Thursday, April 16, 2015

Melodramatic Love - Part 2

Only now Rambo is getting more handy to know inside out of me to make me happy, complement and complete me of our heart-shaped puzzle called 'Love'. He's doing his best to fulfilling my goals and glory everyday after submerging himself devotedly with loyalty and sincerity for me throughout this 20+ years together. We still strive to understand each other more each day as love needs lots of unlimited sacrifices, devotion and dedication to cultivate it loving each other. Love is naturally dramatic, sentimental and can be inspiring as well besides the impact influential actions that involved in our daily lives because if you've set a good example for others to learn from your meaningful love stories, people can try to change their own life stories or destiny through your experiences as well.

We definitely learn from each other, in fact we should learn from others so we need not go through 'Yin Wong Lou'(wrong tunnels/routes) along the bumpy relationship anyway. Everytime I see my family and friend who go through happy or hardship journey of their lives, I would compliment or uplifted them all the way till they're back to fine tune their melody love back again. They need to hear that from you personally even if they know they're compatible enough to be a couple or not. God will reward you the same happiness if you're generous to shower others giving others compliments+praises and uplifting others generously with liberality, without asking any of it. What goes around comes around anyway. 

Rambo maybe dominant in his Tiger character, but he knew who I am after all these years been trying to cope with my stronger Fire Dragon character. When I said No means No, there's no saying of maybe there's a shade of grey areas that can be tolerated in my definite statement. Like I always told him, "Don't you dare" means he better not doing it like buying the RM40,000 big Diamond Ring for my birthday because if he did it, he knew the bad consequences he's gonna face from this Fire Dragon who'll blow unstoppable fire at him eventhough I know that he meant well loving me so much. I'll return the Diamond Ring immediately and get back the cash money instantly to my bank account I told him that and he knew I would act on it when I said so. 

He knew I won't give a damn to anyone also if my fire do flare up like this although I'm not a temperamental lady. I just wanted to live a simple life and be happy always. I believe what I did everyday was meant to be right entirely and good for both of us, so he better not step on my Fire Dragon tail at all. Haha...He always explained to me the English-educated type of person like me will tend to express my way of living very straight-forwardly like the cow which can be mistaken wrongly sometimes, so he will guide me from time to time to speak more smoothly rather than to 'Wang Bang Bang'(shoot blindly) like a laser. How you react and speak to others showed, portrayed very much of a good or bad personality deep down inside of you, which I agreed with him totally.

That's why many people like Rambo, the Mr. Congeniality instantly the minute they met him because he's kind and well-mannered guy just like my dear LeAnne who's a Miss Congeniality I named her in our family. When he tried to guide me, I did my best to listen and learn from him earnestly as I know Buddhism only taught us to live morally and righteously all the time besides purifying our thoughts and mind to be purely mindful, I need not convince the other sinners who cannot accept the truth in life. It's their loss anyway so I need not bother much about it but to concentrate and focus more in cultivating good deeds for myself and loved ones. In fact, those who are grateful and thankful to others who taught and guided them well will receive much more good fortunes to live happily ever after Count that as blessings liao if you need not go through sickness, accidents etc. on a daily basis. 

Last March, we had a Lawyer friend who passed away at the age of 32 where Sis Toto said it was such a waste for the Chinese in Malaysia having to lose one 'Lin Ching Yau Wai' upcoming good and prominent youth for our country. True, I added that he's only starting to enjoy his life only which I did in my 30's. I told Rambo when I started my own business at the age of 30, I'm gonna enjoy life from now on as I've worked so hard all my life, I just wana live the life the way I wanted it to be. There's no turning back but only looking forward to revolutionize my life significantly now with a good partner like Rambo to 'Fu Ngo Yat Ba'(uplifted+guided me as my noble one) then I can go through my life easier and smoother. Make sure you find a good partner to walk the bumpy journey with you too because that's called life, we need good noble people to show us the right path straight to success. 

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