Wednesday, July 29, 2015

A Majestic Life

Life is short, so short that I cannot believe I'm going to join the rest of my good friends in their 40's next year real soon. Now it's already end of July, coming to August month liao. Wow, time really flies man. Everyday I'm so thankful to my Guan Yin Pu Sa and Amituofo for blessing me wonderfully in life, giving me abundance of joys and happiness in life. As long I'm healthy, free from illness and sickness even free from cough, flu and fever also I'm already very grateful to them. That's what I told Bodhisattvas everyday of my life when I pay my respects to them early in the morning, before and after I go out for my daily appointments and before I fall asleep.

Nowadays I got so busy until my CEO friend Andy who came back to KL occasionally with his tycoon Indonesian wife also I have no time to go Yum Cha with him. And when he asked to meet me during Hari Raya also, I was on a long holiday to Turkey and for festive Raya holiday usually I can't also because my mom would have booked me to 'Balik Kampung' with her most of the time. I promised to meet Andy on his next trip back then and he totally understand my position on that. In fact, my long time friend Tom has been calling me recently told me that he missed chatting with me and hoping we can meet again for lunch soon.

The last time I met Tom was the trip I told him to get the Cellfood from PJ itself, explained to him on the basic science why he needed to have a healthy cell 1st before he can have a healthy body system and he clapped at the end of my long-winded lecture to him about what's health is all about with a "Bravo Dr. Jacinta!" in which I explained to him I'm not a doctor but a survivor. Haha...He's very funny one, he always make me laugh kinda guy and more like a big brother to me where we've stayed as good friends forever for the past 20 years liao. The last time he sold his BMW and changed to Proton Saga, I gave my full support to him after he said that his 'BMW Wife' seemed to be a huge burden for long liao esp.when it broke down.

We used to attend many properties launch or events at Mont Kiara before my blogging days during day time as he's doing his own insurance business so quite flexible time for him and at that time, my business has just started only. Just never thought that he would venture into doing property sales after bringing him to all the properties exposure events, where he also letting go all his life and general insurance business totally. But life is short like I said, you cannot do too many things at a time and you need to focus on the only one business that you're passionate about. Pour all your efforts and energy into it so you need not stress yourself unnecessarily esp. if you're not the kinda person who can multi-task so many jobs at one time. 

Stress will only pulling you down easily and it's prone to get you sick naturally. Just like I used to tell myself to live a stress-free life everyday, said is easier than done. I may not have mental depression kinda girl but once I'm out there driving, got stuck in a traffic jam meeting those irresponsible motorcycle rider, it can make you not just me being a crazy lady suddenly who's slowly become a mental disorder person already. In fact, I got so furiously mad at the stupid rider who knew I wanted to turn to the left with the signal put on alert long time ago, still he didn't let me turn left, I really honked him kao kao and scolded him left and right real fiercely. Pushing my cool button to a Dragon lady liao, 'Fatt Dou Yau Fo' (Buddha also have fire).  

If really I was a selfish driver like the others, I would have turned left liao and he may bumped into my car that got me very troublesome after that. I ranting it out to Rambo and he also told me many cases like that, that's the reason why there are so many accidents happened every minute of the day. Driving in KL or PJ one day meeting this kinda selfish, self-centered people can instantly make you sick already. It's important to chant, pray and meditate everyday to release the stress, melt away all the egos, selfishness and burdens as soon as you can and forgive them not because they deserve it but it's entirely for my own good in the long run. Definitely I didn't wana join this flock of self-absorbed people, I believe in karma that's for sure.

Life it too short to hold on to grudges. We need to learn how to let it go, stay humble and positively-happy to move on with our lives so that we can focus wisely in completing our daily duties responsibly. I can detect if someone is mentally depressed, I usually pointed it out to them and pulled them out from their miserable lives. In fact, I even gave them some pointers to quickly get away from the mental depression and melancholy feeling so that they can help and heal themselves as soon as possible. Even like Rambo who enjoys sourcing out business or investment opportunities with his heavy workloads with others, I dread to see him working too hard I quickly put a halt stop brake by planning a great holiday for us to destress and relax to the max. 

In fact, he enjoyed the Turkey trip with me and he's now feeling motivated enough to 'Ganbatte' harder in his job especially the Japanese President and his gang from Japan are coming this week for their policy meeting. As usual early in the morning, he empowered himself by saying "Wo Shi Zhui Bang De, Wo Shi Zhui Hao De, Wo Ai Wo Zhi Zi" besides brain-washing himself to work hard so that his wife, that's me can go on enjoying my life more splendidly and sensationally. Haha...I didn't asked for much luxuries in life nowadays, I have mellowed down a lot on my demanding lifestyles where I used to be and I have changed for good now. It's him who wanted to live that kinda luxury life which I have put aside after I have enveloped myself into Buddhism teachings that flourished me with a true peace of mind.  

This world is full of successful people like Donald Trump, Lee Kar Shing and Jack Ma in showing us the right ways to achieve success just like them, but we need to have more good friends around us to share with us on how to live life happily ever after with much honesty and sincerity for our lives. When I was in Turkey, I have good family and friends who were worried about the bombing incident there. I reassured them I'm fine and ended with a thank you wish to Amituofo. That's what I called a real happiness and richness in life. Obviously I'm fortunate enough being able to travel to Turkey for my summer holiday at 5 star hotels throughout the long journey there, but nothing beats the feeling of 'Wan Luen Ge Gam Gok'(Warm of heart) by having our loved ones to love and care for us even we're at the opposite side of the world apart from each other. 

My dear Lynette who's now 8 years old knows how to look for me at Facebook telling me she missed me that Saturday she's at my mom's place. I was so melt by her and Rambo even said, "Dai Lei Sek Hui" that simply means it's really worthy to love her all my life. I still remember the Cambodian maid told me Lynette tried to look for me the whole house and finally asked her "Where's my Dai Yiyi?" when she couldn't traced me at all. Now that she's a big girl, she knows where to find me and keep me posted on her life updates liao. beloved 'Bao Bei' who also hugged me very tight on the night we celebrate my mom's birthday. Rambo also asked why she hugged me so long, never wana let go like that because she's always my manja baby. Thinking about my dear Charmers lovely stories, all at once releasing all my stress away and I'm feeling totally on top of the world already having them fulfilling my simple life. That's what I defined a contented life is! 

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