Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Autumn Blossom 2015

My bestie EK had booked us for fitness workshop this October but she knew me well, very 'Suk Sik' that I'm not a morning person so she double confirmed with me again, and I asked her to have fun with her mom then. Even to this Columbia Asia Pink Run 2015, it's so hard for me to drag myself to attend it last Sunday early morning but I was glad I did. I wanted to do my part to support the BCWA Charity and I quickly went home for a hot bath, sleeps the day away till 4pm only then I go for my weekly shopping at Beauty Expo again. 

This October month I'm so busy till I have no time to go for my hair spa yet, so at 5pm I still try my luck for a hair cut to trim away many inches of my long hair to the shortest and lightest weight of my hair as soon as possible. Like I told my hair stylist, I was supposed to cut it last September month but she's not around so I waited for another month for her. She told me that my hair grows long too fast and even my nails also, I need to remove my BCWA Nail Art last Saturday due to my fast growing nails just like my active metabolism system. 

So wasted I told Queen, I wish I can keep my nails till the end of Oct month but she assured me that it's a good sign actually. She continue saying that it means that my engine inside is working well, everything grows normally and accordingly. She had a client who can keep her nail gel for 3 months, it means that she needs an overhaul to overcome her engine inside. True also, when I think of it because we need to go through the laws of nature naturally. Just like our monthly women menstruation period, we need to let it flow, flush and detox it out every month so that we can have a balance hormone system. No way we can escape from it daringly.

It's more healthy this way, unless you go for a blood donation every month to regenerate new clean blood for our body system to function well. If not, women tend to get cranky, irritated or worse to mental depression especially if you're not mentally strong enough. That's why I understand Syuen when she said no matter where she travels to last July 2015 even if Turkey is not her ideal destination also she still came for it because she 'beh tahan liao.' If left unattended, she'll go crazy and ballistic about it after 2 years gap not going for travelling as she just gave birth to a baby boy. I totally understand her situation as Jamie my bestie did the same thing too last year.

In Hunan China holiday last October 2014, she came alone all by herself without waiting for her hubby because she's too stressed up liao with her demanding MLM business. Like she shared with me, she'll go crazy too if she didn't join this wonderful trip with us asap. And she has been telling me many times that she was so glad she did, getting to know me here that we can become besties forever and still keeping in touch like twin sisters. She's a passionate person like me and she's very into believing 'Yuen Fen'(fate, takdir) in Chinese beliefs too, that's why we can clicked instantly and loving each other real passionately like lovers.

Haha...Rambo really beh tahan us one. In China, Jamie knew I love indulging in good food, coffee and premium Chinese tea very much, she came to my room and gave me many of it to enjoy. I told her I just need 1 or 2 packets to substitute my other coffee only, but she kept asking me to keep it and enjoy it to the max. She wanted to have a long chat with me till the next morning if possible but I was taking my bath and I couldn't forsake my sleep kinda girl. Naturally, I fell asleep after taking my bath and the next morning, I have full focus and concentration to start my brand new day to explore the alluring ZhangJiaJie with her.

Although our Hunan trip was past 1 year so soon, we still talk about it through our wazzapp because we really had such great, memorable China trip in our lifetime. One of the best China holiday I ever had, especially the hiking, climbing up thousands steps of stairs and enjoying scenery going down from the 'Highest Elevator In The World' after taking the 'Highest Cable Car In The World' up to the peak of Tian Men Shan. Every now and then when the others asked me about Hunan, China, I updated them about it with the new superb 'Longest Bridge In Open' between the two high Avatar mountains that has just been built by the Chinese which got me so tempted to travel there again. 

Another fantastic and fascinating Chinese exploration in China Tourism. No wonder the Turkish tour guide also said they only come second best. I still think Turkey is a wonderful country, full of many remarkable wonders with nice people around. In Turkey Facebook page also, they shared China Huang Long - Jiuzhaigou famous tourist destination together with their Cotton Castle that looked very similar in many ways. In fact, I can raved about these two beautiful places for hours as I've been there witnessing it with my 2 big eyes and I totally fell in love with their 2 signature captivating tourist destinations for sure. 

Rambo told me many of his friends have been asking him where's the place he shared that picture of us on WeChat, he said it's Turkey then they also think it's such a lovely place. Even my side also, my friends like Carrie T, Jamie and Sis Hoon been telling me those pictures that I took seems like I've been enjoying myself very much there in which I did. Even Jeline who just came back from her 2 weeks Europe trip has wazzapp me asking how's my Turkey trip because she's the one who keeps pushing me to go Turkey after our great chats about travel this year in April. I replied her I should be the one who's asking her about Europe trip but I was too busy and thank God she keeps in touch with me by chatting with me every month.

The good bonding that we have tied all along the journey of my life is very meaningful to me. Just like my dear Lynette who had just celebrated her 8th Birthday early this month, we hugged each other very tightly, intimately while wishing her 'Happy Birthday.' Spending the years of every weekend with my dear Charmers meant so much more for me than any amount of money I'm able to earn in China. I knew I forgo the dollar sign of RM20,000 per month besides the extra thousands of dollars in bonus per every project in China for the love of my dear girls here, calculating about it I have no regrets so far. It's totally worth the love we had for each other.

On my way back I told her nicely I need to go home for a good sleep after a tiring day full of activities, she hugged me one more time and I said, "Clever girl" to her. The deep love bonding tiding we had for each other, money cannot buy that. No amount of money can replace that kinda love we have bonded for each other. Money can be earn anywhere and eventually as time goes by, we can earn the same amount of money as long we work hard and smart for it. I'm happy for my friend who's now driving a new Red Sporty Mercedes Benz in Beijing, China and have a happy family with a boy now after 3 failed relationships in Malaysia. 

When he invited me to join his super duper trooper team with a bunch of English-Educated Team from Malaysia, I knew he's earning RM25,000 in which he gets an extra of RM5000 than me. He's older than me 5 years and had many experience in his job of this field liao so it's fair then. In fact, I have never been jealous or envious about anyone's success or for the salary he proposed to me because I always practise my philosophy of life to 'Zhuo Hao Ni Zhi Zi' (Do your own level best) in my own comfortable ways of living and embrace myself fully in Buddhism practise, I'll be able to achieve to the top of my own success eventually. After all, money comes in many ways of resources, just dig it whenever or wherever you can. 

And he really did persuaded me to join him very sincerely, even invited me to come over for a holiday staying at his apartment in Beijing or enjoying those events that they had organized worth millions of dollars involving many famous celebrities like Jessica Hsuen and Vicky Zhao Wei whom I liked much. But I didn't get to join him yet as I can't find the right timing yet. He's a very good friend of mine who is very generous and kind. In all my life, I would say that my life is very fulfilled because I have many good friends who understands me very well, treat me nice, kind, generous and loving, still remembers me no matter how busy I can be and pampered me a lot too. Haha...I'm so thankful and grateful to God, Amituofo and Guan Yin for giving me everything that I asked for, every now and then especially for Rambo who loves me to death as time goes by. 

He's definitely the ideal hubby I've trained well over the years that we have stayed attached closely together. I love him more and more each day because deep down inside of him, I can see his kind heart and that angel glows within & surrounding him. He make me so proud of him as everything he did, it's mainly for my own good and what I did nowadays also, I did it mainly for him. He wanted to buy me the latest iphone 6 Plus for better 'Min Zi' (face) which I really don't need any latest iphone to live my days happily. I explained to him that I didn't need face/status much but really don't mind welcoming more 'Ngan Zi'(money) into my life only. Haha...Having more cash money is realistic to me, not face or status like them the men. More to blog about money and status subjects in my next blog, stay tuned. Xoxo, Jacinta! 

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