Sunday, April 12, 2015

My Spring Escapade 2015

Home sweet home, green green grass of home. When Malaysia Airlines announced "Welcome home to all the Malaysians", I felt a sense of happiness deep within me I cannot fully describe how fulfilled I can be. All I know is that no matter how great the holiday can be, our heart and soul still stayed very closely with our homeland here in our country. I met many malays who are there for a holiday and we sat one table having morning chats like we belongs together as 1Malaysia, helping each other with the infos they may not familiar about. We guided, protecting them in a foreign land since both Rambo+I are considered old-timers liao in China.

While waiting for Rambo to get the Citibank limousine service at the counter, I was standing at the front door of this Avani Resort counter and there was this young handsome looking guy calling me, "Balik dari mana ni?"(come back from where) I replied him, "Shanghai, China". "Cantiknya baju", he added again. Haha..."Terima Kasih", I shyly replied. Actually I didn't like wearing this kinda style that made me looked plump, petite I told him but I had no choice at all because it was too cold that forcing us the Malaysians to cover like a 'Zhung' with 3-4 clothings. We really can't stand this kinda cold environment like we're stuck in the freezer room. 

Just like the Chinese HuangShan tour guide said to us, the China weather has turned out to be super duper crazy weather with weird daily rainy days which is not supposed to happen at this point of time in Spring Season. The Chinese couldn't cope or stand with it, they rather stayed indoor than going out to suffer in this kinda over-cold weather, easily get sick. Like he said to us he only brought a few T-shirts for this trip and lucky he had a Winter Jacket with him, or else he'll be cold to death. All of us missed Malaysia so much, we prefer to have hot weather than this kinda sot crazy cold weather esp.when it rains heavily like a pouring rain.

"Rindu sangat dengan Nasi Lemak" I continue again with this malay guy and a sweet tudung-clad malay lady who also joined our short conversation, besides telling them the reasons why I missed Malaysia so much. No matter how much good food galore we get to try, munch or enjoy all along our Jiangnan Shanghai holiday, we missed the local food somewhere somehow, the bearable hot weather and our comfortable home. Rambo called me, so we bid goodbye with each other and I left KLIA back to my sacred temple home. I usually been welcome home by the malays greeting me, chatting with me while I was waiting for him.

This tour, I met this Dragon Lady who's a senior Dragon cycle of 12 years gap older than me and we clicked instantly like a Maggi Mee. She joined me at the same table from morning breakfast wishing me "Good morning" to lunch and dinner also we wanted to stay close with each other like the Dragon Sisters. We can clicked instantly because we're 'Tung Yat Lui Yan'(same kinda species/people) where we are both the sot sot crazy, happy go lucky kinda ladies who can laugh out loud listening and learning from each other. We got to know each other quite intimately close because we're very transparent, honest and sincere to each other. We like to share the snacks+food together, exchanging good ideas+thoughts with each other delightfully. 

Jeline was very amused with our relationship saying both Rambo and I can be such a loving couple, setting a good example for the others in this generation after she knew we have been together for more than 20 years together. Haha...I jokingly replied her, "You have not seen us fighting like the Chun Li(Jacinta) vs. Ken(Rambo) kungfu video game yet" and Rambo added, "The Tiger(Rambo) vs. Dragon(Jac)". Asogan, Jeline's hubby then said, "You're both Tiger and Dragon, same here. I'm the Tiger, Jeline's a Dragon" that got 4 of us laughing out loud joyfully. "Wow, such a great coincidence", both Jeline and I shouted out loud to each other. At the end of the day, this similar Chinese zodiac of ours kinda binding us closer and stronger than ever with each other.

In fact, I hurried home after collecting our super duper heavy+extra luggages due to over-excessive shopping from am to pm, Day 1 to Day 8 and unstoppable shopping stopovers that tempting all of us to 'Wei Guo Zhen Guang', contribute back to country and mengharumkan nama negara for both China and Malaysia, I waved goodbye to them and I left liao. Really scary to think about it again. tour that ended up using much more money than we thought but as long we're happy at the end of the day spending it on the things we really like or fell in love with, it's totally worth it. The 4 of us think that life is so short, never ever brings the money to coffin but to enjoy it to the max while we still can. Live life to the fullest is our motto in life.

Money can be earn again, from many kinds of resources and opportunities everywhere. Jeline shared with me she has spent so much like thousands of dollars buying the 6 Jade for her family she's kinda regret about it but I told her never to look back, looking forward to future now and be happy she's able to spend that fortune on something wonderful, beautiful for her whole family. It's the happiness you feel deep within you so fulfilled, money cannot buy that(not about the Jade she has spent money on) and immediately she said, "Jacinta, you can be a good lecturer you know. Why don't you join the MLM as their leader?" Her hubby replied me, "Yes, money issue aside, I'm happy to spend it buying things that I liked". Both of them were UKM graduates. 

Haha...I laugh out loud explaining to her, "Rambo locked me up like a bird in a golden cage, he prefers that I lead a low profile life and that's why I'm leading this lifestyle I'm living right now." Along the 8 days journey of our trip from North to South Shanghai, China, we talked non-stop like we have known each other for years as everytime I was busy eating, she will called me "Jacinta, did you try the green Vegetarian Rice or not? Very nice lah" and I replied her, "Yea, really yummy and healthy at the same time" where this topic of good food never seems to stop, it has been going on and on from Day 6 to the last day also we still talked about it because like they said, they've never come across such a yummy, healthy pure Vegan food like this before. 

I took a hot bath and wanted to have a good night sleep liao, I saw her meaningful wazzapp as the picture above with a personal message that says she's so glad to meet both of us in this China trip that brings joys and happiness to them, which I replied her the same thing and it's deeply sincere from the bottom of my heart too. Rambo then said that we're both the same Dragon Ladies who're very passionate in life and I totally agreed with this statement totally. We never failed to sit next to each other talking non-stop besides staying attached with each other most of the time, giggling hysterically together like girls and gossiping about those topics that related to our pleasure and passion like fashion, business and politic talks. That's life, c'est la vie!

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