Thursday, April 23, 2015

The Noble Truth About Life

"I love you" seemed to be a simple phrase to express your inner, deeper feeling of loving someone but when you say it, do you really mean it? To me, I really mean it when I say it out loud and I would showed my utmost affection of saying it with sincerity through positive action. Rambo just told me he's now weighing about 73.5kgs by BioLife roadshow at IOI Mall last Tuesday when he purposely took half day leave to send me for the Watsons Pure Beauty Launch at the Cruise Tasik Putrajaya. Just like my dear Charmers who always High 5 with me, I did the same to Rambo because I was feeling ecstatically excited for him and said, "Good work there, keep up the great efforts. You have another 3.5 kgs to lose and you can stop at 70 kgs if you want to or better if you can trim down to 68 kgs which is your ideal weight." 

And he's feeling victoriously fulfilled with his improvement on this achievement, he's asking for an iP6 once he can reached 70kgs for this challenge of his lifetime. I know it's not easy to do it at all, esp with his stubborn 78kgs before for few years liao and he's getting near there now. Seeing him feeling so motivated about his love for the latest gadget and technology from around the world I told him, "Sure, I get you one once you succeed to achieve this ideal weight for your own good health." Deep down inside from the bottom of my heart, I'm feeling very blessed already if he's willing to work hard to lose weight for the sake of the peace of my mind. I told him many many times already, no use if you can earn so much money but you don't own the most ultimate wealth of all which is a good health of your body, mind and soul.

You don't stress yourself everyday to earn so much money but using that kinda money to buy medicine, admitted to hospital or spending unnecessary buying supplements like NuSkin products that cost RM5000 to achieve miraculous beauty for skin/body. Rambo has been asking me to give him the green light to get this healthy set for us in reversing our age to younger and healthier skin from deep within since 2014. So happened in the last Avon event, Evelyn and I shared about the NuSkin products when we talked about the new Avon Anti-aging skincare which can helped to reverse aging process for the 30's, 40's will be slowing down the aging process when I told her this year 2015 is gonna be my last year in my 30's. "Jacinta, you don't look like your age at all," a malay blogger told me when she knew about it and I only laugh out loud about it. 

But after she knew how old I am now, she's more into respecting me like an older sister to her because of the maturity milestones that I have travelled so far in my journey of life. The great moments only counts when you have walked and jumped over so many hurdles of obstacles through ups and downs yet you succeed to live happily everyday being a happy go lucky lady of today. Basically, it is all about life experiences that you have gone through over the many years to be able to share your success and life stories with others in proving that. Having to meet so many people in my life esp.the good ones who really appreciate me, treasure me and missing each other even when I was too busy to call them, they still make the time to FB me and calling me to join them for holidays from time to time or meeting up really making my life seemed so meaningful. Life is great for me, so far so good. And I really appreciate it, Tq Amituofo! 

I'm glad that I'm busy like a Queen Bee now that pays me well in my career based on my own capabilities, not forgetting with Rambo's help who's also my best perfect partner of all time. Like I told my sis and mom, I maybe earning 5 figure income as my own boss, I'm still living like a humble pie treating everyone the same status quo as I wana remind all of them to be humble all the time. One day my sis Tiger has gone over the board, she forgot to be humble about it, but she has changed for good now after I reminded her to be humble in life, reminding her God will only reward her in time to come and she did after she listened to me. I remembered this old time blogger who's a former lawyer+writes good blogs, she once compliments me on my blog writing but I humbly declined that as deep down in my heart, I knew I was a lazy blogger. She said I was the most modest person she had ever met because honestly, I dare not accept her compliments as I knew my own weaknesses and I'm doing my best to improve my weakness to become my strength everyday. 

In fact, almost everyday I have many offers that come in payments/gifts for me to accept but I didn't take it most of the time because I was too busy with my workload nowadays. It's not that I don't appreciate the payment or invitations to me, but I don't wana stress myself up for nothing. If I'm not able to do it, I handed the offers to others. Rambo told me his business partner also stopped flying overseas now and hoping to open a new branch to test the Malaysia market 1st before opening up more branches all over Malaysia, asking for his advise on the furniture items that can be developed here locally with the most effective cost. I let him do it on a consultancy basis by spending sometime for occasional meetings only nearby my place by not over-taking our family time and to balance the working vs. pleasure time of ours. Life is not all about making money, being popular but being happy will be the key word of a perfect happiness is. Don't forget to do more charities also I reminded Rambo all the time.

Everyday I'm so happy to be able to share what Cellfood is all about and the Ebene socks that I've been wearing all this time when they told me they had back pain, knee pain. That's why I'm so grateful liao if I can walk smoothly like an angel. Even walking with the high heels in China, the ladies have been asking me what's my secret and they even clapped for me. So weird I was thinking, then I knew it the next day when they shared their problems with me. When I was in Shanghai, China having a great holiday, my friend Grace wazzapp me a picture asking me is this the Ebene socks I told her about as she's planning to buy it now, and I quickly replied her, "Yes, Go AEON Wellness and check out the promotion." She thanked me so many times which I told her it's always my pleasure to help, really no big deal and as long she's healthy to lead her life normally then I'll be happy for her. In fact, every time those aunties, women in their 30's who shared with me their sufferings, I have very deep compassion towards their predicaments and I really hope my tips for health+wellness can helped them to ease their pain and sufferings. 

Everyday, I tend to meet women who told me they're experiencing hormonal imbalance changes in their 30's to 60's, which is another total annoying sufferings that's stopping us women to live life normally as usual. Just like Jamie who need to go through 3 months hormonal imbalance of stop-menstruation period, a serious case if she ignored the problem in the long run. But lucky she found a good Chinese medical practitioner to help her go through this women problem after having to take the Chinese medicine+treatments for 6 months. I'm happy to hear that she's well now when she updated me her health updates, besides pushing her to go for her 8 hours deep sleep everyday and taking the 'Cha Duo Fen' - tea polyphenol to rejuvenate her good health to perfection. This supplement I allowed Rambo to buy it in China as I wanted him to take it as well, and it's good for long term good health for all age group actually. I'm one of the beneficial one who is benefiting from the tremendous good result of it.

In Hangzhou, China during the tea visit at the famous tea plantation where some of the TVB TV Series filming site were spotted from this area, the doctor couple and Rambo+myself bought the tea polyphenol set of 6 bottles inside cost RMB1500 because we understand the real reasons why we should take this 'Cha Duo Fen' for our bodies against the free radicals, cancer buddies and for anti-aging purpose after we're willing to be brain-washed by their health expertise. One day, we still need to die when the time comes, but taking all this great supplements can help not to die in a suffering way, put it this way it's easier to digest it. I totally agreed with Rambo's advise on health and wellness tips, but I won't simply let him buy those RM5000 NuSkin products just to achieve youthful status like 'Chew Nga Zi' their ambassador for this brand, very popular now in Hongkong and China with their latest ads all over the countries. I told Rambo, she's a natural lovely and pretty actress since her younger years, so I'm not gonna be convinced easily by this to buy it besides the over-expensive price tag that comes along with it.

Besides taking the right supplements everyday and using good skincare from the best+latest technology in town like the new Swissline CellShock V Mask Set from Switzerland, we also need to have a balance lifestyle that fits to make us happy all the time. Besides having the stress-free life everyday by setting your priorities right on time, following the schedule you have set it perfectly on a daily basis and exercise regularly, you will achieve beautiful skin and wonderful life ahead of you fantastically. Not everything needs to involve money or revolves money to achieve great life ahead of you. Like I told Rambo, we can always visit the FRIM like his bro and sisters who invited us all the time to catch a good deep breath of oxygen from this beautiful nature of my homeland Malaysia. In fact, we should do it more often from now on since it's also free, without using any money to save for the GST. Haha...That's life, C'est la vie! 

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