Wednesday, April 1, 2015

My Wishful, Wisdom Thoughts

"Amituofo, Tq God that I'm still alive today and lively to enjoy my life beautifully with all my loved ones. Tq for all the wonderful birthday wishes that make me so touching and cavorting at the same time. My dear Charmers have grown up to be teenagers today, time really flies like an arrow that hits the bull's eye. This year's birthday is gonna be my last year in my 30's so I'm gonna savor it to the max before joining my good friends in their 40's. Tq Guan Yin for everything!" (My FB status on my birthday)

The reason why I was feeling so 'Gam Chuk' deep down inside of me because my best buddy PA has shared the latest funeral news of a 'Lin Ching Yau Wai' young lawyer at the age of 32 who had just passed away. Sigh, everyone got sad as the generation is getting shorter life-span nowadays due to the more intense daily roles and responsibilities, more depression due to own bad attitude in life, more disheartening end results due to over pressuring ourselves, immoral social world, government failure and unnecessary competition that's happening everyday in our lives.

A young Chinese lawyer who is supposed to start enjoying life and 'Gung Hin' contribute it back to society has left to another world too soon, too fast. Just like my good friend LL who had sold his Insurance business last January 2015 after having a very slow business development, before he bought this company I already advised him to think not just twice but thrice carefully and now he regretted it. Anyhow, I also encouraged him to stay strong, never look back but to strive and thrive harder these days doing his own business since he's still young at 40. Take it as a lesson learnt well, 'Ganbatte' the hardest he can to start anew again. It's not the end of the world yet because he's still healthy and alive to 'Zan Zok Zi Gei'(stay strong for himself), only then 'The Secret' laws of attraction would be able to receive your magic spell.

1st thing to do now when you're facing this kinda situation is never give up your life, list down all the specific plans and start to action on it. He asked me to give him some advises and guidance to work on his new SME business where I replied him "Sure, let's meet one day!" I rather he starts now than to go on working hard like a bull for so many years gaining millions of dollars for insurance company, in the end what did he get? Zero actually, what is RM6k really means and can brings to him with all the great efforts he has poured in for the company, he needs to bear and thrive an increasing 15% additional target every year for the company. It's like a never ending story just like the merry-go-round ride that never stops. How long more can he goes on Ganbatte for the company since he already 'patah hati' long time ago. 

And I reminded him once and for all this time, never go greedy like before that got him stuck in this scenario at the very 1st place. 1st of all, you're not in the competition with anyone and you need not prove to anyone who you can be in this world. Live life to the fullest doing something you're good at, be happy at all times and stay grateful+thankful that life is still a long way to go. I may have travelled more than half way past the 30's coming to my 40's liao, quite a long milestones away already but I'm still young at heart and can be very old in intellectual level as I love to mix with the oldies and successful people. They're full of wisdom thinking, full of vibrant happenings that I can learn so much from them. Every word they said, I remember it and kept it like a witty recorder in my eidetic memory.  

My stepdad has been inviting me to a wisdom learning class under this master who trained all the successful people from Malaysia for 2 years liao but I was busy, no time to really joining them yet. Among these people who are tycoons, Billionaires, a prominent lawyer+judge and a big shopping mall in KL owner, sometimes after hearing their stories, I found out that they can be successful but they're very selfish people which my stepdad agreed with my statement. The master has charged them RM1000 per class for 30 classes, in a total of RM30,000 which I said 'Sap Sap Shui' for them, but when Master Sifu asked them to do a favor for them or give some perks for everyone, they're very stingy and never wana share anything with them. That's called the humankind, they're very self-absorbed, selfish and many of them are just standing around us anyway.       

In fact, everyday we meet this kinda selfish people who said others been so greedy yet they're doing the same to others because they also never share good things with the others as well. They only grabbed what they can, attending it with greediness and selfishness with own happiness only, but they didn't know that this kinda happiness will only happening short-lived moment only. People will not know who you are eventually, not respecting you as you think you should be and should keep a far away distance from you instantly. In this world, we're living inter-dependently among the others, we should helped one another and share good things with each other. Life is fair I believe, what goes around comes around.

You reap what you sow anyway, just like Rambo used to teach me 'Zhung Gua Dak Gua, Zhung Guo Dak Guo'(You plant veges you'll get veges, you plant fruits you'll get fruits). If you want a good and smooth life, plant your good deeds diligently with tender loving care, much sincerity and right integrity. I believe if these tycoons willing to share good things with their master and the others, they would receive much more good blessings besides by just giving to charity for publicity, because when you're helping the other fortunate ones to reap good fortunes, then there are much more prosperity can be gained easily for them to help more people as well. To me, they maybe rich in money but they're not rich in life just yet. That's life, C'est la vie!  

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