Tuesday, April 14, 2015

OpenSnap - KAMPACHI Japanese Food Review

I was glad to be invited early April month for this OpenSnap/Kampachi Restaurant
for a food review here. Check out http://www.kampachi.com.my/ for more infos.

Presentable settings of Kampachi Japanese that's kinda tempting me already
to try out their specialty cuisines. Kampachi is established for many years since
its establishment based in Hotel Equatorial, where I used to go for good food. 
The Japanese signature gathering, they usually order beer, tea or Shochu,
their famous healthy liquor that's proven to boost up good health for years.

Glancing through its attractive menu has tempted me so much to try out their food.
It's been many years already my sis and bro have invited me to visit Kampachi with
them but I was never free to join them at all. I guess it's fated I got lucky this time! :)

At this moment in time, they have mushrooming to 5 branches all over Malaysia.
Check out https://www.facebook.com/KampachiOfficial for more promotions.

Smiley Green Tea RM24 per pot, it's refillable and one of the finest Genmaicha
from Japan that's meant for calming, relaxing effect after enjoying your meals. 

Kampachi Salad RM41, (for illustration purpose only). The right servings of it should be 
bigger based on the menu. I loved this salad very much esp with its sweet sour sauce.

Kanpachi Carpaccio RM176, this exquisite dish was meant to tease our buds to
perfection from the very beginning. Hmmm...it tasted better with Kampachi sauce.

Kampachi is well known to have created their own special soya sauce that's 
healthy to excite our appetite in enjoying the authentic Japanese cuisine here. 

Soft Kani Maki, deep fried soft shell crab sushi that's both appetizing and 
fulfilling enough after just taking two of this yummy, healthy dish.    

Unagi Shiso Tempura, deep fried Unagi wrapped with Perilla leaves for an 
added value ingredients of this fried servings. The sauce is another bliss too.

Sakura Ebi Kakiage & Kaisen Tororo, the set that says it all with its cherry shrimp
tempura, Soba noodle and assorted raw rice+meat+egg to complete a meal. 

Tori Nanban Chicken Chop that's delicious, crunchy and juicy enough to fulfill
my appetite that night. The special mayonnaise sauce is perfect too.  

Ninniku Meshi, Garlic Fried Rice that's usually my favourite dish to order when I 
visit Japanese restaurant so this bowl of rice actually brighten up my dinner finale.

This tempura palate is full of cherry shrimp that's yummy enough for fun bite.  
Create an account at this app, snap and share food here; 

The inviting serene ambience of Kampachi Restaurant in Pavilion Level 6, Jalan 
Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur. You can call 03-2148 9608, open daily 11am-10pm.

It turned out to be all girls night out and I'm glad to meet Sarah who took our picture
to tease my bro-inlaw, who's also the award-winning executive chef for Kampachi
Restaurant. Haha...the world is getting smaller and smaller each day for me, c'est la vie!

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