Monday, July 6, 2015

The Human Species In Society

My long-time friend Ray have been ranting in and out of the issue of a successful life is not qualified by speaking fluent English on his Facebook many many times already. He got so frustrated over this issue over the years because he got condemned by the others saying he couldn't speak good English, but he tried to console himself he can speaks other languages like Bahasa Malaysia, Indon a bit because he also mingled with Indonesian celebrities and popular singers where he wanted to bring them over to Malaysia for concert too, Hakka, Hokkien, Mandarin, Cantonese languages which also helped to make him as a successful businessman. In Malaysia, all of us be it the Chinese, Malay and Indians, we prefer to speak 'Manglish' of Rojak English occasionally mixed with Chinese, Hokkien, Malay in our conversation. In fact, Rambo always asked me to speak simple English with him so that he can learn and improve his English too. 

Seeing Ray feeling so down, got stranded in a dire straits situation like this for many times liao I tried to console him asking him to feel lighten up a bit. I told him it's great that he's able to communicate with others in many languages and he should be proud of himself. As a proud Malaysian myself, I'm grateful to be able to communicate in many languages like the other Malaysians too. Minimum, I would say most of us can at least speak, or understand 4 languages of English, BM, Cantonese and Mandarin. In fact, while I always admired the Chinese in China of their talents, they also admired us the Malaysians who can speak malay so fluently. No matter how much effort we tried to teach them to say 'Nasi Lemak' our Malaysian favourite food of all, they just couldn't say it out at all so they used Chinese "La Shi Ni Ma' to say it out loud. 

I did my best to soothe his heart by sharing many of my Europe life stories where many of the Europeans couldn't speak good English also but I told them, it's ok. The rest like the old-timers aged 40-60's, they said they wanted to vomit blood when they tried to ask for something, they didn't understand their needs at all. Haha...In Europe esp. everyone got so lost in translation which got us spiralled with many great laughters over our hilarious experiences. Thinking about it, we have such great holiday and lovely memories 'terpahat di hati untuk selama-lamanya.' I also asked him to stay happy always, ignore the negative vibes and quickly get himself surrounded with good friends who can uplift and support him to the top as a successful businessman, added some Buddhism values instilled in this advise too.  

As a friend since our primary school days, I knew he's a Fire Dragon, characterized in dominant personality. In fact, he's having stronger character than my friend Ali who's married to him many years ago. He's definitely authoritative in every aspect of their lives, either for family or business issue. Everytime he invited me to visit them at the music shop or concert by giving me the VIP treatment also, he's very happy to see me by hugging me. But I told him he cannot hug me too closely as I wana 'Bei Min'(prevent) any bad rumours spread among us esp. now he's a film/music producer who loves to be featured in magazines, newspaper or TV. I always reminded him to stay humble and cool on his famous status now as not many people can be happy for him like us.

In fact early this year, there was this hot gossip circulating on GuangMing Daily+other newspapers bad mouthing his company involving his brother who was said to rape a music teacher there. I never believed in rumours kinda lady, even for newspaper article in which I tried to clear my doubts by asking the person involved. He told me it's a syndicate who's trying to scam their money and such a bad coincidence, his younger brother was involved in it. The news got so intense, real hot till my sister also asking me about it because they know each other. Ray called and explained to me about it where I tried telling my sister also the whole truth. I also asked Ray to stay cautious in life, it's the 'lumrah kehidupan' to be living such a grandeur life. If possible, he can try to stay low profile with simple happy life with his family, it will be great for them. 

Life is never complicated, it is very simple indeed. It's not the ghost who's scary in this world, it's the human who did bad deeds are more scary than the ghost spirit. But in this competitive world where the reality world can be so cruel or unfair, esp.for the the bad rotten losers who couldn't cope with your success and worked their butts up, they tend to condemn and comment badly about you. By doing this way, they thought they can look better and superior than you but the real truth is, pragmatic people like us who are positive-charged will not bother much about what a bunch of losers think. We only have time to concentrate and focus sensibly to achieve our golden dreams every minute of the day. Life is too short to give any levy of our time for them, we only need to strive to do better each day and save the best for last to live life to the fullest. That's life!   

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