Thursday, April 2, 2015

My Spring Bling 2015

In my diary of life of today in March 2015, I'm grateful to live everyday with happiness and greatness having to meet good people all along my daily busy life. After having a great lunch and meaningful chats about today's beauty technology, GST and business story with media members at the Shook Starhill (has changed a lot, I prefer the old concept) that afternoon, I quickly rushed over for my next health Pharmaton event. Both Sam+Ast who happened to join me that day called me when I was leaving for my next event, "Jacinta, nice meeting you today and hope to see you again" and I replied them, "Yea, nice to meet you too. C ya again!" 

I prefer to have slow and steady schedules everyday, sometimes having 2 or 3 events at the same time on a same day esp. if it's related to my favourite health, beauty and wellness related subjects to my blog, I'll do my best to go all out for it. But obviously my own business always comes 1st, pleasure and passion only comes secondary. Recently, I'm really busy like a bee and I told Rambo, I just need a break for a holiday so let's just go Shanghai trip again. This travel agency keep promoting this 7 star hotel I've not been before and such a coincidence the tour date just clicked with my free time so I quickly booked for it from Matta Fair.

I have stayed at 6 star hotel at Taipei, Taiwan before and I understand the reasons why they claimed it to be 6 star-rated hotel with the complimentary porn movie, a swimming pool-sized-Jacuzzi+hot spring in my room and a great breakfast buffet to entertain us lovingly that night. The next day, my friend shared with me many great infos about this hotel stories that kinda tickled my laughing fever to the maximum level. Haha...she really makes me laugh a lot, a nice person who shared many useful infos with me about this special Taiwan trip. She has watched the Taiwan travel show that made her choose this tour agency that brought us all only to good food from Jay Chou fine cuisine dining to 6 star hotel stay and shopping galore all around the Taiwan Island. 

I'm supposed to travel to Japan because Rambo loves going Japan for holiday now but I postponed it for Summer or Autumn holiday. I only need to get away to any escapade that can give me a total rest and relaxation for this Spring holiday. Many PR called and wazzapp me for exclusive events but I humbly replied them I'm not around from 3-10th April for a long holiday which I need to get myself more inspired in life so I can 'Ganbatte' harder when I'm back from China. When I broke the news to my dear Charmers, LeAnne said it again, "Why, I don't want you to fly so often." and I need to persuade, convincing her soothingly "Just miss one Saturday only, I promised to buy you souvenirs ok", only then she's fine with it.

Haha...I'm in a very difficult situation when I'm stuck in between this love dilemma as I need not report to anyone but only to them. My dear Ying Shan just passed me a birthday card last Saturday because last Saturday she went for her school dancing project at Sekinchan, she asked me how is it, I like it or not? I replied her, "Simple but nicely done with colourful crystals bling bling. Tq, I really love it and I kissed her on her cheek. They're so loving+wonderful to me, makes my life so beautiful and meaningful that's for sure. My life is definitely complete having 3 of these lovely girls to colour and brighten up my life everyday. Not only they managed to capture my heart and soul to paradise but they're able to melt my heart and soul to perfection in life.

Rambo has been pestering me for years to fly business class or 1st class whenever we plan to go for a holiday as he wanted me to have a proper rest for long flight esp. in Europe or a good sleep during the long flight to Australia. But I stopped him all the time as my top priority is to be able to shop for more using that kinda extra money and I can sleep comfortably when the time to sleep has come. I know he meant well all the time, I know he really cares and loves me dearly but sometimes I think I don't really need it at all. I'm happy and fortunate enough as long our flight be it Malaysia Airlines etc. reach to its destination on time, safely only. 

That's my only wish to be, at this point of time. Kindly bless me with total safety and having a great trip all along this journey will do, Tq Amituofo! Bro Cheong has asked me which car should he buy with a new driver coming soon for him? I asked him buying using his own money or company's money? I suggested he get a new Mercedes Benz after knowing it's company expenses and he totally went all out looking for it. Everyday, I'm living happily and blissfully to achieve my golden dreams with astonishing aspiration from good people around me. We learn a lot from each other and uplift one another to do better as time goes by. That's life!

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