Wednesday, October 7, 2015

The Ultimate Happiness 2015

Life is beautiful and naturally feeling wonderful about everything not because you're rich or driving a sporty Mercedes Benz on the road to riches, but it's the total peace of mind you have deep within you. The wisdom you can gain from life experiences counts and the good tiding bonding between family, relatives and friends who constantly following you from Facebook or wazzapp you all the time counts too. No worries, you're not bothering me. I will sure reply you when I'm free to do so. Even that day Sis Toto agreeing with me that helping others in need mentally, physically or financially is worth so much more than anything in the whole world. 

Last Saturday I went to Genting Highlands for a family gathering after a property visit at Emerald Hills. We had a great get-together and even Sherry pm me asking me, "Are you in Genting?" that I replied her Yes! My Uncle Ta was keen to purchase one unit there and kept encouraging us to invest one too. My mom & sisters were keen too, even my sister Defney asked me to invest one since I can afford to do so anytime I wanted to. In fact, Rambo has been telling me I can buy anything or property with cash if I wanted to. A friend asked for my help to sell her apartment in SP but I rejected all the offers because I think it's too troublesome for me.

Last Sexy September month before Sis Toto went for her 2 weeks Australia vacation, she did asked if I was interested to invest in a new money make money investment through her rich friend GK because she have profited about RM20,000 back from the investment. I was stunned and reminded her again if she has lost her mind about the last investment she got conned of RM5000. She assured me that she dare not join anymore but GK invested for her 1st and got her back the money with extra balance of RM20k+ in her account now.

Rambo just keep quiet when we talked about the new thousands dollars investment but he's relieved when I concluded, "Gin Go Guai Emm Pa Hak"(You have seen the ghost, you need to feel scare about it or afraid of the dark at least)."Mou Gau Ngo", don't play a fool or like Puah Chu Kang's famous joke "Don't play play". Haha...I'm not greedy and need not be greedy about anything anymore as I always believe if God keep on granting me a good health with blissful Amituofo blessings and 'Guan Yin' compassionate guidance to enlighten me into cultivating good deeds for others who loves me for who I am, I'm truly blessed liao.

No need to live in super duper rich life that can stop you from living crazily in love like normal or being famous. If you have enough money to dine, shop and enjoy life with a good health is good enough. I still thanked her for sharing good money investment tips with me because I know that she meant well but I honestly said 'No' as I didn't wana take the risk at all. But I was hoping this time it's genuine that she need not invest using her cash savings anymore as I don't wana see her get conned again. Brother Chai dare not invest and joining her because his last investment also got conned about RM30,000.

At 1st, he told me he's not sure how much he invested in it but I pushed him by asking him further questions like, "Roughly how much?" only then he gave me a rough figure. Last time he told me was about RM10,000 only and he's getting RM1000 returns per month for about 2 years. So when you see this kinda 'Sun' returns on investment, obviously you get greedy naturally. And you started to invest more and more inadvertently, ended up 'Kui Ben' at the very last stage when they ran away with your money. That's why Rambo always forbids me to invest with 'Ah Zue, Ah Gau'(Pigs & Dogs) kinda investments, except his Public Mutual Funds.

Haha...I always laughed out loud by asking why he wanted to promote PM Funds to me, helping Tan Sri Teh Hong Piow(sharing the same birthday with me on the 14th of March) climbing up the ladder being one of the top richest tycoon in Malaysia, speedily like a Cheetah race. In fact besides Rambo, I have one Malay friend who's the hubby of one local celebrity used to invite me for his weekly motivational meeting and I declined it. Rambo told me his exclusive invitation to One World Hotel for good food was open for 'Gold Members' only but I was not keen too. Haha..."No, thanks" for any invites that need me to invest thousands of dollars, I have no time and interest also. Rambo tend to follow my signature slogan of saying "You must be joking" when I jokingly rejecting his investment talks replying "No money for that." 

Haha...Life is actually very simple. You came to this world empty-handed, you're going to leave this world empty-handed as well. Just like my Uncle Gudeh, he left to heaven with peaceful moments in his sleep. He had nothing to bring along to his coffin, but he brought along many good deeds with him. That's what really matters. My Ah Kung left the world with a heavy heart actually because he have so many properties, plantations etc. that he didn't wana give away but no choice because he's sick with cancer and old age liao. He finally passed away peacefully after many failed treatments like Chemotherapy(no use) using lots of money also. He did many good deeds all along the journey of his life for schools and societies, they came to send their last respect at his funeral. I really respect him for that and we used to spend good times together.

There's also a long story to tell when we talk about this kinda wealthy drama just like the many TV series loved to show, be it the Korean, Hokkien Hee, TVB and Singapore Mediacorp too. It didn't happened just in TV drama, in actual of fact it's really happening in our daily lives. I will share it when I'm free to do so. Let's rewind back to my original story above about investment drama, Bro Chai then confessed to me about his sadness, greediness and I totally sympathised with his predicament by asking him to learn how to let go of his mistakes. 'Fang Xia' is the only way he can learn to gulp his regrets and digest it to a valuable lesson in life. 

Most importantly, he's still healthy and have a good job to keep him grounded in life. If there's nothing newsworthy in my life to tell, I will not share about it because my precious time can be spend to make money. Everytime I attended events with Emmy at Starbucks or Watsons, she said I'm a busy lady because I reasoned with her that she has a target to hit while I need time to maximise my investments. Haha...everyone are busy with their own goals to achieve, but still I make sure that I can slot in some time to have fun for a fulfilling brevity life of mine. After all, life is short so treasure your moments with people who truly concern about you!

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