one with our old picture together.

I dare not buy any new photo frame liao as I'm afraid he will put more of my pictures on the wall like a private studio, instead of our home. Yesterday Merdeka holiday, he also called me "Good morning my princess, wake up already. I make you Latte Coffee, how nice right if everyday I don't have to go to work". Haha...Yea, it's a wonderful feeling having him around me all the time as I was so stressed from the jam at One Utama that Sunday afternoon, he cools me down by singing Hokkien song about a small umbrella story during the rainfalls near the One Utama lake garden. Haha...I was laughing out loud hearing him singing to me, all at once destress those moody negative vibes away from me. Life is beautiful when I'm grateful to have a good hubby like him to brighten up my days, pleasing me all the time.  

Before I jump into Sexy September 2014, last month in August Rambo's best buddy PA have proposed to our 'Best Buddies' group chat asking Rambo and others to join him to buy a land cost RM6 millions in KL to build a few buildings for our future retirement plan. I asked Rambo about it but he declined to join the plan although we only have to invest about a few hundred thousand dollars into buying the land 1st with guaranteed loans, and we have a contractor friend with 24 years experience to help building it in this few years planning. I'm totally fine with the idea if he's keen to join his good buddies for a better future plan, rather than before he wanted to buy me the BMW Z4 cost RM400,000, which I totally rejected his plan immediately last year in 2013. I know he loves me very much, but I would never encourage him to simply spend his hard-earned money for nothing concrete, that brings him no good return or profits. 

To Rambo, I would look so cool in driving that sporty car of my life but to me, in today's reality world I only wana achieve a total peace of mind. That's what really matters to me now. It's not that I don't know how to enjoy my life, I still do and will enjoy my life but in a more accepting ways like setting myself free by paying all the repayments to banks, no worries and no more burdens only I would say I'm enjoying my life to the maximum level. Even now that I've paid every instalments also, I always reminding myself not to greed on more things or new properties to 'fan' myself for nothing. I can't stay in so many houses, like I told Rambo as every time we visit my mom every Saturday he showed me those houses on sale. My mom even gave me a key card for security purpose to enter the Sungai Long gated and guarded area also I was so lazy to keep it as to me, it's another huge responsibility for me liao. A big Bungalow in Johor also so many years I didn't go back to stay and check on it. 

My friend CT also told me last week it's very tiring after you get rich with one lump sum of money in hand, you need to look for a new property to invest. Only when she went to a temple for praying then she realised and got awaken by Buddhism teaching that never taught her to be greedy in life. Living 'Ping Ping Tam Tam' (simple living) kinda 'Sang Wut' (lifestyle) with enough money to eat, sleep is good enough and for me, enough to travel and see the world to get inspired in life is considered very blissful already. As long I'm healthy and happy, I'm truly living up the life I wanted already. It would reach to a certain point of time I told Rambo, if he really wanted all this materialistic kinda happiness at the age of 50 where he can't travel much with limited energy level, then by all means he's free to splurge his money for the lavish things he's aiming for esp. for his man alter ego. Haha...he laugh out loud about it and totally agreed with me. That's life, c'est lavie!    

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