Saturday, July 11, 2015

The Joys Of Happiness

In my life all along the years since I started joining Facebook, I have many of my family members or friends asking me why I didn't share my investment thoughts that I have briefly shared with them when we meet, my shopping spree overseas or holiday pictures on my FB. They have been following my news and updates of my life very closely, I honestly replied all of them very busy lately. Just like the recent Burberry Bowling Handbag which I have posted on my Facebook, I actually found out many of them loved the same design of this perfectly-sized+shaped for a fussy lady like me. 

In fact, a few of my friends and my mom also loved it, they even asked me how much was the bag and when I replied them RM5699, they responded me "Wow, so expensive." What's more crazy and ironic thing is that, they liked to share your picture with their friends and talked about it but they never really bothered to like your picture at all. When I see anyone posted any pictures, I seldom gossip anything about it. In fact, if I liked the picture I will give it a like and gave a good comment on it too. That's why I seldom wana share every updates of my life with them unless they pm and asked me about it.  

When I intend to buy any handbags, it is based on the lovely shape I fell in love with the special design, updated style or a perfect size of a nice handbag before I purchased it for good. Not necessary it must be from any luxury branded handbags. When my Sis Toto saw me using the new Burberry Bag, she told me she wanted to get a new branded handbag like this for around RM2500 budget only as she couldn't afford to get RM5699 handbag like mine. She added that she needs to upgrade her status a bit because many of her good friends have been telling her 'A handbag you carried can determine how high your status is'. 

Haha...I laugh out loud but I didn't agree with the statement totally. What kinda status you can labelled on a 16 years old girl clinging a Chanel Lambskin Handbag bought by her mom? Or for male/female escort bought by secret lovers, a young lady clinging a Prada cost RM7000 using family's credit card? What kinda status will you put for a desperate housewife who used her husband's credit card swiping RM30,000+ for a Hermes Handbag just to show off to her sister-inlaws who loves to compete with each other every now and then? When the VP husband knew about it, he quickly cut off her spending limit to RM1000 to prevent any further headaches or heartaches for his family.

Like he said every month he work hard like a bull, earning 5 figure salary but still need 3 months to settle this payment for her alter ego. And it's not that she doesn't own any Hermes handbag, this is her 2nd Hermes Bag to brag about bag among the women of their family. He had no choice but to decide this dreadful decision for his wife and all of the men in their family have complained about their wives with their colleagues too. Having husbands to complain about us, what kinda status do we have actually. De nada, zero respect and a definite lack of trust for them now.

I have another friend who told me his wife pushed him to the wall asking for a Prada Handbag cost about RM7000+ also because she's doing sales, meeting many people along the way so she needed a branded handbag to set a higher status for others to see. He told me 'Pin Pin' she wanted him to buy for her at that time when he had no money, but still he bought it for her through paying bank installment. Not only it pressure him stressfully everyday, he needed to get other part-time business to settle his bank outstanding. To me, when I see a good sales person who can pitch a good business idea eloquently to me, that's what I called a successful salesperson. Definitely not because you're carrying a Prada Handbag to win my attention or attraction to support you in sales.

My sis-inlaw Da Jie didn't carry any branded handbag at all, doesn't mean she's not capable or having no status in her life. I'm proud to say I respect her a lot because she treated everyone of us nicely and equally. When she mentioned she didn't have any cash flows to get a new air-cond for her old car because all her money stuck in properties, I'm more than willing to help her with a small loan of cash money so that she can quickly fixed the problem as soon as possible. Not every rich people like to luxuriate themselves with grandeur life, buying luxury things to gloat about their success or happiness. Everyone have their own kinda sharing happiness with the others. 

They may share with us about their properties, hobbies or arts and crafts that cost millions of dollars, but they expect us to be happy for them and I totally understand their feelings about it. They trust that whatever happiness that they shared with us been meaning to inspire and motivates us so we can strive for the same kinda success like theirs. In fact, I feel so empowered and enlightened to hear those happiness from them because I'm aiming the same success and happiness like them. But I'm glad to envelope myself in Buddhism world for the peace of my body, mind and soul to lead a simple living and practising it to perfection as time goes by. That's why I'm blessed not to stress myself into unhealthy lifestyles or unnecessary greediness. 

Back to my original story above, I reasoned nicely with my Sis Toto that I can bring her to get a new luxury branded handbag within her budget anytime she wanted to. Speaking about shopping, I dare to say that I'm an expert in this field because I've been long labelled as the shopaholic diva among my family and friends. In fact last Saturday, I rather cancelled my spa facial appointment to go for a shopping spree instead as I joke with Rambo I need to balance up the hormonal changes in me. Haha...When Rambo and his business partner met recently, Rambo told Chew that Jacinta has stopped to shop, less and less each day which Chew said, "Sei loh, Malaysia economy can die loh like that if your wife also not going for shopping". 

Rambo clarified this serious subject matter with him by adding, "Said only shop less but she still shops. From 10k maybe gone down to 6K, now maybe 3K and not yet adding the travel tours that I needed to fork out more than 10K on the month we went for our holiday.""Then it's still ok, it means the Malaysia economy is still moving," Chew then said. We still need to eat healthily, enjoying+treating my family and friends Mocha Ice Blended Coffee during gathering, do some charity for Pak Mie's legacy(May he rest in peace) and giving mom some allowance so that she can enjoys her life as well. That's why to many, money seemed to be an important issue in order to survive in this world. No money, no honey, which can be true for many.

But I always reminding Rambo not to live in this kinda mentality. In fact I've been telling my mom and sis Defney all the time we should live simply happy within our budget. If you don't have much money, you travel locally and even if you're rich, not necessary you need to travel 1st class to LA using the RM30,000. I reasoned with Rambo, RM30,000 we can travel to many places more and get to shop more lovely things for good memories. I know life is short, but don't simply use our hard-earned money lavishly like those ministers who can spend RM500,000 on a cruise ship for a week's holiday. Only God knows the truth, we really cannot ascertain who's the con men here when both Jho Low and Ah Jib Gor said they didn't know each other at all but they were captured in a picture of them together on the same cruise that tells it all.

Haha...sometimes, Feng Shui Master or Fortune Teller and Bomoh also cannot help you much because they're not God or Boddhisatvas. They may tell you this and that prediction which can come true at times but they cannot guaranteed you to prosper till forever when you have not cultivate enough good deeds of your life to be able to enjoy life splendidly. The God have eyes to see and ears to hear, never treat them as an invisible figure only. If you've cultivated enough good deeds with your own great efforts to help people and nation to wealthiness where all of us can get rich living happily and harmoniously, not only 'segelintir sahaja yang kaya-raya', standing prideful for Malaysia being one of the richest country in the world in which we should have been, then rakyat will be happy to support you to the end of your leadership. Action speaks louder than words, not 'janji-janji kosong sahaja'(empty promises)! 

In fact I've been telling all of them be it the Malay, Chinese and Indians it's not nice to curse other people to die, don't do that. We need to remain calm and cool about it, let the certain parties managed the country what's needed to be done. Just like Xi Jin Ping, the current President PRC of China who strictly tracked all the corrupted ministers back to China for punishment, no matter how far they have tried to hide in NZ, USA and Europe. And based on the severity of their corruption level, some were forced to be punished to death because it has involved too many people sacrificed due to their corruption schemes like the fake baby milk powder. Because of money, do you mean other people's lives have no values to their families? That's why Xi Jin Ping has no qualms in punishing the them strictly and steadily over the years. He's still tracking the others who are willing to return to China on their own to get a lighter sentence of their wrongdoing. 

That's why it's so important to embrace ourselves in spiritual belief like Buddhism that taught us not to be greedy in life because people are not supposed to respect you when you're driving a Jaguar with special plate no JC1234, carrying a Birkin Hermes Handbag worth RM100,000+ or staying at a hilltop Bungalow cost millions of dollars, but people will naturally respect you when they got stranded in desperate situation you're there for them esp.when they got hospitalised for sickness or illness. They needed your prayers and wisdom advise to live a normal life happily. In fact, I have seen or heard enough from many family and friends who usually do good, they ended up having good and smooth life ahead for them. They need not strive too much by sacrificing much of their time or efforts, the good fortune just come rolling deeper and further into their pockets real easily. That's what I called a contented life it is!

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