Saturday, October 31, 2015

VLCC Beauty Brand From India

The VLCC is a leading wellness brand with a One stop shop for your beauty and wellness in 11 countries, 134 cities and 301 outlets with over 5 million consumers(including repeat consumers) in the past 10 years and 4000 experts including medical doctors, nutritionists, psychologists, cosmetologists and physiotherapists. 
Guided by their motto – ‘Transforming Lives’ – the VLCC Group seeks to spark self-transformation, spread happiness and imbibe every individual with wellness for life. Founded by Mrs Vandana Luthra in 1989, these three mantras stand tall as the company’s pillars of strength. Till today, they remain the firm foundation of VLCC’s continuing success story.  

VLCC is widely recognized for its weight loss solutions and therapeutic approach to beauty treatments. They have the largest scale and breadth of operations within the beauty and wellness services industry in India, serving consumers across 301 locations in 134 cities and across 11 countries in South Asia, South East Asia, the GCC Region and East Africa. 

They have leveraged their exclusive consumer database, and insight into evolving beauty and wellness needs to build and grow a diversified product portfolio in-house, through their Subsidiary VLCC Personal Care Limited and market over 169 skin care, hair care, body care, functional foods and fortified foods products under the VLCC Natural Sciences™, SkinMTX™, BelleWave™ and Enavose™ brands, to name a few, which are not only used as consumables in treatments and therapies at VLCC Wellness Centres but are also retailed through 72,000 outlets in India, apart from retail outlets in 20 countries.

I was glad I came for this event that morning, getting up close to know more about their brand and philosophy behind their company's vision and mission for the Malaysian market. To get upclose with VLCC Beauty and  Wellness brand, check them out at

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