Monday, July 27, 2015

IDO's Clinic Project OTA Launch

It was held at The Piazza, The Curve from Saturday 4pm to Sunday 6pm.

For more infos, you can check out

It can be treated with advanced treatment provided by IDO Clinic.

The causes and epidemiology Nevus of Ota.
If you come across anyone who needs help to solve this problem, you can contact the branch for more infos.

Do an eye check here, this eye specialist told me I have no problem with my eyesight and need not
wear any spectacle but had a mild 'San Gong' only. Haha...cannot run away from the eye expert here.
The launch started with singer performance, invited IDO's beauty ambassadors and health talks. I was
glad I came to witness the launch, did some eye and health checks to keep full track of my current health.

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