Monday, July 13, 2015

Reveal Nothing But The Truth

"Kalau dah salah be it tangan panjang(stealing) ke, menghasut ke, bangsa apa pun kena tangkap dan dipenjarakan. Let them learn their lesson well, bertaubat(repent) and give them a second chance to change. Even Chinese also, I will scold them left and right if they did any bad deeds, no need to give face one. It's for their own good anyway!" (FB sharing)

And what is more terrifying and disturbing it can be, there were bloggers who simply spread rumours, change the storyline with receipt shown and created the racial havoc last week. The malay secretary Farah who worked at Plaza Low Yat needed to 'Ching Ching', conclude the whole truth on her Facebook because this is not the 1st case that has ever happened at her working place. And she even called us not to believe on what the bad bloggers have said, somewhere somehow have given us the bloggers a real bad name.

No wonder when Puan Sri Maniseh who came to my table during the Breast Cancer event shared with me that she doesn't really fancy bloggers during our chats that afternoon. I reasoned with her nicely and honestly, not every bloggers are the same. There are many types of bloggers in this world, I need to justify to her the truth about bloggers. I need to clear the air with her even if she's a Puan Sri, but she needed to know the truth about the many types of bloggers from around the world.

If your blog is genuine and sincere in sharing what's really happening from around the world without having biased 'Sem Tai', favouritism and revealing the whole truth about everything, people will always look for your blog or stalking your blog all the time without having to push the others to read your blog. And what really matters of a blogging key consist is that you only need to tell the whole 'Cheong' (intestine) truth story about it, no need to 'Bei Min'(give face) and biased to any party involved if they're really at fault.

That's why everywhere I go and anytime when the writers asked me, "Which publication are you from?" I dare not say I'm a blogger because most of the writers would go on and on telling me about those bloggers they have no respect for. But still, I told them I'm the creator and editor of my blog called Evergreen Love. Mostly I talked about health, beauty and wellness, occasionally I also blogs about fashion, good food or gossips about my life. 

Haha..."Oh, is it EVERGREEN LOVE?" she spelled the name of my blog to me and I replied her, "Yea, that's my blog.""So you're Jacinta," she continued again and I said, "Yea, I am Jacinta." "Oh, nice to meet you. I did read your blog. There was once I did some research and I came across your blog and after that, I've been reading your blog ever since." "Really? Thanks", I thanked her real gratefully.

I cannot imagine a good writer like her who can writes superbly for a reputable magazine I've been reading and following in the past 20 years will read my blog after all. That afternoon, she showered me with a lovely compliment about my sexy Red shoes before we bid goodbyes to each other. I'm grateful that my humble blog is able to spread splendid vibrations to meet many good people from around the world, everyday of my life. That's how we can get to learn from each other, uplifting each other and supporting others in every way we can.

In my last AVON ANEW Ultimate event also I registered myself with a signature, there was this malay lady I've not met before, she saw my personal details and shouted out with glee "Oh, you're Jacinta." And I replied her, "Ya, saya." She came out from the table that seperated us, she hugged and kissed me 3 times like what the malay girls always did, "I always wanted to meet you. You always write good blogs for us." "Really, thanks", I humbly replied her because the positive response I received from her with the girly-loving hug and kisses means a lot to me. 

I'm only sharing nothing but the truth about my love affection of Avon products I've used over the years, never really mean to impress anyone but it's the sincere truth I was hooked and loving the AVON brand for the past 23 years since I was 16. Here, I would like to thank all of them who made my day because it really means so much to me to know that I have did my best sharing my utmost feelings and thoughts through my blog. I'll do my best to update whatever things that are important and relevant for everyone to learn a thing or two from my life experiences. That's life! 

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