Monday, September 8, 2014

It's A Wonderful World

Almost every month we would celebrate ~Happy Birthday~ gatherings with my family, be it for the young ones to the old ones as it's like a common routine for our family tradition already to celebrate everyone's birthday in the past 40 years even before I was born. And everytime when they sang birthday song for the birthday girl, you'll see those pictures I usually laughed out loud and can't stop laughing till 'perut kecut', mainly because my bro-inlaw sang the birthday song 'Zau Sai Yem'(out of tune). It's not that I'm demanding in music from them but it's really out of tune till I can't stop laughing about it. I taught them the right way to sing it perfectly but then he replied me, "Hai Gem Seong Ha" (It's almost the same) which is not the same. Haha...Rambo also make us laugh with his English calling all of us to smell, instead of smile on the pictures. Both of them are really the jokers of our family, make us all laugh till rolling on the floor just like how 'Sunday Doggie' reacted when he's playing with us. 

That's why every Saturday, my mom's place is 'riuh and heboh' (loud and happening), full of unstoppable laughters and chats from all of us. And before my younger sisters went to Australia (2013) and Macau(2014) to work for a better pay, my mom's place have no place to sit as the 6 daughters already occupied the sofa and left the guys to sit on the floor with cushion or at the dining area only. The 4 daughters have husbands and future-husband who followed their wives back home for Saturday dinner without failed. And sometimes whatever subjects we talked about also, be it business-related, TVB Series etc. the men always very 'kepoh' to join in our conversation too. Only sometimes if the subjects are related to the women secrets and sensitive issues, my mom and sis Defney would called me (3 sekawan) up to her room for secret discussion. Even my dear Charmers also sometimes asked me to come up to Shan's room for our '4 BFFs' secret discussion too. Haha...they're so cute and kinda followed the adult's habit pulak now. 

In my 1st week of September 2014, my week was full of completing the Autumn Project with a big sigh of relief, then I can attend the 'FENDI' private event in conjunction of the 'Pavilion 60 Years Made In Italy' exhibition that was held 1st time in Asia. Actually nowadays, I'm kinda busy and lazy a bit to attend the events esp. for night time events as it's so jam everywhere it's kinda stress me out easily. But that Wednesday, I have Rambo to accompany me for lunch, driving me around from pm to night events only then I go all out for it, as long I don't have to be stuck in the jam alone. 1st stop of the Made In Italy exhibition of course I would visit the Versace for sure, the love of my life fashion brand I've always admired in clothings, handbags and accessories for many years already. I was greeted by this handsome young guy called CW, who shared with me the Gold handbag that I fell in love at the very 1st sight was made by real snake skin, cost RM8000+ and welcome me to hold it for pictures, besides telling me the lovely dress on display worn by Fan Bing Bing, the goddess of beauty from China. 

I totally fell in love with the Versace Golden Handbag and wanted to buy it too, but I quickly handed it back to him telling him that I'm not the kinda bag lover who would get anything that involved animal killing esp. I don't really fancy snakes. I've seen many documentary shows and have read many articles including one on how Gucci company have killed those snakes for its luxury brand products. Like I told my family and friends, given to me free also I won't use it or keep it. But I told CW that I don't mind if it's a fabric type as long it's the same design that got me tempted with the same dashing Gold finishing, so he showed me the way to Versace boutique that's on the left hand side. Rambo kept showing me those Pink, Leopard furry ones that may attract me to buy but I rejected all of it as the Pink one I see I knew it's heavy liao although I love the Versace buckle so much. I left with a heavy heart but I promised myself I'll get one that I like most very soon from Versace CW, as he's a good salesperson whom I wana support fully.   

After attending the Fendi event with many pictures taken, plus indulging some exquisite Champagne and delectable desserts, I humbly told them I gotta leave early for the next event at Gardens already, to beat the jam stress. They are very nice to let me go freely after presented me some Fendi cute goodies - the Furry You and Wild Jess thumb drives. I remembered last time Fendi gave the mini Baguette handbag thumb drive that's so cute, I wanted it so desperately because I always love Fendi Baguette, the signature of classy Fendi handbags. Rambo also loved it and wanted to keep one for himself. Haha...I left for the next event titled Barbara Barry Tea Appreciation night that served good food, excellent tea tasting and elegant inspiration for me to decor my place after that night. Lim TW handed me his business card during the tea appreciation workshop and asked me, "Do you drink tea Jacinta?" "Of course, tea everyday keeps the fats and toxins away", I replied him excitedly. 

And when he asked me what kinda tea that I'm taking everyday, I quickly replied, "Green Tea and Misai Kucing Tea" that got him puzzled right away. Haha...Lim TW is a Singaporean Executive Director who doesn't understand malay what 'Misai Kucing Tea' was all about. I told him it's actually the Cat's Whiskers Tea that can helps lower cholesterol level which he also knew the facts and benefits of taking it. He told me he's taking Green Tea too, as it's not a surprise everyone should know that Green Tea is one of the best tea source for anti-aging benefits, anti-cancer and a good boost of hydration like water as well. I would share more about the new tea brand that have just cross into my life that night in my blog. I even told Rambo it's ironic I have just met two directors called LIMs who handed me their business cards that day, and having my Rambo Lim to accompany me the whole day for the events.'s a wonderful world, full of great surprises and satisfaction for me, now and forever!

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