Thursday, July 30, 2015

Malaysia Crowns First-ever Veet Mega Model Search 2015 Winner

After four months of gruelling searching, Veet, one of the world’s leading names of depilatory products, has ended its hunt for the one girl who may just be the next big name in Malaysia’s modelling scene. It was great to meet Amber Chia again, she's a happy go lucky lady who always planted a big smile on her face everytime I meet her. And it's nice also to meet the pretty Izara Aishah, the new star of Veet ads all over the TV screen. 

The winner of the inaugural Veet Mega Model Search 2015 will have the golden opportunity to become the next big name in Malaysia’s modelling industry, making this competition the perfect launch pad for her future career. She brings home with exciting prizes worth more than RM20,000!

In March 2015, Veet kicked off its first-ever Veet Mega Model Search 2015 opened to Malaysian girls aged between 18 to 26 years old who dreamed of becoming the next ‘face’ of the modelling industryMatias Caride, Marketing Director, RB Malaysia & Singapore elaborated, “The essence of Veet is to allow women to feel confident in their own skin. With Veet Mega Model Search, we want to provide young girls in Malaysia a never-seen-before platform where they could express their confidence and potentially be the next big name in Malaysia’s modelling industry. At the same time, we’re also looking for the girl who perfectly portrays Veet’s brand personality – one who epitomises femininity, combined with a good dose of confidence and style.”

After the announcement of Veet Mega Model Search 2015, the Top 10 finalists were shortlisted from the submissions of almost 800 hopeful contestants. This was carried out in collaboration with Amber Chia Academy, the leading model academy in Malaysia, based on the contestants’ auditions as well as via online voting.

In preparation for the Grand Finale, the 10 finalists or models-in-training went through a 2-day workshop and makeover session with Amber Chia Academy, which equipped them with the essential skills they needed to command the runway.

There was a lot at stake for the finalists, as winning Veet Mega Model Search 2015 meant that they would take home so much more than a title. Prizes for the winner included an opportunity to be featured in a magazine with actress and face of Veet, Izara Aishah and supermodel Amber Chia; RM8,500 worth of modelling courses at Amber Chia Academy; a RM10,000 cash prize; and RM1,000 worth of Reckitt Benckiser products. The Top 10 finalists would also stand a chance to be selected by Amber Chia Academy for a direct entry into the audition of Malaysia Supermodel Search 2015.

Despite being in its first year, Veet Mega Model Search 2015 received overwhelming response from Malaysian girls who dreamed of making it big as a supermodel. “Throughout the recruitment period, we received close to 800 entries, which poured in from all parts of Malaysia. It was certainly a pleasant surprise for us as we’d only launched the Mega Model Search for the first time! We are extremely pleased with the response of the competition,”explained Matias.

During the Grand Finale, the 10 finalists did their best as they strutted down the runway, showing off their natural flair to impress the judges. The judging panel was made up of MatiasCaride (Marketing Director, RB Malaysia & Singapore), Karin Chan (Marketing Manager, Veet Malaysia & Singapore), Izara Aishah (Veetambassador, popular artiste and actress), Amber Chia (Malaysian supermodel and founder of Amber Chia Academy) and Benjamin Toong (Catwalk Guru of Amber Chia Academy).

In terms of providing a great platform to help an aspiring individual to kick-start a career in modelling, Amber Chia hoped that the winner of Veet Mega Model Search 2015 would make full use of the opportunities given to her. “I remember my first big break, when I was named the winner of Guess Timeless Beauty Model Search in 2004. Winning the competition has opened so many doors for me, and I am truly grateful for what I’ve been able to achieve. That’s why I think Veet Mega Model Search is a great opportunity for girls who dream of becoming a model, like what I used to wish for when I was their age.”

In terms of what makes the winner in this search, Amber said, “I’m looking for a model who has it all – height, bone structure, poise, a good sense of style, and most importantly, confidence that exudes from within”.

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Veet Mega Model Search 2015Grand Prize Winner Rowena Lau Siew Lin, 24 years old was over the moon with her win. “It’s been merely a dream to become a model. Ever since I was young, I thought of walking the runways but I was a shy girl. I didn’t expect that it has finally came true! It’s a surreal feeling to know that I won – I’m so happy that I am finally one step closer to my dream! I learned so much from the 2-day workshop with Amber Chia Academy, from grooming and makeup to body posture, posing, catwalk, photoshoots and more. Amber Chia my role model and I hope to be as good as she is one day. Thank you, Veet Malaysia for giving me this wonderful opportunity! What am I going to do with my prize money? I’ll treat my close friends and family to a nice dinner, and save the rest for my studies!” said the slender Rowena, who hails from Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.

Nurul Faizura Binti Gamal Abdul Nasser, 21 years old, took home the 1st Runner-up title of Veet Mega Model Search 2015, while Andrea Tan Wan Ying, 22 years old, won 2nd Runner-up. Other subsidiary titles included Crystal Tung Lu Yie, 20 years old as the winner of Most Photogenic Model and Emy Farrah Elena Binti Mohd Johari, 20 years old as the winner of Most Confident Model. 

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  1. Congratz to Rowena Lau! I've known her back in Sabah. Don't play play, org sabah very talented and good looking! (just like me... ehem) :D

    1. Really, such a small small world ya. doubt orang Sabah are very talented people and you're definitely one of them on my list! :D