Thursday, April 23, 2015

You Are The Master Of Your Own Life

Buddha says "By your own efforts waken yourself, watch yourself and live joyfully. You are the master!" Just last Saturday I happen to share what Buddhism is all about with my mom because she was so blurred on the God, Amituofo or Guan Yin subject matter, nobody from the family really sharing this subject matter with her at all. I can't blame the other sisters but none of them really know in-depth on spiritual subjects like this, they're not expressive enough and they're only following us into praying+paying our respects to Boddhisatvas placing nicely at home. Even my stepdad said, "You explain all this basic to her no use one, she won't understand also", but still I tried to share with my mom about the basic understanding on Buddha history originated from India itself. I remembered Kel once asked me about this issue last time when she was keen to learn about Buddhism from me. 

I double confirmed her that the Buddhism comes originally from India because she thought it's from China. Haha...I reassured her that the Buddha got awaken and reached enlightenment under the Bodhi Tree and yea, he definitely came from India more than 2000 years ago. But Rambo told me, India has never keep a good track record of their Buddhism history unlike the Chinese in China who are competent enough in research findings. The Buddhism entered China via the Silk Road. I wanted to explore the 'Si Cau Zi Lou', the Silk Road Of China but it's a super duper hard journey for Rambo who may not able to travel it with me at this moment because he's still not fit enough carrying a heavy 75 kgs baggage inside of him. I hope to explore it with my family one day once everything comes into place perfectly at the right time. 

When Buddhism was spread to China along the journey, there are many kinds of Buddhism been formed like the Tibetan Buddhism or the Japanese Zen Buddhism where once my friend in Japan has invited me to study in Japan University for Buddhism study but I'm not interested for this kinda study. I only wana learn it through books reading, Buddhism sutras, learning from the experts and praying+meditating on my own, taking my own sweet time, anytime I wanted to. I don't need a degree or fellowship to ascertain my spiritual sincerity in my beliefs. Thanks a lot to this Chinese Xuan Zang Monk who took the great initiative to travel to India 1300 years ago where he found all the ancient transcripts and translated it to Chinese for all the Buddhist devotees into learning Buddhism from his years of research and expertise. It was featured in the Discovery Channel where Rambo has recorded for me to learn from it as well. 

That's why I always respect and salute the Chinese who have full, honest descriptions about everything been recorded from all over the world including the world war, the fall of Qing Dynasty due to Opium+excessive corruption by the over-greediness government and everything about the great history story of China since 5000 years ago. That's one of the reason why I love to travel to China also because everytime I travel there, I'm back to Malaysia like I've studied a PhD already which I need not fret about the pressure exams or thesis to worry about this kinda PhD, and I can share it with all my family and friends about it. And they loved to hear about it too, be it about the China tourism, Buddhism, business world and everything about China today. In fact, the Chinese tour guides are very skilful in their own ways, 'Hen Bang De Ren Cai' (the best of the best talents) where they have graduated from reputable universities+tour guide license before they can bring us all around China. 

Everytime I have any enquiries about China, even the pricing for the booking of a Dragon Boat at West Lake Suzhou also she can answered me easily, besides all the story sharing with us from all over the world in their daily duties. So far, I have the utmost respect for the Chinese who are really 'Sai Lik' (incredibly excellent) people because I learn a lot from them for sure. Never stereo-typing them as 'Ah Chan' or the bad people because everywhere in the world, there are good and bad people around. Even in Japan where the rich manners won our heart and soul to perfection also, there are still many crazy, weird people around where I cannot stand living with their over-restrictive rules or weird Japanese also. I know Rambo can because he's a good team player+team leader like the Japanese after years of working with them like a happy family.

Back to my original story above, after my mom understand a bit about the basic Buddhism teachings I shared with her that day, now only she knew why we celebrate Wesak Day, it is to commemorate Buddha's birth and enlightenment day. Anyhow, my mom said she's a free thinker because she's a simple-minded person who doesn't like to learn so many complicated things in life. At this age of 57, she only wana live happily ever after with no worries and welcome more money in her life only. Haha...I guess everyone is dreaming the same dream like her. In fact, I reminded my mom again that destiny can be changed just like the Liao Fan Four Lessons story where Liao Fan's destiny has changed for good and he taught us step-by step on how to cultivate good deeds so that we are able to purify our sins 1st before we can live simply happy and healthy life everyday in our lives. Fantastic book ever! 

Wendy asked Rambo if she can borrow the book from us after reading my blog, Rambo gave her both the Chinese and the English version to read because the Chinese is very 'Sem' (difficult) to study so the English one may helped as a guidance in the event she got lost in track with the original Chinese teachings. When things didn't go our way, we get frustrated and 'Yuen Tin, Yuen Dei'(blame the heaven, blame the earth) which is a waste of our precious time. You're born a chooser, the master of your own life on who and what you wana be, never let the others taking any control of your life. I was not spared for this kinda moment at times, but I fought hard to move on with my life. Sometimes, I try to remember what Rambo taught me all the time to learn to let go, open my big big heart and wash away the shit that has been thrown to us immediately as we're not supposed to tag it along with over-thinking it any longer but to action on a positive-charged to it instantly so we can change the end result we wanted speedily. 

Some people even dare to ask God/Guan Yin why they need to endure such bad happenings or get sick when they prayed to them devotedly everyday. But hello, if you pray to Guan Yin everyday to be compassionate to you, at the back you open your chicken back-side mouth backstabbing the others so that you can look better or superior than the others, then you're totally wrong about it. For good things to happen like a Karma that works what goes around, comes around, you need to practise good things before you preach it for others to follow it right. Just like sometimes Rambo told me he got scalded with hot water, knocking his leg on a chair or fell down 'Pok Kai', I said to him jokingly he must have said the wrong word or gossip badly about others and reminding him to control his speech and mind restrictively from now on. You want happiness and wellness in life, you need to start planting it nicely and beautify your garden heartily with sincerity, there's no short cut to achieve it really for sure.

Don't say you shouldn't 'Zau', cursing others to die, sick etc. but you need to control your emotions to calm zen feeling instantly when you get so mad that time. I'm not a saint myself, I can go scolding others like the last solidarity sharing on The Star with the stupid ones like "Stupid donkey, shut up!" also. After that, I cut off the sharing of our group instantly because I never wana waste my time talking with stupid, arrogant people like them. At this age of my maturity momento also, I only wana enjoy my life vivaciously with my family and friends which I did and I'm really glad I really live it up meaningfully everyday of my life sensationally. And I make sure I really 'Men Sem Mou Kuai'(ask my heart, guilt-free) after a short meditation then I'm back on track with my normal life again. Meditation is superbly powerful, somewhere somehow the brain and our body is connected interdependently, so if we're mentally strong, our body system would naturally having strong immune system to fight off any virus, bacteria, cancer or illness that's trying to destroy our healthy body. 

Before we can live happily, we need to take good care of our body, mind and soul healthily, only then we can afford to love and care for our loved ones splendidly. Just last Saturday, my dear LeAnne told me she got 1st in her class(one of the top) and I said, "That's great LeAnne, I'm very proud of you. Keep up the good work". She nodding her head and leaning manja on me, "Sure, will do!" Sometimes during our chatty moments, I always said that she's actually a brilliant girl but she's lazy only like Dai Yiyi. She admits it because she knew it herself very well, she's trying to reflect her life, habits on a daily basis and changed for good kinda girl. That's why I loved her so much, she really listened and learned well to my honest teachings to her. That's why we never argue, we uplifting each other with positive values and great message everytime we meet. Haha...I'm so glad to meet my dear Charmers nowadays, esp. seeing them growing up happily having cute, sparkling moments and sharing it with me joyfully. That's life, a contented life it is!


  1. Dear Jacinta, thanks for borrowing me the books... I am reading the Chinese version here ( if I lost in track as you said, I will refer to the English version )..... Really thank you and Rambo da ge had brought my this year birthday wish come true... It's really great to know you both in my life... May Amituofo blessing you both always 🙏🙏🙏 .... Love,Wendy

    1. Dear Wendy, enjoy reading it. You're most welcome. May Amituofo bless you always too. Luv, Jacinta! 