Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Nothing But The Truth

Don't judge a book by its cover! Yesterday during lunch, I asked GG to join us on the same table as during the caricature drawing, he was sitting besides me we managed to crack a short conversation and he came back to ask me if the caricature cartoon looked like him or not. I replied him, "Cute, but you look more handsome in real life" and we both laughed out loud. The other writers and Astro MD of a dept. asked me which reporter is he from? I quickly informed them that he's not a reporter my dear friends, he's the CEO of another sister company of the same company we're attending today. He gave a good CEO speech in the last event and he's the son of the Datuk, owner of this company. 

Then the beauty writer shouted to me, "Omg, I said the wrong thing just now when he asked if the food was good or not. Lucky you tell me now, if not we'll say the wrong thing all over again. Haha...even the MD kept asking me "Who's the Datuk, show me". I showed her when he passed by as this is the 1st time she attended their event so far. We had a great time talking about GST, beauty economy, the latest technology of beauty and Malaysia's future based on today's reality world. Everyone started to respect GG more when they knew who he is now and in fact, everyone should learn how to respect people from all walks of life because at the end of the day, people respect you because you showed great manners to practise in our daily lives. 

It's a basic necessity to learn how to respect the others even the kids to the elderly as well. Just like I always reminding Rambo to stay humble and given him the best example case like Mr. EG's good example of a great leader who is aging in his 70's but he's a healthy man alive who knows how to respect us wonderfully. Not only he will walk to my car from his office to invite me for lunch or drinks personally, he also waived goodbye to us till we're out from his huge factory in Penang like the respectful Japanese. I really salute this old uncle, respect him so much till I was lost for words to fully describe it comprehensively, as I'm feeling it magnificently from deep down inside of me for sure. 

He have raised a good son and a daughter who made great effort in repaying their respect to us where I usually said there's no need to entertain me when I go to Penang for a visit. But after so many times of sincere invitations from them, sometimes I accept it with great humility. And I encouraged Rambo to keep on supporting in giving those few million dollars business to them since they're ethical enough to deliver a good job all the time with no immoral issues. People like them deserve to receive good fortunes in life for decades, to continue their great family legacy in Malaysia and supporting the Chinese as well. That's how we should grow and roll successfully to help the nation to live gloriously in our homeland we called good home.

Just like the last Badminton game match chat we had last 2 weeks, my sister Defney told me that Saturday morning she just had a dispute with my Uncle 5 who 'Sem'(question) her why she's rooting for Malaysia Team instead of the China Team he's rooting for all the time, and kept on shooting her reminding her that her original ancestors came from China don't forget that. Haha...I laughed out loud and told her to forgive and forget what he said to her as she should know that my uncles are very stubborn people and they came from different generation type of people from us, so obviously they're more 'Pin Kik'(biased and stubborn like a Bull) to support the China team, the one and only team they always love to support most of the time.  

So sometimes during Badminton Match between Malaysia and China, my sis usually agreed and stayed 'Satu Malaysia' team with me as we used to play Badminton together all the time. She also used to like my status when I support the Malaysia Team as we always think that we're born as Malaysians, naturally we would support our country Malaysia 1st. She told my Uncle 5 the same thing, we're called Malaysians lah. We can be stubborn at times when we have our own strong opinion and thoughts in our generation with the older generation. But I believe it applies to the basic understanding even when it involved Japan where part of my income comes from, I still support my country 1st be it for Badminton sport or the economy field. That's life! 

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