Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Awesome Autumn 2015

Generally, people here recognized me as the Chinese and speaks Mandarin with me but I told them I'm Malaysian. Yea, although everyday I'm full with new, special and yummy Turkish delicacies, I'm just too home sick hoping to come home soon. For those close family and friends who are worried about me in Turkey, I'm fine. I had a fabulous time holidaying for my summer vacation, just wanted to fly back to Malaysia home sweet home with a Turkish magic carpet as soon as I can. That's life! (My Facebook status)

It was great to be back home sweet home, green green grass of home to Malaysia because 10 days Summer holiday in Turkey seemed too long for me. But not for the others and Rambo, they wanted to stay longer, stay away from all the stress at work and hoping to prolong their vacation to another week. They were not aware of what day it was that day, they just didn't bother and living everyday blasting with joyful moments from am to pm. In fact, Rambo got so excited when he's back from office that day because he's free to go on a long holiday without having to worry about his huge roles and responsibilities for work anymore. 

For our business wise, he had no worries because we already 'Gao Chai'(completed) our Summer Project 'Tuo Tuo Dong Dong'(perfectly) before the Hari Raya holiday. We flew to Istanbul, Turkey that night with Turkish Airlines through direct flight, thank God for that. I didn't like to fly by transit where half the way there sure will disturb my blissful sleep and brings no fun by going through the immigration check again. The tour leader has advised us to bring USD600-800 per person for this Turkey trip in case anyone of us wished to extend an optional trip on a balloon ride at USD200 and other expenses like drinks, meals and souvenirs. 

USD800 if you multiply it to 3.8 against Ringgit Malaysia, it's RM3040 so a few of them brought that kinda cash money for shopping and basic use. I brought along all my USD, AUD, SGD, Euros and Ringgit Malaysia but I only changed the Turkish Lira using USD33 and Euro10 only. The rest I prefer to use credit card, easier and safer for me. No money also better don't come to visit Turkey, because some of the toilets also they charged TL1 like the European countries. Even the Turkish Ice Cream at tourist attraction cost you about TL6, Coke at TL3 but I prefer to get the yummy Swiss Movenpick Ice Cream at TL10. No money, no honey here in Turkey!

The day I arrived here in Turkey, it's already in the morning at 6am but the sunshine here was shining 'mang mang' like the sun sits just next to you. It's too hot here in Turkey, predicted to be 20-28 degree celcius but when it comes to the afternoon time, it was too hot like you're stuck in a desert Sahara of Turkey. I sweat profusely like nobody's business. Naturally I sweat a lot kinda girl but here in Turkey, I tend to sweat like I've just completed a rigorous exercise. Sweat till my whole body was wet, neck and face kept sweating non-stop and hair also wet like I've just came out from the shower. No joke man, it's a natural sauna out here in Turkey.

Haha...I feel so uncomfortable I only wanted to go back to the 5 star hotel as soon as I can for a clean bath. Yea, I know it's healthy to be able to sweat out all the toxins and dirts naturally by this way but I cannot stand being wet inside out full of sweats like this. That night, lucky we get to reach hotel at 5pm for a total rest and relaxation from the jet lag flight of 11 hours. And after the hotel buffet dinner full with Turkish delights and delicacies, both Rambo and I can have a stroll all around the place nearby but I 'manja' with Rambo I needed a great spa to help me relax the tension muscles due to bad sleep on the jet lag flight.  

Rambo and I went to check on the Parion 5 star Hotel and Spa facilities just below the luxury lobby there. The Turkish young lady explained nicely to me on the Turkish Hammam Bath they offered that comes along with a foam massage as well. I really had no idea how much was it in TL against Ringgit Malaysia at that time because I only changed using USDollar, so I asked how much in Euro? They said Euro 50 and Turkish Lira 150, it's around RM210. I knew it's around that price range especially at 5 star hotel. What do you expect when they have invested so much money renovating the Turkish Spa like a paradise for you to experience the real Turkish Hammam Bath in Turkey.

I took a deep breath, still considering about it but Rambo kept persuading me to go for it, enjoyed myself for a real Turkish Hammam Bath with Foam Massage here. Hmmm, I still wana think about it but he enlightened me with a powerful message that says "You know how to gain money, but you don't know how to spend it. You need to learn how to enjoy and pamper yourself to the max. I'll pay for you, you need not worry about the dollar sign" in Cantonese. "Yes, just booked her in" Rambo said and the girl asked, "Now?" Rambo replied her, "Yes, now!" I thought I can reconsider about it, can still try it on the next day at another 5 star Hotel & Spa but Rambo made a decisive decision for me this time so I just go by the flow.

I will share more details of the original Turkish Hammam Bath in my next blog when I'm free to do so. After the revivifying Turkish Spa experience that's relaxing and rejuvenating my body, mind and soul to perfection, I had a total blissful, peaceful and wonderful sleep of 8 hours like a baby that very night. The next morning, I feel totally energized like a new Energizer battery, waiting eagerly to start my new adventures here in Turkey. Such a fantastic spa massage done by a professional spa therapist here, and I shared it with my new tour members. Shyuen has been asking me why I didn't asked her to join me as she wanted to try it too. In fact, all of them are looking forward to experience the Turkish Spa after that and I encouraged them to do so. I will continue more updates of my Turkey holiday soon after I've completed my pending posts and important agendas 1st. 

I was so exhausted from all the long walks and adventures of trailing under tunnel of a cave over the unbearable hot humid weather with tanned-skin like the Turkish now. The wonders of travelling to a total of 2920 kilometres all over Turkey country from Europe to Asia side around Pamukkale, Canakkale, Izmir, Konya, Cappadocia, Ankara, Safronbolu and Istanbul had me realised that I'm so blessed to be able to prosper here in Malaysia. It makes me love my country more and more each day. Malaysia will remained as a paradise to me no matter how great my vacation can be, how far I can travel to see the world and how sensational my life turned out to be. I still believe Malaysia is still the best place to be for me. Haha...That's life! 

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