Sunday, July 12, 2015

Avene Atopic Eczema Workshop 2015

In partnership with Watsons Malaysia, Eau Thermale Avène organized an educational workshop on eczema at Gardens Hotel, Mid Valley, Kuala Lumpur. Eczema (also known as Atopic Dermatitis) is a chronic inflammation of the skin that becomes extremely itchy and inflamed causing redness and swelling. Severe dryness (Xerosis) is one of the characteristic found in patients with eczema.

Eau Thermale Avène Eczema workshop was held to educate consumers on understanding eczema, methods to manage it, emollient application steps using Avène emollient cream and alternative methods to scratching.

The workshop started with a speech from Dr. Leong Kin Fon, a Pediatric Dermatologist from General Hospital Kuala Lumpur on symptoms of Atopic Eczema, alternative methods to scratching and how to manage Atopic Eczema among children effectively. 

Atopic dermatitis is a chronic inflammation of the skin characterized by intense pruritus and severe TRIXERA EMOLIENT CREAM contains Avène thermal spring water (soothing & anti-irritant), high concentrations of carefully selected botanical oils (protective barrier) and glycocoll (anti-itching) and that work in synergy to help rebuild the skin’s barrier function, rapidly diminishing feelings of irritation and reducing skin dryness.

Its simultaneously rich and gentle textures facilitate spreading and helps restore skin comfort, leaving skin feeling more supple and resilient. Paraben and fragrance free.

Itchiness is also a universal finding in atopic dermatitis. The itchiness (pruritus) can be severe,
sometimes causing generalized stress for affected patients and family members. Pruritus leads to scratching that results in secondary skin changes such as thick accentuation of skin lines, destruction and removal of skin surface, and breakdown of the skin barriers.

Severe dryness (xerosis) is one of the characteristic skin finding in patients with atopic dermatitis. Very dry skin is unable to hold moisture, it is less pliable and is more likely to crack and fissure, resulting in skin barrier breakdown and increases susceptibility to skin irritation and infection.

TRIXÉRA range soothing relief for Very Dry & Atopic skin soothing, anti-itching, anti-inflammatory Avène Dermatological Laboratories offers a line of fragrance-free, ultra rich and anti-irritant emollient skin care products, intended for extremely dry skin and atopic skin in infants, children and adults.

Dr. Ch’ng Chin Chwen, a Dermatologist from University Malaya Medical Centre, then spoke about the possibilities of adults having eczema as well. The talk is then followed by Mr. Alexandre Giraudon (Avène ASEAN Marketing Manager) on the introduction to Eau Thermale Avène and its range of skin care products intended for extremely dry skin and eczema skin in infants, children and adults. Furthermore, Mr. Alexandre also explained on the skin care regime for eczema patients using Avène Tolerance Extreme and Avene TriXèra range.

The workshop ended with a lucky draw and having three cute volunteers called to be on-stage for a hands-on demonstration by Ms. Denise Goh on the effective methods of applying emollient cream. Audiences get to experience the products themselves and follow the application. 

For infants, children and adults with atopic skin, constitutional dry skin, xerosis and skin dried out by medication (At all stages of skin dryness except oozing lesions), you can have 1 or 2 applications per day based on the dryness and a course marked by exacerbations and remissions.

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