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CNP Laboratory Propolis - Restart Your Skin With The Life Source Of Honeycomb

The Korea’s A-Listers favorite skin clinic and derma brand, CNP Laboratory has launched their Propolis range. It will be available in Malaysia at Muse by Watsons and selected 44 Watson stores starting from November 2015.

The launch of the Propolis range in Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand and Singapore has garnered a venerated following, hailing it as amongst the best products from CNP Laboratory. Dr Lee Dongwon, Founder of CNP Cosmetics, who led the team of 50 skin doctors at CNP Clinic in product research and developments, said “CNP Propolis contains a concentrated propolis extract known for its antioxidant and moisturizing benefits. We introduced the products to our clienteles at CNP clinic and some of them, including a number of Korean celebrities, mixed the ampule with their foundation or BB cream.”

The CNP Laboratory Propolis range which harnesses nature’s gift of anti-degenerating ingenuity offers 3 keys to achieve the coveted Korean beautiful skin. The 3 keys are Renewing with the Propolis Energy Ampule, Restoring with the Propolis Deep Moisture Pack, and Revitalizing with the Propolis Energy Ampule Mask.

Nature, without doubt, serves the best ingredient for the health and well-being of humankind. One such ingredient can be found in the nature’s wonder of honeycomb which buzzing bees build, and it is not only the honey but the sap which is used to protect the comb. The sap known as propolis protects the structural integrity of the honeycomb like a super glue, prevents diseases and parasites from entering the hive, and inhibits fungal and bacterial growth. 

Propolis has a long history of medicinal use, dating back to 350 B.C. The Greeks have used propolis for skin disease, healing wounds and tumors; and the Egyptians have used it for mummification. It still has many medicinal uses today such as wound healing, antibacterial, antioxidant, tissue repair and regeneration.

CNP Laboratory’s skin doctors have cleverly formulated Propolis with CNP patented Anti-Irritant Complex, the ingredient developed independently by CNP laboratory to soothe the skin and aid in the promotion of healthier skin. They also added Sophora Extract to relieve stress on the skin due to external harmful elements. Hyaluronic acid and fibrillar extract enhance skin moisture, and Beta-glucan and Madecassoside help alleviate skin irritation and redness. The synergy of these ingredients in a non-paraben formula of CNP Laboratory Propolis gives the skin a life source of renewal, restoring the skin’s condition and revitalizing it to a healthy glow.

The Range of Products
Propolis Energy Ampule (Renew)
A 10% propolis extract in the product is excellent and sufficient enough to keep homeostasis process going and maintain the moist effect. The ampule also contains the CNP Anti-Irritant Complex, Sohopra extract, Hiahruronsan and Imperata Cylindrica Root extract to soothe and keep the skin moisturized and smooth. Beta Glucan and Madecassoside present in the ampule work great in repairing skin and reduce redness. The ingredients are skin-friendly and also help to brighten the skin as well.

How To Use? 
After cleansing morning and night, following toner, apply a moderate amount and massage gently, covering the entire face.
  1. A few drops mixed into your cream can help boost its effects on skin and make your moisturizer more spreadable. A trick to ensure we wake up with radiant skin the next day after sleeping in air conditioning room.
  2. Mix with your foundation application so it doesn’t become cakey or dry throughout the course of the day. Dispense a drop of ampule on the finger tips and gently dab on the apples and brow bones of the face – a great way to brighten up the face and add a subtle shimmer.
  3. Use as lip serum which is good in nourishing your lips. Dispense a drop of ampule and spread it on your lips as a balm for nourishment and moisturising.
The success of CNP Laboratory skincare products has grown by leaps and bounds along with the K-pop beauty trend of healthy flawless skin, with CNP R&D ethos of focusing on skin health with highly reliable and safe products.

Propolis Deep Moisture Pack (Restore)
With propolis extract and synergy of ingredients, the sleeping mask delivers nutrients and moisture deep into the skin to enhance skin elasticity, while strengthening the skin barrier. During sleeping hours, the Madecassoside provides vitality to skin that has been exposed to stress and environmental factors throughout the day and restores damaged skin. The moisture pack is a smart solution for complex skin problems that soothes, delivers vital nutrients, maintains oil and moisture balance, and relieves skin stress.

How to use?
At the final step of your skincare regimen, take a moderate amount, apply evenly, and wash off the following morning with lukewarm water. 

Propolis Energy Ampule Mask (Revitalize)
This is a unique 2-step ampule mask with high concentration of propolis. It revitalizes the vitality of your skin. The mask provides rich nutrients and moisture to create a dewy and sleek complexion. It also contains hyaluronic acid, a natural moisturizing ingredient that creates protective coating for your skin to maintain its smoothness and protects against external irritation. 

How to use?
1.  Apply the ampule provided in the mask pack smoothly on your face
2.  Place the mask on your face
3.  Remove the mask after 15 minutes and let the remaining essence absorb into your skin.

The CNP Laboratory Propolis Energy Ampule is retailed at RM103.10 in a 15ml ampule, the Propolis Deep Moisture Pack at RM118.00 in a 80ml tube and the Propolis Energy Ampule Mask at RM73.10 (5 sheets).

CNP Laboratory skincare products were launched in 2000 by the CNP Skin Specialist Clinic. The skincare products are researched and developed by a team of 50 skin doctors at the clinic led by Dr Lee Dongwon because they were looking for a more permanent solution to their clienteles’ skincare problems after the successful treatments. The CNP Skin Specialist Clinic is a leading dermatology clinic in Korea located in Seoul and the Metropolitan areas. CNP Skin Specialist Clinic’s expert solutions to skincare problems have attracted customers from overseas, as well as Korea’s celebrities and sports figures such as Jung Il Woo, Running Man’s Yoo Jae-suk and Girls’ Generation’s Yuri(Refer to at “CNP with Star” icon for full list).

About CNP Laboratory
CNP Laboratory, a Korean brand, was developed through the expertise of more than 50 professional skin specialists since 2000. CNP specialists go through product research and development leveraging on their skin health expertise. These products are developed through more than 20 years of dermatological knowledge and cutting edge technology. CNP has established a total skin science system by combining the latest skin science technology with the endless effort of new development through vigorous clinical trials on skin. CNP Laboratory is highly reliable and safe to use as their developments are based on many years of professional skin care knowledge and diagnosis know-how.

The ultimate purpose of CNP product development is to provide an appropriate modern solution for skin problems through systematic and ingredient reviews. CNP products are developed by skin care specialists that have vast knowledge on skin especially on Asian skin. This has driven good growth for CNP Korean business.

Today, CNP is recognized as the true skin doctor brand. CNP Laboratory holds true to their 5 Commitments, which are the true dermatologists, skin friendly ingredients, thorough testing, safe five NO’s system and realization of infinite customer satisfaction.

“From research, CNP found that the patients were using unsuitable products on their skins,” said Dr Lee Dongwon, Founder of CNP Cosmetics. “CNP developed a gentle facial soap for its patients. One product led to the development of another and before we know it, we have different product ranges for different skin types and for specific conditions.”

CNP Laboratory Products are distributed by Altissimo Venture Sdn Bhd in Malaysia. CNP Laboratory products can be found nationwide at Muse by Watsons and selected Watsons stores in Malaysia. For more information on CNP Laboratory, you can log on to or call 03-7491 0683. 

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